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FtWorthSailor 09-14-2012 10:53 AM

Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
I met with a very nice gentleman that has offered to sell me a Catalina 22 Sailboat with a trailer for about $1000. So I went to take a look at this boat and found that the boat is definitely in need of a lot of cosmetic work. It is on one of those hoists at a lake and is completely out of the water. The owner has scraped the hull clean but it still looks like it could use a good sanding and then bottom painting. For the most part it looks like it is ready to sail. The question and concern that I have is that the swing keel winch, while it looks to be in working order, is loosely bolted to a cross brace and fiberglass at the entry that looks to be cracked and broken. The best way to explain this is that it looks like the swing keel may have been stuck in the UP position, the winch and cable a bit too loose, and the keel suddenly dropped causing this breakage. I believe that I can do the repairs to replace the wood and fiberglass myself, however not sure about the structural integrity of the hull. Anyone have any ideas or recommendation about this boat issue? Appreciate your advice.

sevseasail 09-14-2012 09:19 PM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
Did you take any pictures?

What's the model year?
How are the sails?
Is the rigging all complete?
How about the deck and rest of the hull?

There are a lot of this boats out there that can be found in good shape for not a hole lot more than $1000.00
If this particular boat needs some repairs, it could be very expensive very quick.

It will be great if you have some pictures to share.

FtWorthSailor 09-18-2012 05:21 PM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
Here are the answers to your questions, SevSeaSail:
Did you take any pictures? No. I probably should have.

What's the model year? 1980 Pop Top version

How are the sails? He stated, they are dirty but still in good order.

Is the rigging all complete? It would appear so.

How about the deck and rest of the hull? The deck looks ok. It is missing all the stanctions and wire, as well as the rails that goes around the stern. There are holes that have been filled with what looks to be bathtub calking.... There are cracks in the polycoat on the fiberglass near the corner where the pop top meets the slider.

The inside is pretty dirty and all the cushions stink and will have to be replaced. The table is warped and water damaged, probably leaking from the pop top. One of the electrical switches is broken, there is no battery so couldn't check the lights or any other function. It has one of those portable self contained potty things.... looked like it had a crack in it.

I wasn't able to see the hull very clearly, however it looks like it could use another scraping and sanding job. Then a couple of coats of bottom paint.

He also stated that if I was looking for a smooth, fast sailing hull, this wasn't it.
What does that mean? Damaged, etc? He also stated that I could get the boat, As-Is for $700. I suspect that I might even get it for less but that definitely makes me wonder if its a trashed boat and wonder if it will even float. . . . .

There is another C-22 nearby that they are asking $1500. for boat and trailer. I am planning on going there to take a look.

mstern 09-18-2012 05:44 PM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
That boat doesn't sound like its worth $1000. Given the state of the deck, I would be very surprised if it didn't have delamination issues. This boat sounds like a lot of work and money to make it right. If you are a project guy and enjoy the work, then maybe its a good deal. If you want to go sailing, then I would suggest a different boat. If you like the C22, you can spend not much more and get a boat in good condition.

btw, you didn't mention the outboard engine; is there one, and if so, does it work?

FtWorthSailor 09-19-2012 09:22 AM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
There is an outboard bracket but no engine.

I am not a major project guy. I just wanted to take the wife and kids sailing..

SHNOOL 09-19-2012 09:57 AM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
Yeah, um outboard, makes life easier.

All stanchions missing? yeah I am with FtWorthSailor, I bet there has been water penetration in the deck. (Silicone) Caulk and fiberglass don't mix.

Cushions aren't cheap (but can be covered cheap, but they look like chair slip covers).

You should look at the sails, not take his word for it. Dirty is easy (woolite in a trashcan), torn is a PITA, missing parts worse.

Cat 22s are notorious for their winch cable assembly problems (after 30 years)... replacing the winch, or the cable isn't really the big deal, it's getting the 500lb keel to swing freely enough to work on it, that is.

Sounds like looking around might be in order.

Also on a 22 footer like that, it's handy to get a trailer (even if it's just a yard trailer). Paying for haul outs on a 22 footer is crazy (especially a $700 boat), when you can throw a trailer in the water and pull it out with a small pickup.

Just my worthless $0.02

FtWorthSailor 09-19-2012 10:41 AM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
I am waiting on a return email or call for another Catalina22 on a trailer (no motor) for $1500. Shows as all sails are in good working order and all rigging complete. Just needs to be registered (recently expired tags)

Then there's another one for sale that is in the water at a slip for the same money without a trailer but has a small motor. Owner claims to have reworked all the wood on the second one. I am going to look at both and decide which to pick up. I definitely want a trailer for it with the extention option.

I would also like one with stern rails, stanchions, and wire around the boat.
I noticed that most don't have the stern rails. Were they available on the 22?

mstern 09-20-2012 12:00 PM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
Of course stern rails were available. Catalina still sells them. As you can see, a new one ain't cheap.

Catalina Direct: Stern Pulpit <-85

FtWorthSailor 09-20-2012 12:15 PM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
Wow! Thats not cheap, at all !! I guess the smart thing to do is find one that already has what I want.

Craigslist is an interesting place. I find it interesting that neither of the two boats for sale have phone numbers listed and neither have responded to my emails. The search goes on........

sevseasail 09-20-2012 10:00 PM

Re: Catalina 22 Question regarding Swing Keel
You have been given great advice here, and as you can see, just a little work needed on the boat means a lot of cash... so, be patient, the right one will come at the right price.
Next time you go see one take lots of pictures and then post them here, that way we can see what you saw.
It's better and cheaper to spend a bit more on a sailboat ready to go than less on one that needs work.
Good luck on your search !!!

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