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halyardz 06-15-2001 02:05 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
I recently contacted a very nice gentleman
who has a boat, in the Moorings fleet I believe, and is offering to sell part of his
owners time to me (to grab a short charter)
later this summer. The price is good and I
just wondered if anyone had any experience
with such arrangements.

pedalboat 01-23-2002 06:26 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
I am interested in learning more about this as well. How does this work with the Moorings for example? Is there anyplace to go to find owners that are willing to sell their time?

DuaneIsing 01-24-2002 03:21 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
Try, and look under "discount charters." Another SailNet member just posted about this a little while ago and I checked it out. I may consider it for a future charter, but am otherwise committed right now.

Mama_Cocha 01-24-2002 06:02 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
We own a boat, Lagoon 410, in charter with Sunsail and I can assure you that you get same or actually better service than regular charterers when you book trough the owner and in our case a 25% discount.
The link with has all the information that you may neeed.
The only problem that we have encountered is that the boat is sometimes already booked when we inquire about any given time period and also the fact that we have only 4 weeks of personal use, so they sell pretty fast. The answer is to reserve early in order to get the timeframe you want.

Best of luck


Valdare 01-24-2002 11:12 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
As an owner at VIP in St. Thomas, we have owners time each year. If we don''t use the time we are able to sell it, give it to a friend, or a charity. The only additonal cost to the charterer is the insurance deductable which is about $25.00 per day.


GeorgeC1 01-27-2002 04:23 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
I have a 505 with the Moorings. Since I can''t use all 8 weeks available to me I sell several. Normally I discount 40% of the Moorings rate so the discount is large. The Moorings handles the booking and the paperwork is forwarded directly to the user. You will receive the same treatment as any other Charter or perhaps better since you are a guest of an owner. Sail of owners weeks is a contractual item. Some companies do not allow it or discourage it. Sunsail and the Moorings advertise it as a perk of ownership and a way to offset the cost. You can go to for a list of owners with extra time to sell.

konradt 01-27-2002 08:46 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
We own a Jeanneau 45.2 in charter with TMM out of Tortola, British Virgin Islands. We regularly book charters direct and can offer significant savings through an owner''s discount and free additional days. Please contact me for details.

lgsailor 01-28-2002 03:01 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
Konradt, Let me know if you have anything available in March or April ''02

Alta 05-24-2002 10:39 PM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
I have a new B50 with Sunsail in Tortola and am unable to use all my time. I''d be interested in discussing discount charters.


Boeing 05-28-2002 06:26 AM

Chartering from Owner of Fleet Boat
I previously owned a moorings boat and sold 1 chareter a year. You wont know notice any difference in treatment. You pay the owner (at a discount) he books the charter with the
owners desk and your off and sailing. If anyone is interested in upgrading to a nicer yacht for less money and more flexability visit my website at We charter Cirrus out 3 times a year to qualified sailors. New sails, dodger/bimini,inverter, TV, Moving map Gps..much more. jeff 972-774-8145

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