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6string 03-19-2008 12:26 AM

Free WIFI in BVI
I am flying out of Chicago Thursday morning for Tortola. We have a Bareboat charter with Footloose. Third trip, just love it.

I haven't taken my laptop in the past. I am wondering, is there free wifi service available around the BVIs? It would be useful to do some research of info on things to do, places to go in the event we want a change in itinerary.

I am also wondering if AT&T cell phone service will cost more there?

Any help is appreciated.

Jeff :)

Zanshin 03-19-2008 04:40 AM

Free WiFi is to be had at:
a) Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour - both the main office and the Bath & Turtle bar have free WiFi available, the B&T WiFi is only available during their business hours and they would prefer that you have a drink or meal while using the WiFi but they don't insist.
b) North Sound. Both the Saba Rock Bar and the Bitter End Yacht Club have free wireless. If you take a mooring close enough to Saba Rock you not only get WiFi on board but if you use their mooring balls you get a bag of ice and filling-up on water as well. I usually anchor just in WiFi range of the Saba Rock bar, up against Prickly Pear island.
c) Corsair's bar on Jost Van Dyke has free WiFi
d) Pusser's Marina Cay has free WiFi that may or may not work at anchor but you can dinghy ashore and use it.
e) If you eat/drink at either The Last Resort or the Loose Mongoose in Trellis you can get a code and access WiFi
f) The Pusser's store at the west end broadcasts a signal, but the WiFi hasn't worked for over 6 months!
g) Road Town marina has free WiFi, range is limited so you do need to sit at the bar

You can pay through the nose to get the Marine WiFi but I've never bothered.

6string 03-19-2008 08:23 AM

Thanks Zanshin

hellosailor 03-19-2008 10:22 AM

Jeff, call AT&T direrctly. You'll be paying "international" prices and yes, that's gonna cost you. If you've been a customer more than 90 days and have a GSM phone (with a SIM chip) call them and ask them to unlock the phone. They'll give you back an unlock code to enter (usually a day after your call to them) and then you can use a prepaid or domestic SIM chip that you buy down there, with much better rates. The US cellcos really kill customers with overseas rates. Why? "BECAUSE WE CAN".

sailingdog 03-19-2008 10:40 AM

If you're in the US... HS's suggestion to get the phone "unlocked" is a very good idea. I've done it with my phones, through T-mobile, with no problems.

Zanshin 03-19-2008 11:04 AM

I forgot to mention that while sailing in the Sir Francis Drake channel you will be in range of the US towers, otherwise you should thing about turning off your phone, since the only other provider is the Cable & Wireless monopoly which will cost you both an arm and a leg. I think I used my UK GSM phone for less than 2 hours total time one day (when my rudder decided to go off on it's own) and it cost several hundred pounds!

BoxedUp 01-26-2012 01:58 PM

We'll be going back to the BVI in late May and just checking on the free WiFi spots, so time to update this thread. Cooper Island YC has free WiFi at the bar & restaurant. Wasn't planning on bringing the iPad but now rethinking that plan.

Geoff54 01-26-2012 03:42 PM

Not Quite an Update....
This is a list of WIFI and other mostly free access. I compiled it over time for my own use and it hasn't been updated lately. It may not be current but it is a good starting point. More and more bars and restaurants are offering free WiFi so it's always worth asking.

"The Pub" (WIFI), Road Town, near TMM and Road Town Marina
Soggy Dollar Bar (WIFI), White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
Corsair's bar, Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke has free WiFi
Pusser's Marina Cay has free WiFi that may or may not work at anchor
Pussers Restaurant (WIFI), West End, Soper's Hole
Customers at either The Last Resort or the Loose Mongoose in Trellis Bay can get a code
Road Town marina has free WiFi, range is limited so you do need to sit at the bar
Village Cay Marina Hotel/Bar (WIFI), Road Town
Caribbean Connections, Road Town, near Village Cay Marina
Caribbean Printing Quick Copy Co., Road Town, next to Riteway - Wickham's Cay II
Sub J's Internet café & sandwich bar (WIFI) , Road Town, Wickham's Cay II
Prospect Reef Resort, Road Town, near TMM and Fort Burt
The Caribbean Wave, Road Town, Chalwell St. - downtown
Popeye's Stationery Store and Document Centre, Road Town
Coconut Telegraph (WIFI), Nanny Cay Marina
The Genaker Cafe (WIFI), Nanny Cay Marina
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour - both the main office and the Bath & Turtle bar (during their business hours )
CCT Boatphone (BVI Cellular), Road Town, near Bobby's Market (in lobby)
Public Library, Road Town, Flemming St. (above Riteway),
DataPro (computer store), Road Town, Flemming St.
Copyright Systems Ltd., Road Town, Wickham's Cay I
The Moorings (lobby, restaurant) (WIFI), Road Town, Inner Harbour
Cable and Wireless BVI, Road Town,Pasea Estate office, near Moorings
"Bits n Pieces", formerly, "Click On Line", Road Town, Mill Mall, Wickham's Cay
Jost Van Dyke Scuba, Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Le Grand Cafe (WIFI), Road Town, Main St.
Internet Cafe (above the Serendipity Book Store) (WIFI), Road Town, Main St.
Little Harbor - Peter Island (WIFI)
Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe (WIFI) Reaches Trellis, Marina Cay, & Scrub
Marina Cay (WIFI) , Marina Cay
Beef Island Airport (WIFI), Beef Island, Trellis Bay
De Loose Mongoose (WIFI)
Last Resort (WIFI), Beef Island, Trellis Bay
Caribbean Jewelers (aka Samarkand), West End, Soper's Hole
Pisces Restaurant (WIFI), West End, Soper's Hole
Jolly Roger Hotel & Restaurant (WIFI), West End, Soper's Hole
Voyage Yacht Charters (WIFI), West End, Soper's Hole
D’ Best Cup Soper’s Hole (WIFI), West End, Soper's Hole
Sebastian's Hotel & Restaurant (WIFI), Little Apple Bay, Tortola
Myett’s Garden and Grille (WIFI), Cane Garden Bay
Pusser's East End (WIFI) - formerly Fat Hog Bob's
East End, Maya Cove (aka Hodges Creek)
The Chandlery - Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour
Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Dive BVI - Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Spanish Town Marina (WIFI), Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Olde Yard Village (WIFI),The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Bath and Turtle (WIFI), Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Spanish Town
Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC) (WIFI), North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Christine's Bakery, Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke
Saba Rock (WIFI), North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Fat Virgin Cafe (WIFI), Biras Creek, Virgin Gorda
Mine Shaft Cafe (WIFI), Virgin Gorda
Mad Dog Restaurant (WIFI), The Valley, Virgin Gorda
Pirates Restaurant (WIFI), Norman Island
Leverick Bay (Coffee Shop & nearby) (WIFI), Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda
Mahoe Bay - in and around office (WIFI), Virgin Gorda
Purple Turtle, Anegada
Neptune's Treasure (WIFI), Anegada
Anegada Reef Hotel (WIFI), Anegada

kootenay 02-04-2012 12:40 PM

Sitting in Moorings using the free wickam wirleless after a two week charter. And mornings did a great job dealing with us. Couldnt have asked any more of them. Off to the grenadines for a month and looking forward to it.

gon2C 05-08-2015 06:59 PM

Re: Free WIFI in BVI
might be a silly question - how secure would it be using the open wifi service in a bvi marina...if you access your etrade account... and make a trade? Thank you.

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