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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

We chartered again from the Moorings in Tortola in May. We had a better experience than the previous time; there are signs that they are investing more in boat and base maintenance. A number of our pet peeves are still true (fancy "spa" bathrooms never clean, on-base provisioning doesn't provide the "unpack and stow" service that they advertise.)

The briefings are surprisingly casual (and inaccurate in places), given the boats they trust people with. Neither our chart or boat briefer had much in the way of local knowledge. Fortunately we had done our research on both.

But the boat (Moorings 4800/Leopard 48) was pretty nice. It sailed well for a big cat, and was nicely laid out. I think late model large cats get a bit more TLC than some of the smaller boats. The only big problem was that the pump direction for the fuel transfer pump was reversed. Fortunately we noticed this before creating a big mess, but it could have been pretty bad.

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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

Originally Posted by dinghygoddess View Post
So we got off and on our own arranged to stay at the Mariner Inn. A word of advice for anyone considering a charter out of that marina. Pay the extra money and stay on the boat for the night before. Stay away from this Mariner Inn. For $250 per night it was a dump! Pool had papers and plastic bottles floating among other debris. Our room had two 40 watt bulbs for lights and it was dark all the time including daytime.
Not going to defend Moorings but perspective does play a role. You mentioned that Bertha had just hit and I know what my pool looks like after an ordinary thunderstorm, so debris in the pool isn't unusual unless it remained there for several days. We also stayed in the Mariner Inn at the end of our charter and although not up to 5 star standards (don't know what the actual rating is), it was a welcome respite from a non-A/C, getting kind of funky smell, couple of rough weather days on a 36 footer after one week. It isn't because of the Mariner Inn that we won't plan to stay there again, it's dealing with the ferry and the ridiculous scene at the Cyril E. King Airport on departure day that we'll spend the last night on St.Thomas instead of Tortola.

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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

We chartered one way from St Lucia to Grenada last winter. The crew on both ends were excellent. Had one problem with the barbecue bracket which we fixed in Bequia with some bailing wire. My only complaint was they didn't fix it, in the past if I had a problem, they'd contract with someone in Bequia to do the work, this time they didn't follow through, or their contractor didn't follow through, I don't know for sure.

They closed the Canouan facility. Prices were up, one way delivery costs up. Seemed like fewer boats available, but I'm not sure of this.

I'd still use them.

Every boat charter company has some problems, usually the Moorings had been perfect or at least "quickest to repair" whatever went wrong.
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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

We just returned from chartering in Lefkas and the main luff on our Beneteau 50.5 was attached with bungee cords except at the batten connections. Pointed it out to the Moorings base and they said "that's the way we do it here". Hmmm.
Sooo, no surprise, when the wind got up to Force 4 and 5, the main blew out like a failed zipper and we were barely able to get it back down and stowed. I think this comes under the heading of being sent to sea with an "ill found boat". Wouldn't recommend them to anyone again which is unfortunate because our last two charters with them in Tahiti and the BVI's were great.
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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

Wanted to contribute as I've used the Moorings and Sunsail since the early 90's all around. Wanted to add as there is not too much out there in review.

Currently building a custom Perry 60 monohull, so have a pretty strong understanding of boat systems.

Did Moorings St Lucia to Grenada in 1992 on a Moorings 50 Monohull. 7 days. Generally good experience and good equipment. Very responsive bases to troubles on the way (captain managed to wrap the prop, tear the p-strut from the hull, and initiate a near sinking. Nothing was Moorings fault and they were helpful in getting us back to base.) No comments on the captains skills....

Moorings BVI in 1997. Beneteau 440 Monohull ("Club" level boat category). 7 days. My wife and I ended up owning and living aboard this same model about 13 years later. The one for Moorings was equipped with lighter gear (the traveler parted on us) but overall the 1997 trip was a good experience and the boat was in decent working condition. Base seemed chagrined and understood that the traveler was undersized. I got the feeling it had happened before.

Tonga in 2000 with Sunsail Beneteau 37. 7 days. That was first and last time with Sunsail. Boat had 'been on a reef' with the previous charter and was missing 1/3 of it's rudder. Kinda got the 'tough luck' from the manager. No price reduction and a boat that sailed like crap. Outboard that wouldn't run. A generally run down boat.

