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aa3jy 03-23-2013 10:38 AM

A gathering of Cabos' on the Bay
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Wow, Clayton and I were talking that there appears to be a nice
concentration of Cabo Rico Owners here in the Upper Middle Bay. Are
there any of you who would like to meet up for a gathering? We would
be happy to host something casual at our marina or just anchored out
at a suitable location.

A June weekend gathering would provide time for many Spring tasks to
be completed or at least up to the "able to use the boat" stage and
hopefully not sweltering weather. I am happy to organize something at
another location other than Lankford Bay Marina...just that they know
me there and it is a pretty spot with slips, moorings and good spots
to anchor.

Course wherever we go, it will be lots of amazingly beautiful boats in
one location. A cove filled with Cabo Rico's could make a very
interesting photo.

Come back if you have any interest in getting together or if you would
like to sail with us to participate.

kind regards,


s/v Tango, CR 34
Lankford Bay Marina
Chester River, MD

aa3jy 03-25-2013 04:19 PM

Re: A gathering of Cabos' on the Bay
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Jamie opus CR38 #26

That's a little far for me but would love to be part of that.
Maybe in a couple of years
would be cool to get a bridge shot of that.


I'm always interested :-)


I would be interested, Oleh B. Cr 38 hull #119, Theries old boat. I am at
Haven Harbor Marina, just a hop-skip away.


We are definitely interested. It would be a great time, I'm sure. We are still juggling our work schedules until August but if possible we will make the trip up from the Outer Banks.

Duane & June Ruby
CR 42 #14

I am planning a trip to the old country for the last week of May and the first week of June. I have not fixed the exact dates yet. If the rendez-vous is outside this period Curlew will be there.

CR42 # 12 CURLEW
Baltimore, MD


Hi Leslie,

We would not be able to make the 8/9 but could possibly make the 22/23 dates. Of course, if 8/9 works out best for the group we will understand.

June and Duane

Rich J.

Would love to raft up with all of you fellow Cabo Ricans! The 22/23 date sounds better for the Buiochas crew as well. We would be coming up from Fleets Bay area (Lower Chesapeake) so a more southern rendezvous point would be helpful for us. Annapolis area?

Rich Joiner


CR38 #161


Stan CR38 #52

I'm very interested, not sure the boat will be ready by then, still need to get the mast installed. Even then, it would still be nice to meet up.


I think we can make the 22/23 weekend as well. Perhaps we'll even have a boat in the water by then. It would be sweet to see that anchorage. -Tom

aa3jy 03-26-2013 07:56 AM

Re: A gathering of Cabos' on the Bay
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From feedback I am getting, I will set the date of the weekend of June 22 and 23rd. I am delighted to see we have so many interested. It will be terrific to see and meet everyone.

More to follow.

kind regards,


s/v Tango, CR 34

aa3jy 03-26-2013 02:40 PM

Re: A gathering of Cabos' on the Bay
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This sounds like great fun!

Allow me to introduce myself. Frank Putnam, based in Charleston SC aboard "Bliss" Cabo Rico 42 2000 hull 14 (I think)

It's been a couple years since our big trip to the Caribbean. My wife might be up for another adventure. So far she sounds interested! Weather's better, better sailing June and July up north!

I've been lurking this group for years, bought Bliss 5ish years ago. Who knows maybe I've posted here or there. One other CR here in Charleston and I know what fun it is when we've got them both out in the harbor.

Hope to see y'all there

Frank, Emily, Haley and Paige

aa3jy 03-26-2013 02:41 PM

Re: A gathering of Cabos' on the Bay
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Great to meet you, Frank, Emily, Haley and Paige. Hope you can find your way North for this. When I put out this call for folks interested in getting together I never dreamed boats would come from as far as South Carolina. All I can say is WOW!! Certainly you all will be welcome!!

There are lots of places to see and do on the Chesapeake Bay. You may want to hang around a bit to enjoy the fun ports of call one can find here. And of course, if you wanted to come w/o boat, I am sure we can find a way to get you out on the water.

with kind regards,


s/v Tango, CR 34
Lankford Bay Marina
Chester River, MD

aa3jy 05-06-2013 05:28 AM

Re: A gathering of Cabos' on the Bay
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Well I did not get to sail the bay when I bought Opus as timing was tight and I had to ship her to Canada.

My wife Nancy wants to go to the rendezvous and loves the wine store in Annapolis.

We have decided to rent a boat in Oxford for a few days since our boat is so far away. Even though it won't be a Cabo we will be there looking forward to exchanging lots of ideas and will bring pictures of Opus. We have secured a Tartan 37 called Spirit 2 and are not sure but think a mooring ball or anchoring will be fine as she is reported to have ground tackle.

So Leslie count us in.

Jamie and Nancy

aa3jy 08-21-2013 08:03 PM

Re: A gathering of Cabos' on the Bay
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Hi Leslie and Clayton,

I have been meaning to write since early July and here it is the middle of August. Wow…just want to thank you both for graciously hosting the Cabo Rico rendezvous. You two are an impressive team! The food was fabulous, the company perfect and the marina and anchorage were beautiful. I love the rope mat you made for us. I don’t know how I lived without it on the boat. I am so glad you introduced me to flat iron steak…it has been the summer meat of choice for the grill! I don’t know if your gazpacho recipe is a family secret, but if it is sharable -- I would love to have a copy. It was absolutely the best gazpacho I have ever eaten.

Richard and I had a great adventure on our bay cruise. Once we left your anchorage; we sailed to Chestertown, Baltimore, Annapolis, West River, Crisfield, Kilmarnock, Great Wicomico, Yeocomico, Smith Creek at Point Lookout, St Mary’s River, Breton Bay and back to Colonial Beach. We motored by Thierry leaving the West river one morning. A Cabo Rico on the water is a beautiful sight. I got my chipped tooth fixed in Chestertown! There are so many places we did not have time to go to. I need to take a whole summer off….not possible yet, but I am dreaming and scheming.

Hope your summer has been wonderful. Just wish our boating season was longer! So wonderful to meet you both.

Robyn Joiner

S/V Buiochas

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