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westerml 09-11-2013 10:54 PM

Cal 35 Raw Water Intake Question
Anyone familiar with the raw water seacock on a 1983 Cal 35. The thru-hull goes to a valve and then there is a Y just before the barbed fitting for the hose that feeds the Raw Water pump. The Y looks to be adjustable and/or have a moveable valve body but has no knob or handle; just a stub that could be moved with an adjustable wrench. Is this a strainer? There is no in line strainer on this raw water feed. Thanks if you have seen it before. Maybe flow regulator? or some kind of insertion filter that slide into the Y and enters the pipe before the hose connection? It doe not appear to have ever been adjusted or opened up for maintenance.

Thanks for any help you may have. 09-12-2013 07:43 AM

Cal 35 Raw Water Intake Question
I have hull #60, also a 1983. It seems like someone was fooling around in the bilge. I have a normal intake with a ball valve hull fitting, with a hose feeding into the raw water strainer.
Send me your email and I can send pics.

westerml 09-12-2013 09:04 AM

Re: Cal 35 Raw Water Intake Question
Thanks. I will take some pictures and post. It has to be a Y-strainer of some sort but looks like it was not part of anyone's maintenance schedule...hence my potential flow problem. Also, there is no other in line filter with this system and can not imagine Cal/Universal would have set this boat up with a straight shot to the RW pump with no protection.

Stay tuned

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