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Stiche 04-17-2013 12:36 PM

Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
After many wonderful years of service, I'm replacing my 1999 Johnson 9.9hp 2-stroke, in favor of a 2013 4-stroke, for my 1968 Cal 25.

I'm looking at a Yamaha T9.9, with a 25" shaft. Details: Yamaha T9.9 (High Thrust line), 25" shaft, electric start, electric tilt, 6A alternator... I know it's more than I need, but finding a new 8hp with electric start and a 25" shaft (or a 9.9 with a 25" shaft WITHOUT power tilt) has proved moderately difficult. Price is going to set me back $2800. More than I'd like to pay, but a very good price for what I'm getting.

I submit to the general assembly the following questions. If you have thoughts, please post or PM:

1- Your general thoughts on the engine. Reliability, fuel consumption, idleing...Again, I know it's more power than I need (especially the power tilt...). But I can't get the elec start and 25" shaft on an 8hp.

2- Thoughts on the 25" shaft? The Admiral made a good point a couple of days ago: that our 20" shaft does pop out of the water in 3'-4' wind waves in Puget Sound. She would personally feel more comfortable with the linger shaft...

3- Will it fit? I'm going to measure tonight, but I have a little concern given the placement of the tiller handle (which offset on the starboard side a little...

4- Noise? Or lack thereof? I pretty much have to yell for someone to hear me over my 9.9 2-stroke. I can only assume the Yamaha will be quieter, but I haven't found anyone posting db levels...

4- If you would recommend an alternative brand/model, which one would it be?

Coincidentally, I'll be selling my Johnson on Craigslist (Seattle-Tacoma), so if anyone in the Puget Sound area is interested, the ad will be going up tonight...


**EDIT** To answer some questions...with a wife who likes sailing, but not "sailing sailing" and a 2-year old son, we find ourselves cruising on the outboard more than by sail. Why electric start? I'm scarred for life after breaking a pull rope on an old Merc 3.9 when I was a kid, and had to row back to shore :) As far as starting juice goes, I've gone with an Optima Type 27 AGM (start/house)

In reality, with the wife phobic of getting 'stuck' on the water, and the kiddo running around, I'm turning into a lazy cruiser for the next few no more racing ('cept for Duck Dodge and Snooze 'n Cruise!). Most of what I'm doing on the boat is for comfort and safety, instead of speed.

Alex W 04-17-2013 01:40 PM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
I'm picking this as your "primary" post, rather than responding to the double post.

Tohatsu makes a 9.8 with a 25" shaft, alternator, and electric start. I had one on my Catalina 25 and it is a good engine. I suggest getting a 2011 or newer when they switched to the high thrust 4 blade prop by default on the 25" prop shaft. This is the engine:
Tohatsu 9.8hp Four-Stroke Outboard Model # MFS9.8A3EFUL

I agree that a 25" prop shaft is a good idea on a 25' boat.

We got pretty good fuel economy with this engine (about third to half a gallon per hour cruising at just under hull speed). Not as good as a diesel inboard, but not too bad.

barefootnavigator 04-17-2013 01:50 PM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
Why such a huge engine on such a great sailing boat? My first thought is the Tohotsu 6hp 25" shaft, actually 27" high thrust shift lever on tiller handle. I had a Yamaha T8 on my Flicka and it was over kill, I pulled it and went with a 2 hp honda. That extra 103 lbs on the transom is allot of weight back there. On a plus side if you do more motoring than sailing I think the T8 is the best engine ever made. I had a Yamaha T9 on my Allegra 24 and pulled that one also, great engine gain way too heavy.

Alex W 04-17-2013 01:52 PM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
The 25" Tohatsu Sailpro is also what I would go with, but they don't make it with electric start (it does have an alternator). The OP listed that as a hard requirement.

barefootnavigator 04-17-2013 01:55 PM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
I'm not a fan of electric start because you need an independent starting battery, way over kill on a cal 25. Btw is this a 25 or a 2-25? I can see electric start on the 2-25 but the 25 has no need unless you have a bad back or...

Alex W 04-17-2013 01:59 PM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
You don't need an independent starting battery. All of the electric start outboards in this size can be started manually should the starting battery fail.

My Catalina 25 had a single battery running both house loads and the starter. When I first bought the boat the motor wasn't even connected to the battery, it only was used with manual start.

captainmurph 04-22-2013 06:43 AM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
You sure don't need an independent starting battery for this outboard.

The boat that I've sailed for the last 3 seasons had a 9.9HP 25" shaft Johnson with electric start and alternator. If an engine is in good tune, it will start with 5-10 seconds of cranking and not make a dent in your battery power.

If I were repowering my old boat (instead of working on the A4 in my new boat), that Yamaha would be my first choice, hands down!


S/V Amalia
1965 Cal 30

Minnewaska 04-22-2013 07:12 AM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
Just trivia, if you decide you want an independent start battery. Last season, the start battery for our 18hp outboard on the dinghy failed and I decided to skip it to save weight. It took about a month to realize I really missed not having to climb over the installed seat to pull start.

Although, a $100+ marine start battery just seemed silly. So I went to Napa auto parts and bought a $30 lawn and garden tractor battery, which is about a third the size, and it worked like a charm all season. These little motors are no harder to start than a tractor. I charged it about three times all winter and it barely needed it. I just installed it for season 2 yesterday, so we'll see how it goes. Even if I had to toss it annually, it would weigh less and still cost the same. I bet I get another season out of it.

rjohnson 05-05-2013 12:37 AM

Re: Soliciting thoughts on a new outboard
The original post mentioned that he has a 1968 CAL 25, that answers the question of whether this is a 25 or a 2-25. The 2-25 did not go into production until the 1977 model year. I agree though that 6-8 HP is more than enough to push one of these old gals through the water. I wouldn't go smaller than 6 HP though, and can not imagine pushing a FLICKA with only 2HP...... I guess it would work, but I know after using a 2 HP on our old CAL 21 ( a LOT lighter and lower-profile than a FLICKA!) a few times to bring her to the dock to install our 4.5 HP outboard........ I knew that I wouldn't want to use the 2hp all the time, even the 4.5hp seemed small a few times powering against wind/current. If it worked for you, I am in awe.

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