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Seascape 04-03-2013 09:56 AM

Catalina 27 Keel stub and bolts
Hello everyone. While in the boat yard, I'm looking to perform the keel stub fix for my 1974 C27 and remove the plywood from the keel stub, rebuild with glass, then sister/window in some new 316 SS keel bolts (not lag screws) as prescribed by Catalina. I have found numerous other threads dealing with this issue, but my question specifically refers to where to attach the new fiberglass in the stub. After you remove the top layer of fiberglass in the bilge and remove the plywood filler in the stub then several layers of new glass must be placed. In order to provide a secure hold for the new keel bolts does the glass need to be run up onto the sides of the bilge or maybe beyond? My concern is that if you only fill in the stub with glass there would not seem to be enough strength to hold the new keel bolts. The diagram Catalina provided and mentioned in other threads doesn't really detail how far up into the bilge sides the glass should be run from the stub floor in order to provide a secure hold for the keel bolts. Any ideas from those that have performed this repair? I also plan to glass in some G-10 in the bilge as a backing plate for the keel bolts.

Thank you.

Faster 04-03-2013 10:55 AM

Re: Catalina 27 Keel stub and bolts
This image:

suggests running the glass 6" up the stub. Presumably the hull/stub transition is sufficiently strong from the beginning so this repair/change shouldn't change that structural requirement, there may not be a lot gained by glassing up onto the hull proper.

I'm a little surprised that Catalina recommends glassing around/across the keel/stub joint on the outside.. anyone done this? It's a relatively light layup that I'd think would be prone to cracking when this area inevitably flexes over time...

Seascape 04-03-2013 11:06 AM

Re: Catalina 27 Keel stub and bolts
Thanks. I initially missed the drawing recommendation of running 6" up the stub and onto the bilge sides. I may go up a little higher for some added strength. This repair is done from the inside by cutting into the bottom of the bilge around to keel bolts, removing the top layers glass and then the rotted plywood in the stub. The outside repair of the stub-keel joint (Catalina smile) is completely different than what I am referring to.

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