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allen19644 11-26-2001 03:43 AM

Sail The Greek Islands
My family and I chartered a 70 foot boat in September from GPSC Charters and had the best vacation of our lives. The Greek Islands are Godlike and the people are the friendliest we have ever encountered.
We can''t wait to go back and recommend this to everyone.

Thanks GPSC for all your help !

Best Regards,

Allen Roberts ( )

grsailing 04-08-2002 03:32 AM

Sail The Greek Islands
Charter a totally renovated 1994 Atlantic 49'' to the Greek islands, directly from the Owner!

sailalways 07-10-2002 06:09 PM

Sail The Greek Islands
We had the opposite experience with GPSC!
We have our own 37'' sailboat and we''ve chartered all over the world (including Tonga, St. Martin, Turkey and Greece) and our WORST (and only horrific) experience was with GPSC! We had previous charter experience in Greece and we thought we could save money with GPSC. Instead, when GPSC refused to deliver the boat that we had contracted, ten days before the charter, no less, amidst many defensive phone calls and emails from GPSC/Philly, we realized that we were dealing with a disreputable company and walked away from our deposit. (GPSC,including George, refused to return our deposit, even though they didn''t deliver the boat they promised and only gave us major headaches and disappointment.) Our adive: spread the word. You are better of not sailing than sailing with GPSC. Moorings in Greece was wonderful. Sunsail in Turkey, fantastic. Sunsail and Moorings in St. Martin and Tonga, also outstanding. Stick with the professionals.

allen19644 07-15-2002 01:22 AM

Sail The Greek Islands
Hi ,

It seems that whenever somebody has a bad experience with some company, they make it personal and go on crusades.

My advice is if you think you are hard done by, take it to court and settle the matter. If you don''t then perhaps you are in the wrong and just trying to cause trouble.

Jeff_H 07-15-2002 03:38 AM

Sail The Greek Islands
I disagree with that sentiment. As sailors there is a general principle that suggests that we should try to keep each other out of harms way. I see disclosure of a bad experience with a company the same as advisingh someone of an uncharted rock in the middle of the channel. Obviously it helps if that person describes the experience so that the rest of us can try to evaluate who really is in the wrong but the warning is still helpful in letting us know of potential hazzards.


bullseye 07-15-2002 03:38 AM

Sail The Greek Islands
nah allen,
this is a messge forum.& it seems theres alot of unhappy customers of GPSC.

i thank the people who are bothered enough to spend there time(& suffer ridicle & sour grapes comments from people) to let me know to avoid certain operators.

courts cost more money & headaches than there worth for a few hundred $$

of course its possible to start 10 user names then start a detrimental thread of a company ,then reply agreeing with your other user names....but i dont think so.

sailalways 07-16-2002 05:52 PM

Sail The Greek Islands
FYI, Allen, we have pursued the matter legally, and it''s ongoing and unpleasant. Hope that your good luck doesn''t run''s not fun to be ripped off, anyway you look at it.

allen19644 07-17-2002 05:17 AM

Sail The Greek Islands
I agree totally,
being ripped off is unacceptable, but there are two sides to each story and we seem to be hearing one sided accounts.
How exactly were you ripped off ??
What boat did you book and what boat did they offer you ?
I have gone through my contract with them and it says that if the boat booked cannot be delivered due to damage by a previous charterer then they are obliged to provide another boat of equal or greater value....
Did they not provide any boat at all ????
If not then you were definitely ripped off and you should sue !
Let us know what happened

sailalways 07-18-2002 05:34 AM

Sail The Greek Islands
Our contract contained the same clause and therein lies the rub....there was no comprable boat and there is reason to believe they never had the original boat to begin with. Ours was an experience fraught with difficulty. This forum isn''t the place to go into the details. We have chartered (always bareboat) with Moorings, Sunsail, Sunyacht and Footloose as well as several individuals, and never had any company misrepresent themselves the way GPSC did in our case. Our experience was what it was, but it''s over and I''m not going to rehash it for the rest of my days. Most sailors and sailing companies are full of kindred spirits. Like them, we''re looking ahead to the next time we cast off!

sailor37 07-26-2002 04:12 PM

Sail The Greek Islands
We also had a very bad experience with GPSC last fall as well as some friends of ours. If you look back through the message board you will see many complaints with GPSC. We wished we had check this message board before selecting a charter company in Greece. We will certainly check in the future and hope that others will post both the good and the bad.

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