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Cruisingdad 05-18-2007 02:31 PM

C400 Batt install and Inv/CHg install
Here is the pics, etc to the battery and Charger install for the C400:

This pic is with the floorboards up. The largest part of the hold you see has already been cut and finished by Catalina. The part of the hole toward the bottom has to be cut out. It is not a large hole, Maybe 7-8 inches long.

Save the piece you cut out. You will use that to replace the hole cut. By using a support board underneath that is T-bolted or screwed in, you will have a mounting platform for the piece you cut out. Here is the pic of it replaced:

The Lifeline AGM's (my strong suggestion) fit nicely where the old wets were. If you are going to install an Inverter/Chg, go ahead and run 4/0 or cable to connect the batts:

Where the access hatch is for the T-hull to the sink, you have a perfect place to mount the fuse for the inverter/chg:

A prosine 2.0 inverer/charger fits nicely where the Charles Charger is located. I also put in a high-amp switch to disconnect the inverter/chg. That is the large switch just visible to the left.

Finally, the inverter/chg panel mounted at the nav station:

Notes: All batteries should be run in parallel. You can leave the leads to the battery switch, but you will be able to pull off one of them. The main run for the inverter runs up through the fuse block, under the seat for the nav station, and will need a hole drilled to make the charger (as the 4/0 is a bit tight to run).

If any 400 owners (or other owners) have questions, please PM me with telephone number and I will walk you through them.

- CD

Cruisingdad 08-01-2007 01:02 PM

Here is a pick of the inverter. Just let me know if you have any more questions Dick.

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