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castorp 01-17-2013 08:36 AM

Charter business
Ahoy all,
I'm interested in taking my sailing passion to a different level and either working afloat for a charter company or starting my own charter business.
Are there any of you out there who are currently similarly employed and what words of wisdom might you have?
Many thanks!

Lake Superior Sailor 01-17-2013 01:43 PM

Re: Charter business
The charter buisness has less to do with sailing/your passion! You might want to re-think this.....Dale

castorp 01-17-2013 02:35 PM

Re: Charter business

Originally Posted by Lake Superior Sailor (Post 977179)
The charter buisness has less to do with sailing/your passion! You might want to re-think this.....Dale

Hi Dale,
I'm already a sole-proprietor and so understand that any business involves a certain amount of drudgery, a large amount of plain ol' hard work, and that ultimately you're at the whim of your clients...
but can you please offer me any specific considerations that you might be thinking of? do you have personal experience in this regard?? 'would love to gain the benefit of any wisdom you might care to share!
many thanks

Lake Superior Sailor 01-17-2013 02:57 PM

Re: Charter business
If you think you can rent anything out and thats the end of it ,you don't understand Murphy's Law! Boats are the worst! Good luck! as you will need it.Fixing, cleaning, & maintanence thats the easy part , And iF you plan to be there, Hope you like baby sitting.....Dale

Tim R. 01-17-2013 03:11 PM

Re: Charter business
Almost bought a 10 boat operation back in 2010. So glad I dodged that bullet. After more research I found it would be lots of maintenance, baby-sitting, aggravation and never any time to sail my own boat.

Yamsailor 01-17-2013 03:25 PM

Re: Charter business
Are you talking providing bareboat charters or captained charters?

castorp 01-17-2013 03:26 PM

Re: Charter business

castorp 01-17-2013 03:30 PM

Re: Charter business
so, the baby-sitting seems to be the common offensive factor here...
I'm currently a teacher and so am pretty enured to that...
can it be turned to a gainful income though given the right climate and marketing? i mean people do do it afterall...

Yamsailor 01-17-2013 03:44 PM

Re: Charter business
I am a relief captain for a charter business providing three hour tours.

How much you make depends on location.

One guy I know runs his charter bussiness all year round. He is COIed for 20 people for day charters. He make some money. HE comes north during summer and down to the south during the winter. Another person I know runs his business, 6-pack, during the summer. This particular operation pays for all the boats expenses, essentially off setting his ownership costs.

If you are looking to make a profit, you need to be either in the southern coastal US or in the carribean. If you live in the Northeast or midatlantic, chances are you won't make a profit.

castorp 01-17-2013 04:12 PM

Re: Charter business
Thanks Yamsailor, that's excellent information!
Do you have any thoughts on the San Diego area? Is it a likely spot to either start such a venture or to find employment with someone else's outfit?
What about SF?
Many thanks!

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