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Sailer_Pete 12-16-2001 07:23 PM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
My wife and I have scheduled our first ever charter for the coming year out of Tortola with Trade Wind Yachts. We will have a captin aboard for the first few days.

Our initial plan was to take advantage of the provisioning service that is offered through TWY with Ample Hamper(?). We figure that this will be the most convenient... quickest way to get on our way... but a little more expensive than doing it on our own.

What are your thougts and experiences with the "provisioning" aspect of taking a 7-day trip out of Tortola? Any comments on the company that provides the provisioning service?


Sailer Pete

halyardz 12-16-2001 10:40 PM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
We went the Ample Hamper route and had to
give away food at the end of the cruise. So
were I to do it again, I''d get two meals a
day for 5-6 days for a 7 day cruise. Figure
at least two-three nice meals ashore. You''ll get a bit of sticker shock on the soda/beer side of the list. Rum is cheaper but it impairs sailing!

DuaneIsing 12-17-2001 03:25 AM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
We''re also chartering with Trade Wind Yachts out of Tortola in Jun 02. We were told that the BVIs have a new regulation regarding the importation of meat products (there was supposedly always a prohibition about importing produce).

If you haven''t received this info yet, contact TWY and they can fax it to you.

Have a great time!


bobneidhardt 12-17-2001 11:23 AM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
Sailor Pete,

Congrats on your first charter! You will love it. My personal feeling is that the charter companies give you too much food at too high a price. Now, I have never needed to only provision for 2-3 people. Typically it''s six. You can go to the same Ample Hamper store that they will use and get your own provisions. You will save money twice. You won''t pay the extra for the charter company and you won''t buy as much food. Don''t worry about forgeting something or not having enough. In the VIs there are plenty of places to pick up a few things.

Just my 2 cents.

wannasail 12-20-2001 12:44 PM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
Have a great time.

As for provisioning, I agree with several of the responses. Since my wife & I starting chartering over 12 years ago we did the provisioning one time. It was great to have everything there when you arrived or shortly thereafter but man did they over do it. Too much food, had to leave alot behind. Since that time my wife and I during the planning stage check to see what will be available at each stop we intend to make and go from there. We now purchase daily or stock for no more then two stops. Of course we do stock certain items, (hic) and bottled water in case. Most places depending on where you are chartering have stores available.
Suggest you obtain a Cruising Guide for the area where you and the wife intend to sail. Very, very helpful.
Again good sailing.

kimberlite 12-20-2001 05:52 PM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
when are you going to be in tortola?

Mama_Cocha 12-30-2001 03:45 AM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
The best prices for provisioning in Tortola are at K Mark''s ( I know, I know ) and Rite Way. The Ample Hamper at Soper''s has some of the more exotic food i.e. European imports. We always do the provisioning ourselves and leave the extra booze and beer to the staff at Sunsail at the end of the trip.
If you go to St Thomas you will find even better prices.

sailthechesapke 03-05-2002 06:23 PM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves
Br far the best value is in Road Town at Bobby''s supermarket. They are most helpful, prices much more reasonable than Ample Hamper and you can even email/fax them your grocery list and they will assemble them for you at no charge. Highly reccomend.

SailorMitch 03-06-2002 03:22 AM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves

Sounds to me like you have very recent experience down there! I can''t wait for the pics.

A jealous SailorMitch

MaryBeth 05-05-2002 04:38 PM

Provisioning -vs- doing it ourselves

Bobby''s is far cheaper!! but - you have to tote your own, or get a cab. They also have a much larger selection.

- Having provisioned for returns from charter -


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