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quicksilver 06-15-2001 06:11 AM

Sailing the waters of Lake Champlain
Can anyone tell me about sailing in this body of water. Specifically I am interested in the Burlington area as being the port of call.

What types of sail boats are most popular in this area? Which are the most common and best suited to this lake? I hear it can be shallow in spots. Is that so?

Thanks much.

Starlite 06-16-2002 07:50 AM

Sailing the waters of Lake Champlain
OK, so it''s been a year since you posted your question about Lake Champlain on Sailnet. I don''t know if you ever got a response, or have made it to the lake, but I thought I''d answer anyway.

I sail a 26'' Grampian out of Malletts Bay, VT, and try to spend as many nights as I can exploring Lake Champlain. I don''t know what your home waters are like, so it will be difficult for me to give you a comparison.

Champlain has both deep water (400'') and shoal areas. My boat has almost a 5'' draft, and I always seem to find a suitable anchorage for the night. Late in the season, it gets more difficult, as the lake level drops, and some bays start getting weedy, making it difficult to set an anchor.

Burlington is a nice little city. This year, they converted the free anchorage to municipal moorings, at $25 night. A big disappointment to me, as I usually would spend 4 or 5 nights a summer on my hook there.

But there are many other places to anchor for free on the lake, both in VT and NY. You''ll see sailboats from 22'' to 40''+ all over the lake, as many Canadians take vacation on their boats in the US.

If you sail Champlain, I recommend that you get the two charts that cover the northern and southern sections of the lake. There are a number of shoals and rocks, as well as cribs in some bays, that can ruin your day if you end up on top of them! Many of the hazards are marked, but it''s always good to know you should be looking for them. Pay special attention in the Colchester Shoal area off Mallets Bay. It''s been there for hundreds of years, but every season a number of people still ground themselves there (and rocks are hard on the bottom of your boat!).

I also suggest ''The Cruising Guide to Lake Champlain, The Waterway From New York City to Montreal'', published by the Lake Champlain Publishing Co. It gives tons of info on anchorages and services on both sides of the lake.

edivdp 03-09-2008 04:44 PM

Sailing in Lake Champlain
We would like to rent a sailboat for a day. We got family in Burlington, VT.
Have a 36' Islander in Long Beach, CA. I've never sailed on a lake. Any suggestions or recommendations?

T37Chef 03-09-2008 04:48 PM

SDog...what are you waiting for ;)

labatt 03-09-2008 05:10 PM

Try these guys... I know nothing about them and I'm not endorsing them, but they are a charter outfit on Champlain... Welcome to Winds of Ireland. You can also check out the Burlington Community Boating Center at - HOME. They rent daysailors and such...

DickBaker 05-02-2008 06:06 PM

Cruising Lake Champlain Rentals
Several years ago we rented for 1/2 day through "Winds of Ireland" for a family get together and really enjoyed it. I believe it was a 35' Hunter - I forget now. You will need your certification papers and/or comparable ships log for the paperwork. Overall, no problems with the vessel or Winds of Ireland staff. Had a super time. We also have rented smaller vessels (power and sail) through what is now "Ladd's Landing" in Grand Isle. That was a very long time ago and I don't know what they have for rentals now. I do believe they had rentals in the 30'+ range but you would have to check to see what they are up to these days. These folks were always excellent to work with.

hornet 01-03-2016 12:23 AM

Re: Sailing the waters of Lake Champlain
I know it's an old thread but did not want to create new one for nothing.. anyway, anyone can tell me if it would be legit to anchor overnight in the Burlington bay (north) ? How can I know where I can anchor and where I can't ?

Goej 02-08-2016 01:12 AM

Re: Sailing the waters of Lake Champlain
Many people anchor overnight, it should be fine as long as you are outside the beach swimming area. When you are not sure where to ancore look around when you see other boats ancored it is agood sign that it is a good place to ancor. There is lots of boat on lake Champlain, good anchoring bays are always busy. If there is no one ask yourself questions.

Have fun!

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