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micheck 11-17-2010 12:26 PM

Anchor chain ... locker
I am making up my lists of which silly project to add to my 'TO DO' list.

'THE EXPERTS' say move the chain locker from the fore peak (mine doesn't even have a deck hole into it to make it into a chain locker) more toward the center of the boat - makes some sense - so my questions to you are:

1: Should I worry about this problem?
2: How large a locker do I need for 100' of 5/16" chain and 300' of 1/2" nylon?
3: Is there a better or worse shape for this locker? My first preference is something like 10" schedule 80 PVC pipe about 4 foot long
4: Should I make an identical setup - roller and locker for my secondary anchor?

Cal 29

calgryphon 11-23-2010 09:39 PM

I have a cal 30. I carry 200ft of 1/4" chain in my bow locker and keep a 22lb Delta on the bow roller with no problems. If this is causing a problem I haven't noticed it. I usually sail off the Oregon Coast. Swells are most commonly in the 8 to 12 foot range and can be fairly close together. Afternoon winds in the summer are typicaly around 20kts and gusting. On my last boat I built a chain locker at the head of the forward cabin below where the filler would usually go and used PVC pipe to guide it. I didn't bother this time and it hasn't caused my any problems. However, I do try to keep the rest of the weight in the bow to a minimum. No water tanks forward or any heavy gear.

Waltthesalt 12-08-2010 03:22 PM

I have a Cal 29. I did several things to the chain locker. First I routed the bow cowl vent duct to a water trap (from hardware store PVC) then through the locker bulkhead. Then I made a watertight door for the llarge square ocker hole in the bulkhead. Simply a gasgeted wood panel that use some drop in bars to hold it in place. I made it watertight 'cause that's in the current US sailing standards. Then I put in an internal panel to divide the locker in two. That way I can carry two anchors forward (Bruce and Fortress) each with thier own rode. It's handy if one ot the other is preferable to a particular situation. The locker's pretty big so there was plenty of room. I can also attach the rodes end to end if I need a really long rode for deep water, which we occasionally have in the northwest. I use a chain/line rodes so the weight is not so much of an issue compared to an all chain rode. When I divided the locker I used drop-in tomestone shaped athwartships panels so I could lift them out. This however required a hawsepipe to the after locker. Doing it again I'd run a panel fore and aft down the center. I also rerouted the running lights to the upper rail of the pulpir

svHyLyte 12-09-2010 09:14 AM


While we no longer have her, we sailed a 1976 Cal 2-29 for upwards of 25 years. On our boat I partitioned the chain locker fore'n aft along the center-line with 1/2" plywood, covered with fiberglass. The top of the partition was level with the bottom of the square opening to the chain-locker from the V-berth. The opening to the chain locker was covered by a fitted teak faced plywood panel with a louvered vent held in place with 4 twist locks. We fitted a chain pipe above the mid-point of each side of the divided chain-locker with the following fitting:

A hook on the underside of the cap takes a loop of chain and holds the cap in place. (Off-shore, a couple of wraps of self-amalgamating silicon tape keeps the fitting nearly water tight.)

We fitted small bow rollers on either side of the prow followed with chain stoppers. Since I didn't have a windlass, when necessary I used one or the other of the halyard winches on the mast to hoist the anchor.

On the port side our primary gear consisted of 100' of 5/16" G-4 chain attached to 200' of 5/8" 8-plait nylon. On the starboard side our secondary consisted of 30 feet of 5/16" G4 and 250 feet of 8-plait nylon. Our primary anchor was a Fortress FX 23 mounted in a fitting attached to the center of the bow-pulpit. OUr "back-up anchor was a 22# Delta kept in the cockpit locker.

The foregoing arrangement worked very well and, although we would remove the primary anchor and rode for racing, the weight didn't seem to make much on any difference to the performance of the yacht.


Myt4 06-15-2011 06:31 PM

I am wondering if it would be beneficial to add an anchor locker to my cal t-4. Has anyone here done it? Pictures? Suggestions or comments? If it's a bad idea how do you deal with handling the anchor and rode?

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