Didn't do a charter for awhile as we owned and lived aboard during the early 2000's, so got our fix that way. So generally missed the 2008 downturn and how it may have affected the company through those years.

St Lucia again in 2011 in a Moorings 3900 Cat ("Exclusive" level boat category). 10 days. Brand new boat just delivered from South African. So in near perfect shape. New design freezer/refridge system that actually made ice. Some recurring trouble with the starboard AC unit - very much a 'working-out-the-kinks' kind of thing. Moorings base very helpful. This charter left me feeling like I would probably always use Moorings when chartering as things went so well. Completely blown away by the new base at Marigot Bay.

Tahiti in 2013 in a Moorings 3900 Cat ("Club" level boat category). 10 days. An older boat but mostly well maintained and prepared. Boat bottom was a bit fouled and motor would overheat at the same RPM's that produced hull speed on the previous 3900 we had chartered. So motor cruising was slower. Masthead wind speed transducer failed in the middle of the night during a 40+knot blow at anchor. Staff came on a launched the next morning and replaced. So overall a great experience even in an older boat and a great base manager (Violetta - who should be a model, not a charter base manager, but I digress). Again, affirmation of my good experiences with Moorings.

In fact, at this point, my wife and I where considering purchasing into the Mooring fleet.

Greece in 2015 in a Moorings 4600 cat ("Club" level boat category). Just completed a 14 day in Greece from the new base at Zea, Phireus sailing the Cyclades. I may need to come down a little, but currently I'm not sure I'll use Moorings again. Now, I will acknowledge that the Cyclades are a challenging place to sail. I have raced on the SF Bay for decades. It blows a Beaufort 6-7 many days under the gate. A challenging place to race. I just experienced a Beaufort 10 on this charter. 55+ knots and an angry Aegean. This is not uncommon for this area apparently. That being said, the standard charter boats of the Mooring fleet have no business being chartered to people without equipment upgrades (which Moorings categorically does not do).... and this boat was tired.

We booked the charter a year in advance. At the time, the base was at Lavrion - which is closer to the Cyclades cruising grounds by a half day sail. 8 Months latter, they sent a rather generic 'by the way' letter stating they had changed the base to the Athens area Zea Marina. Apparently we were lucky to receive this e-mail as the Zea base manager commented that some charters hadn't even been told and showed up 30 miles away at the closed base. The manager (and staff) had several other beefs with Mooring corporate. Mostly about the lack of boat turn around time, maintenance time and lack of maintenance budget.

the Moorings only does the Greek charters from Saturday to Saturday to maximize usage. And the boats are in full usage. Charters are off-boat at 0900 and on boat at 1530. This gives the staff 6 1/2 hours to repair and turn around and repair 23 boats (and do briefings) in an environment that is wearing at best on this vessels. They are said to want to add 12-22 boats next season. In short, the work doesn't get done. Word of advice - make note of issues - particularly hull and structural damage. The walk arounds are fast.

Issues included a slightly torn genoa (that became a 24" tear and unusable). Normally, I would have lowered the Genoa the evening after I saw the tear and sew on some sail tape. But when the Meltemi starts to blow - and it did for us for 10 days, its 23+ knots at night even at anchor or med moored. So lowering a big genoa in that is hard to impossible (Particularly without a crew of really experienced sailors). The main issue was a mis-matched chain gypsy to the chain. It slipped chronically from day one. Eventually, the slip-grab killed the motor - with a fouled anchor in a tight marina with 30 knots blowing. The Base WAS good at getting us a new winch shipped (by ferry) and installed(by second party technician) over the next two days (which severely altered our cruising plan). The technician was completely frustrated as the new winch gypsy didn't match the chain(after I had watched him carefully measure when he ordered it from base). The old gypsy didn't match the chain and another gypsy we went and bought wouldn't match. (3/8" didn't, 10mm didn't). Now I understand matching gypsies and chains can be voodoo, but what kind of chain was in this boat? What pissed me off was when the base manager berated us at the end of the trip while saying 1) we should have told him there was an issue with the winch and gypsy right away (we assumed it was just worn like the rest of the boat) 2) He had just had his best captain on the boat the week before and HE didn't mention a problem, so we must be the problem (his best also didn't mention the torn genoa, the torn 1st reef line, the failed and dangerous gas spring on the winch locker cover, the worn genoas sheets so necked they wouldn't lock in the camloks (I swapped sheets end-for-end to get by), or the major de-lam of the port transom from an impact). 3) He had records for 4 years stating there was never any issues reported with the winch. - but BTW, he just ordered a new chain for the boat. WTF??? why order a new chain if everything was in perfect working order and why berate us like there wasn't an issue? There were several other issues and arguments. I've never had an argument with a Moorings base before.

