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veprjack 07-27-2011 06:01 AM

Looking at two C30s This Weekend!

I KNOW it's next to impossible to "recommend" one over the other just based on a couple of pics and stats, but I'm going to look at two C30s and thought if I posted the info on both, members might be able to point out some things about the differences, what to ask the owner/broker, etc.

There are some obvious differences - for instance, 11 vs. 22HP, dinghy with motor vs. nothing, etc. I'm looking for comments based on experience/knowledge and maybe some questions I should be prepared to ask as a potential newbie owner.

Sorry if this is a dumb ?

1980 Catalina Standard Rig sailboat for sale in Massachusetts

Thanks for your help in advance,

deniseO30 07-27-2011 08:28 AM

Both are nice but as always you don't know when the photos were taken. The 11hp oddly enough should be ok. The rebuild doesn't meany anything if it's not documented, Both boats need to be inspected for blisters and rudder damage from freezing. Cutless bearing struts seem to be loose on many C 30s. Good luck! not much about c-30s to not like! But I'd hold out for the tall rig.

tomperanteau 07-27-2011 11:49 AM

We learned a bit while buying the last three boats, and we came up with a priority list that we kept in mind when we did our inspections.

First is the soundness of the hull, hull throughs, and anyplace that water can come in. Don't want her to sink!
Next is the engine - size, hours, maintenance
Then is the rigging/sails.

Those things are most important/most costly and need to be number one. Next are the rest of the things that you don't necessarily count on to make her float and go.

I would be concerned a bit about a 30 footer that weighs north of 10,000 pounds with a relatively wide beam, having 11 HP. If you are going to keep her on a lake, that may be okay, but if you are taking her outside a breakwater, I would want something with a bit more power if I needed to use it.

The other accessories and amenities are things that you need to factor in. If you want things like radar and the boat doesn't have it, you'll be looking at that expense, too.

veprjack 07-27-2011 07:19 PM

Great advice - I was wondering about the tall rig myself!


veprjack 07-28-2011 07:12 AM

UPDATE: A Pearson caught my eye because it has some "live aboard" features that the C30s don't. I posted in the Pearson forum, but I may as well paste it here for the C30 owners to comment on - THANKS!


Although I'm looking at two C30s this weekend and they are both below $20K, this Pearson caught my eye - It seems like quite a boat for the money and it has a LOT of desireable features that the C30s do not (I'm going to live aboard). The C30s don't have pressurized water, hot water, any nav/radar/auto pilot, etc. equipment - so the extra $8K is justified by the electronic package alone? - and it is 5 feet longer (although the C30 interior is BIG for its size). One C30 has a dingy/outboard so that would offset the Pearson's accessories somewhat. Yeah, this is just the typical "What do I want/need vs. reality" and "How do I compare two such different boats, etc."

Being a relative newbie, perhaps a 35' YAWL isn't ideal, but I'm willing to grow into it, if it's meant to be. Because I'll be living aboard, the hot water, real shower, pressure H2O, etc. are nice. The stove/oven is gas vs. alcohol too so...

What I'd like is just some comments on a) Yawl setup b) The helm seems to be right on top of the gangway - almost under the dodger (is this normal?) c) Not to start a thread war, but maybe comment on sailing features of this boat vs. C30 - both C30s I'm looking at are standard, NOT tall rigging. What about weather helm - basic sailing features, sea worthiness? I know the C30 is not a blue water boat, and the Pearson MIGHT be closer to being one. d) I'm confused by the listing's range on the draft Max Draft: 3' 9"/7' 6" - must be able to change it for shoal vs. deeper? Pull up centerboard? e) Farryman diesel - any personal experience?

I searched the forums and found some things on Pearson Yawl, but couldn't find answers to the above questions. Sorry to be a pain - I've been posting a lot of questions because of the vast experience here - and the GREAT help I've been getting from members. Hopefully, I won't wear out my welcome!

Thanks for the help and patience,
Jack From Boston

veprjack 07-28-2011 07:28 AM

Actually, the Pearson also has a dingy so scratch that off the list! LOL

djodenda 07-28-2011 09:52 AM

I had a Catalina 30 for 5 years. I think that 11 HP isn't enough to drive the boat to hull speed in anything other than flat water. I wouldn't get one that had less than 15 HP, and the 20 HP Universal Diesel I had on mine was just fine.

84westy 07-28-2011 09:53 AM

I have a standard rig C30 with a universal 5411 diesel engine and do think that the 11hp engine is a bit small. I sail my boat, an Ericson 35, and a Pearson Wanderer 30'. The Pearson and the Ericson both have Yanmar 3GM (I believe) and their is a huge difference in maneuvering ability, particularly in our tight marina when changing directions with high winds. If you are still considering the C30, I would look for one with the larger engine. They made some structural changes in 1988 (I Believe)to the keel stub that are important. The compression post support does fail (mine had when I bought the boat) and it is time consuming and labor intensive to repair well. Mine is 316l stainless now, so it should be good for a long time, but was a pain to replace.

My C30 has pressurized water, a water heater, refrigeration, air conditioning/heat, a propane oven/stove, and reasonable electronics. I live aboard and am OK with those features. Each boat will be outfitted differently, so I would look for one with those systems, no matter the boat you decide on for live aboard. Battery bank capacity was an issue for me, but may not be depending on if you are planning a marina or not. Mine has 5 group 31 batteries now, so no longer an issue, but it was an expensive upgrade (5 batteries, charger, wiring and electrical stuff ($1378). In the used market, there is a big difference in value in finding a boat with the things you need, provided they are all working well and in good repair/maintained. I would look at and get on as many boats as possible before deciding on a boat. Prices seem to be all over the place, but spending more for the systems that you'll need and a boat that is in good condition and shows attention to careful and thorough maintenance pays off in the long run.


veprjack 07-28-2011 12:13 PM

Again, the help I'm receiving here is just invaluable! I wonder how many people have made impulsive decisions based on great cosmetics, only to hate the boat because it's underpowered or lacks adequate room in the cabin? I don't want to be one of those, for sure. My mantra is patience-patience-patience, which is not my strong suit!

Oh, on that Pearson 35 Yawl, what did you think of the help being so close to the companionway? I would think it might interfere with getting equipment down into the cabin - or even groceries for that matter? Is that a typical setup?


tomperanteau 07-28-2011 12:18 PM

The helm? Ours is close like that and I don't care for it. Thinking of moving it. You might find that it is an easy place to grab while climbing out, though.

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