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CaptainRonFL 08-14-2007 09:54 PM

Looking for Catalina/Morgan 44 owners
Was told by the factory that there were 70 Morgan (then later) Morgan/Catalina manufactured. I've got Hull 35. Lets talk and together piece together their heritage and share stories.
I can be reached directly at
Captain Ron

twistedskipper 10-08-2007 06:37 PM

Any leads?
Did you get any response to your Morgan 44 requests? I've become interested in the model and have been unable to find the usual slew of discussion, brochures, etc. on the web.

Do you have any brochures/specs/etc. you'd be able to share?

Are you living aboard? Cruising? Coastal/Offshore?

Thanks in advance for any info/experiences/etc.

camaraderie 10-08-2007 09:04 PM

FYI...the original Catalina/Morgan was totally trashed in a review by Practical sailor. Lots of build quality issues...may have been fixed in later production but you should try to dig around on it a bit before you buy one so you know what to look for. It is very appealing in terms of layout and space...I was really interested in one at the time as I had always hoped Catalina would make a CC boat with typical Catalina quality/value. Definitely a coastal cruiser only.

twistedskipper 10-09-2007 11:55 AM

Which issue?
Thanks for the tip. Do you know which issue of Practical Sailor the review was in (or do you have a copy/link)? I searched their boat review list and couldn't find it.

Thanks, again!

dbpaul 10-09-2007 12:37 PM

Catalina history

twistedskipper 10-09-2007 02:43 PM

No Morgan 44 info there
I couldn't find any specific Morgan 44 information at the wikipedia link. Was there something there that you were specifically referring to, regarding the Morgan 44?

camaraderie 10-09-2007 02:56 PM

I don't remember the issue or have a copy. I think it was around 1994-5 though. From the Wiki history that doesn't even mention the boat, my guess is they killed it pretty quickly which would jibe with Ron's 70 boats combined number from the first post.
All of the Morgan 44's on yachtworld are pre-catalina and I would emphasize that the review did NOT pertain to them. All of the Catalina Morgan 44's on line at present are recent vintage deck salon boats...quite different.

SailinJay 10-09-2007 08:46 PM

I checked the August 2007 issue of "Mainsheet," the Catalina owners magazine. The Catalina Morgan 440 seems to be the only model without an owners' association. You may want to check on to see if there is anything there.

twistedskipper 10-09-2007 09:40 PM

44 not 440
Just to be clear: we're talking about the Morgan 44 that was designed by Neslon-Marek and built in the late 1980's, not the Catalina Morgan 440, which is a current model. I don't know whether the Morgan 44 was ever officially referred to as the Catalina Morgan 44 or not. I've seen it identified both ways, e.g. on

SailinJay 10-09-2007 10:13 PM

Sorry about that. As Emily Latella would say, "Never mind."

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