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josrulz 07-18-2008 01:19 AM

Any reviews of the Cal 33-2?
Hi all,
I'm in the middle of a boat search, and I've become interested in the Cal 33-2. So far, the only info I've found on these boats is a Bob Perry review of the design (but not the boat itself). Does anyone know if there is a full review of this boat anywhere?

I'm also wondering if anyone has any information about the build quality. I'm not that familiar with 80s Cal construction methods, so any information about things like solid vs. cored hull, what type of hull-to-deck joint, backing plates on hardware--those sort of things--would be very helpful. Also, any major known issues (other than the standard stuff on all older boats) is really appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

edstill 09-08-2008 04:04 PM

I'll second the request, as I have my eye on one as well.


sailingfool 09-08-2008 09:31 PM

They are a glass hull, very competently put together, IMHO a very nice design for a performance coastal cruiser.

saltybob2 09-09-2008 11:16 AM

Cal 33-2
I own a Cal 34, big brother to the boat to the model you asked about. I can tell you that Cal's are legendary sailboats, built to last. The 34 sails fast enough to beat most boats her LOA today. My hull is solid glass, cored deck and solid cabin top. The hardware was some of the best available when the boat was built 31 years ago. I just replace 4 port lights with stainless steel and the hardest part was getting the old ones out! They never leaked but the hardware failed to a point they became inoperable. The deck to hull on ours is riveted and glassed over. Its' impossible to get leaks inside the hull from that joint. Resale is usually high, if the boat is well maintained. Most boats of this vintage will have Westerbeke diesels that need attention. Parts are scarce and we have decided to re-power even though there are only 2,800 hrs on ours. The Paragon V-Drive has failed and no parts are available.
The joinery on our boat is still beautiful and the layout is perfect for us. I'd take it anywhere in the world. As you can tell, we are very fond of our Cal. Yahoo has a very active Cal users group you might want to visit. Cheers, Dan

Jeep's Cal 10-11-2012 11:51 AM

Re: Any reviews of the Cal 33-2?
I bought a 1987 Cal 33 this June and am very satified with is construction and preformance. Competes well in the Wed night racing on the Miles River. I have already won my first long distance race beating both PERF 1 and 2 boats. This all with crusing sails and second hand spinniker gear. Some gel coat cracks on deck and some leakage around the chain plates. Will take care of this over the winter.

WoobaGooba 10-16-2012 12:41 AM

Re: Any reviews of the Cal 33-2?
Long term owner of early hull # in 1986. Shoal draft.

Note Cal 34 is not related in any way with the 33-2. Two different designs and builders.

What I like? Sailplan, fore and aft berths, engine, engine access, mast, cockpit layout. Sails better than expected. Just finished 30 mile upwind slug in 25 knots with #3 and single reefed main. Headroom below is great and it is generally a decent looking boat

Things I really do not like. Forward hull oil cans in a chop (this might have been remedied in later builds). General construction of the deck has many sharp 90 degree corners above and below decks aft. Meaning more stress cracking and gel coat voids at the dangerous if you land on one of them. Cockpit lazarrette lid is heavy, bulky, and thus a safety hazard when open in a chop. The U shaped starboard settee is just not a good design for group dinner or for sleeping upon. Original traveler is a joke.

I've years on Swans and Sabres. I would place the build quality below Sabre and Tartan of same vintage, but the price will also be lower.

I'm not sure I would do it again.

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