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devemaster 05-24-2010 07:26 AM

Cal 29 construction history
So I looked around and found nothing on hull layup schedule changes in the Cal 29 year to year. I have heard anecdotal information from a coupla sources now that say Cal started building the 29 hulls lighter in 1974. Does anyone have any evidence that the Cal 29 hulls were built to different layup schedules and if so which were the better/worser years?

svHyLyte 05-24-2010 10:45 AM

I cannot speak to your question specifically as I don't have specific information but we owned a 1976 Cal 2-29 for many, many years and she had no apparent differences from her earlier sister-ships, several of which were in our Club (Alamistos Bay YC, Long Beach, Ca). The yacht's weighed about the same so I suspect the layup was the same.

Our boat was very sturdy and we sailed her all over heck's half acre, in good weather and bad, and she was very reliable. We took her to southwest Florida and had her here for 10 years before we sold her to buy a bigger boat (which I needed like a hole in the head). The buyer sailed the heck out of her here and later shipped her back to the San Francisco Bay area where she now resides and is still doing well I'm told.

In my opinion the 2-29 was a very reliable boat and one of the biggest little boats one could own. I wish we still had her.

For more information you might contact Steve Seal at Seal's Spars and Rigging in the SF Bay area (Google that). Steve worked for Jensen Marine during the era and is the acknowled expert on the boats.


dieselboy 05-30-2010 01:08 AM

I have a 70 cal 29 and she is built like a tank.. i have had to upgrade may things like to install a fresh water fill that can be done on the out side of the boat and a waste tank because in 1970 i guess they did not come with

I have seen a few differences between mine and two " newer" cal 29's. My V berth has different cross supports and the glass is thicker but not by a lot.
Only because we have both drilled though ours and compared the cores after.
all in all they seem to sail very much like one another. Great boat!!!

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