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Imagineer 03-21-2011 03:33 PM

Wanted Cal 28-2 Manual

Any of you Cal 28-2 owners out there willing to share a digital copy of your boats Owner's Manual? A PDF or JPG would be perfect......

I'm in the throws of buying one of these boats & it would sure help sort out a few things I'm concerned about.

Many thanks advance

Tanley 03-25-2011 01:27 PM

It's a pretty long manual to photo copy. I'll be at the boat this weekend and could bring it back with me. Is there something specific you're looking for?

svHyLyte 03-25-2011 06:18 PM

You may also find what you need at CAL SAILBOATS


Imagineer 03-27-2011 07:55 PM


Thanks for your kind offer but I think I have it handled. I went to see a Cal 28-2 & read thru the manual while I was on the boat.

One question though, are you or any others aware of any problems this boat has regarding the integrity of the laminate & cored cabintop supporting the starboard ST winch? I'm wondering how strong this bit of cabintop is given the loads on that particular winch. I wonder if anyone's seen any softness or deflection of that area of the cabintop when the winch is under heavy load.

Many thanks in advance,


Tanley 03-28-2011 02:09 PM

No fatigue associated with that area of the cabin top. I've never noticed any flexing or movement related to that area either. It's easy enough to access/inspect as there's a separate panel independent of the headliner for all cabin top winches and clutches. I believe Cal used the same hardware on the 28-2's as they did on the 33-2's, so a lot of it's a bit over sized for a 28 footer.

We looked at every Cal 28-2 that we could prior to purchasing ours (probably 6 or 7). At the time (Fall '09), I'd seen recent surveys on 4 different hulls (including our own survey).

In addition to what you'd expect after 25 years, here are 4 consistent observations common to just about all the boats we looked at. There may have been more, but time's starting to work on my memory.

1. The fabric liner in the very aft section of the quarter berth usually showed some sign of previous water intrusion. Ours does not leak but there is some streaking evident from a past event.

2. Evidence of water leaking onto the quarter berth cushion closest to center line. Probably due to either the quarter berth port light (opening into cockpit) or the pedestal feet. On ours it was the pedestal feet, rebedding corrected issue.

3. Aft Sbd teak toe rail was checked/cracked on about half the boats (about 1/2 the boats)

4. Visible Keel/Hull joint on 3 of the boats (2 we saw ourselves, another was observed and noted in the survey).

In '88 and '89 (maybe late '87 too), Cal used an 18HP Yanmar and installed an additional opening port light in the quarter berth. Nice options if you had a choice to pick from.

I have tons of pictures from all sorts of boats if you need a better look at anything. Good luck, they're nice boats but I'm a bit a bit biased.

Imagineer 03-28-2011 09:18 PM


Thanks very're obviously the expert on the Cal 28-2. It's funny though how some owners of these boats obsess about keeping their boats maintained with pride of ownership while others merely sail the boat into the ground & let everything go until something falls off........then they'll do something to fix it. The Cal 28-2 I recently viewed is unfortunately in the latter catagory, except the owner never bothered to fix it.

Nevertheless, I believe it is probably the finest designed, detailed & crafted of any in it's vintage & size class & has better sailing characteristics than anything in it's size except perhaps a race boat.....lot's of sail area, not so much weight & a cabin interior that's as finely built-out & laid-out as any seen on a 28 footer.

I'll continue the search & thanks again for your very kind support.


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