So the bottom line from this rant is that the boat(s) were very worn - we talked to other charterers and a number of technicians too. The technicians all offered there frustration with the situation while looking over their shoulder. The base is over-booked. The boats are under equipped (the windlass is the same size as the 3900 windlass). Sails are not re-enforced for the weather they see. Docking and mooring gear was dangerously worn. Boat bilge smell of head (all older boats get that 'head' smell) but this was extreme. Main hatches leaked - onto beds. Hard Targa top pulled out of it's forward frame sockets and almost blow off - during hard wind when this would have been most inconvenient. Tool kit was abysmal (no blade in the hack saw. No allen wrenches - needed to re-secure the targa. crap tools).

My bad experience may just be this specific base related. I do plan on trying to contact corporate with my issues just to gauge their reaction if nothing else. From what I've read here, not to hopefully. But we've spent a fair amount of money with the Moorings over the years and would hope they haven't become too corporate.

The category of boat does make a difference for sure (exclusive vs club) so if you can afford it, you get what you pay for in that area.
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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

An advantage might be that the Maltese authorities, if they notice at all, will decide that nobody will want to copy this method. So they might not bother stopping me, even if it's illegal which is not clear. No anchor-dragging etc hazards in the location I'm aiming for.
For anyone who knows the Sliema, Malta, situation, do you have other ideas to avoid the 10 year wait for a mooring or a spot on land? The setup here is to give available moorings first to traditional fishermen, who might or might not genuinely use their windfall. And then the moorings remaining are rented out at a low price, hence the non-availability for ten years.
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Just did a Moorings 3900 out of Miami. It was fantastic! Boat is probably 3-4 years old. Well maintained. Everything worked. Base manager took great care of us.
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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

I'll add a thumbs up for a recent Moorings charter (out of Belize). Very professional staff on top of their game.
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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

Originally Posted by dinghycapn View Post
We were down there in May and chartered out of Sunsail. We were upgraded from our first boat because of a few minor inadequacies that would have taken more time to troubleshoot and would have resulted in at least one day lost. Our second boat had no issues. The staff were very accomodating and quick to action and I have no complaints.

I'm under the impression that Moorings, Sunsail and Footloose in the BVI are all under the same management. Moorings gets the new boats, sunsail gets them after a few years and footloose gets the ones near the end of their charter lives. The charter prices reflect this.

While we were out we came upon a boat who had been switched at sea twice (They were on their third boat in 1 week). I don't know the exact reasons why and obviously it could be that they weren't running their engine to recharge batteries...but twice???

Regardless it seems that even if they don't stay on top of repairs they are quick to reesolve any issues...and have plenty of boats sitting around in just such an instance.
Sunsail also get new boats. From our experience of both companies worldwide, there's no real difference between the specs of Sunsail and Moorings boats - just the level of service expected. condition of boats comes down to base management. Avoid St Lucia base - tiredest boats I ever saw. Had few problems out of BVI
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Re: What's up at the Moorings?

just returned 3/20/16. chartered a 54 monohull its day steering broke called on channel 12,16 on the cell phone they provided and private cell phone-recorded message.had to jerry rig steering cos st guard couldn't raise them limped back to harbor 4 hours later called every 15 minutes. finally they claimed someone was with us a ghost?? more excuses . lost 1 1/2 days. no response on a later problem fixed it ourselves after 3 hours & manual help. general manager mr thomas absolutely no help[ read your contract no refunds for lost time. help reports it happens a lot management doesn't care.
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