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DuaneIsing 07-10-2001 04:26 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
I''m ecstatic to be planning my first bareboat charter (to the BVIs in Jun 02), and am considering SunSail, Tradewind Yachts, and Caribbean Sailing Charters.

I do not want to take a big chance on a company with a questionable reputation, but I don''t want to pay the high premium some of the charter companies charge. Would anyone please offer comments on the above 3 (or anyone else)?

Also, some companies offer older boats at a discounted price. I realize you get what you pay for, but is it worth the extra $600 (or more) for a boat that''s 4 years newer?


wwilson 07-10-2001 05:12 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
Hi Duane,

I have used Sunsail a number of times. Always happy with their fleet - helpfulness and attitude. Recommend them highly, but I don''t have any experience with the others.

I''m a bit surprised that Sunsail is on the list with the others as they are usually considered "premium" not unlike Moorings.


EscapeArtist 07-10-2001 08:17 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
Agree that Sunsail is equivalent to The Moorings as a "premium" charter outfit.
I might lump CYC in there, too. Anyone with full-page color ads in the back of "Sail" or "Cruising World" probably qualifies for that label.

As a first time bareboater, I suggest you head straight for the Moorings and Sunsails of the world. They''ll provide a little better service which will ease your experience.

I remember my first bareboat charter. When I got back home, I was exhausted! Dealing with the logistics, the new sailing venue, and my non-sailing companions turned my vacation into a week of hard work.

Your experiences from this first trip will help you choose more shrewdly next time.

DuaneIsing 07-10-2001 08:51 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
Thanks, Wayne and EscapeArtist. You''re sharp; Sunsail IS a premium price outfit (like Moorings), but they were one of the personally-recommended companies.

I suppose that with all the other "first-time" concerns I will have, I don''t need to wonder if my charter company will have the resources to handle any significant boat problems [they can happen, I hear ;)]


p.s. I''m glad I found this BB. Kudos to Sailnet for hosting it, and to all you sailors out there willing to help others.

hervel 07-11-2001 05:21 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
I have chartered twice now with TMM and it has been a great experience each time (BVI 2000 renadines 2001). Susan in the States and the various base people are absolutley outstanding and very helpful. The price is cheaper than Moorings and the boat are in great conditions.
The base in Tortola is owned by Barney and they will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know for a successful 1st BVI cruise.

Hope you enjoy it, we will be in the BVI ourselves in June 02 see you around.


mwhite 08-09-2001 04:55 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
I also used TMM. Very nice bunch in Tortola. I highly recommend them!


sailacad 08-20-2001 09:44 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
Have used Tradewind Yachts many times with less problems than some of the "prmium" charter companies I have dealt with. I have particularly noticed this in more remote areas such as the Grenadines where it is helpful to have highly skilled charter managers to fall back on if problems arise. They generaly use reconditioned Mooring yachts that have been very well reconditioned and can be chartered at a very good value. On the same basis would not use Stardust Charters as they were poorly maintained with little support from charter base (this was several years ago so perhaps Stardust has improved as they are still in business).

DuaneIsing 08-27-2001 10:01 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
Again, thanks for the great info from fellow SailNetters!


jonsalisbury 08-27-2001 01:32 PM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
I have used Tradewind on two occasions. I''ve found them to be friendly and helpful and a great bargain. I''ve chartered a 94 Beneteau 38 which was in very good condition and a group recently chartered a 52'' cat that had a few problems with the generator flipping the circuit breaker. I don''t know anything about their "Premier" fleet, but I''m sure they maintain them as beautifully as their older fleet. Overall you get alot for your dollar. I''m chartering a Ben 40.5 with them in the Grenadines in Sept. and I''ll report back my experience at that base.

Dr. Jon

wannasail 09-22-2001 11:26 AM

Ratings for Caribbean Sailing Charters ?
Recommend SUNSAIL.
Have chartered with them five times. Beneteau 50'', 35'', 35''CC, 40'' twice over the last seven years and am doing so again in 02.
Have found their boats to be in excellent condition. All have been no older then two years. Have found their service to be excellent although we really had no serious issues. Staff well informed and organized. All arraignments made by telephone and whenever questions or concerns arose prior to charter time their staff when contacted addressed concerns to our satisfaction.
Have also chareted with TRADEWINDS and NORTH/SOUTH. Older boats, some minor problems, less exspensive. We say, "you get what you pay for". Would charter with TRADEWINDS again.

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