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AA3NK 03-12-2007 11:55 PM

Cheoy Lee Luder's 36
Greetings All!

It has been a few years since I tailed a wench, in most of the meanings you might take from that. It is time, again, to take to the water and I have just acquired a 36 foot 1974 Cheoy Lee, Luders design, sloop rigged.

The boat is on the hard with mast and rigging down so I will take a couple of weeks to clean her up some, put on a fresh bottom, and maybe make the teak look a smidgeon better. The yard folks will step the mast at launching but to be honest, I will not know if it is done correctly or not.

I don't want to make this boating season into a boat refitting period, the vessel will reveal herself and the needs will become obvious enough so I am receptive of advice on what things ought to take priority in outfitting for sailing in the general area north of Boston and the cape areas.

Are there marinas or boat yards in the Gloucester area that allow DIYs to work on teak, varnish and such? The boat draws 5'3", where is a good place to base out of? What is the bottom paint of choice for sailors in this area?

The Chesapeake is where I learned sailing, it is different around Rockport, MA. I have a lot to learn, open ears to hear and try to keep a good attitude.

The engine is a Westerbeke W40, there is some other nomenclature, but it is about 37 hp with just under 1,500 hours. Any recommendations about maintaining the unit?

As for doing varnish and teak work, does anyone have any ideas or admonishment about using paint strippers, solvents, or recommendations about sandpaper and places to get materials? I am only looking to do the hand rails on the cabin trunk, the teak trim around the trunk and some work on the cockpit area.

It is pleasant to be excited about doing something again. The last time I sailed was about 1987. The years do slip away, 'eh?

Bob in Rockport

bibomo 05-21-2007 02:40 PM

Ludders 36
Hi Bob,

We are in much the same position. A year ago last January we bought a Ludders 36 sloop. After getting hung up in the yard for most of the summer when small things became large things (mostly work on the Westerbeke) we were able to cruise for a couple of months at the end of the season and get a feel for the vessel. She is great under sail and comfortable at anchor.

As you probably know the Cheoy Lee website is:

While there are many Ludders 36 sloop owners registered, not many seem to participate at the site on a regular basis.

We are bringing Callisto up to snuff one bit at a time.

So far we:
replaced the chain plates (they were a mess),
put on new standing and some new running rigging with halyards lead internally
installed a holding tank and new head.
put on a roller furler
have started to strip the teak with the plan being to use Armada finish. Armada is a compromise between varnish (don't have time for 8 to 12 coats) and oil (easy but minimal protection). We went the oil route on our last boat and never quite found the time to keep up with it during the season as it required.

We are switching to a 3 blade prop this season. What kind of prop is in place on your vessel??? If 3 blade do you know the size and pitch?

Good luck with your Ludders. Hope to hear good things about her from you.

John and Marcia
s/v Callisto

AA3NK 05-28-2007 08:55 AM

Luders CL36
Greetings John & Marcia,

I may have seen some of your posts on the Delphi forum while grazing there this morning--yep, there seems to not be much interaction among owners but there are several lively web pages that celebrate various CL projects, Bisous, Invitation and related links from those pages as well.

My prop is a three blade though I cannot tell you the pitch info yet. The boat is new to me and even simple stuff such as where to place the anode on the prop shaft is elusive. Given the very small amount of shaft exposed between the keel and the prop it seems likely that the zinc will have to attached to the end of the prop shaft.

My first order of business is to prepare the bottom for paint and apply two coats of a general purpose product. The teak hand rails and the cabin sole or trunk or however the house part should be described needs a new finish as well but I am not going to be elaborate about it--prep the old surface, fill any stress cracks or crazing, mask, and roll & brush with Topsides or a similar product.

The decks and gunwhale/toe rail were done in Cetol a couple of years back and have pretty much lost all of that finish so I will finish removing the rest with scraping or sanding as is most efficient. I am not committed to any particular product for refinishing the deck but the rails will get varnish as will the rest of the house trim and hatch covers, cockpit coamings cabin door.

This boat has a roller furling rig that is serviceable but has seen a lot of service too. If I can keep it going for a year or two while researching and learning about options, all the better. The standing rigging is well placed on my list of upgrades and I will definitely provide an antenna system associated with the backstay when upgrading the rigging. I would also like to have second forestay for a short jib rather than using the roller furl rig for more wind than required for brisk sailing.

Did you do anything with the fuel filtering system on yours? The Westerbeke in my rig has 1,468 hours on the meter so I expect another few hundred hours of service from it but feel a compelling urge to install some Racor inline filters that are more readily accessible than the original design.

Where are you all sailing out of?

Glad to hear from you and hope to hear from others as well,

Rockport, MA

rwa121852 12-07-2007 01:39 PM

Can anyone comment on the sailing characteristics of the Luders 36?
Please let me know your comments on Luders 36 sailing characteristics.


Bob A

Yardbro 09-15-2008 04:03 PM

I aquired a CL 36 and am trying to bring it out of a 7 yr retirement. How bad was it working on the chain plates?

Houze66 11-13-2008 08:19 PM

Luders 36
My wife and I bought a Luders 36 in Maine a few weeks ago. It is stored under a shed in a marina on Isleboro, Maine. The boat is in need of bottom and topiside paint, brightwork, deck sanded to remove Cetol, and a good cleaning inside. She has been stored at least one year accordingly to the party we bought the boat from--confirmed by the marina owner. The Perkins 4-108 was rebuilt and has only 60 some hours on it. So that is a real positive. The windows will need to be removed and re-bedded. We are thinking of replacing the small lites with portlites, and I would be interested in hearing from any of you on this point. Is it something that you have done? Do you have any advice on this idea? The masts appear to be in good shape from what I could see of them up in the sail loft. The main mast is rigged with a "behind-the-mast" furling. I do not know how it will work out, as I have read lots about the pros and cons of these mainsail furling rigs. I am somewhat worried that the furling device may not be all that well fastened to the mast, for one thing. I have no way of knowing, of course, but I think the whole setup has inherent design weaknesses. But if I remove it, I am looking at getting a new or used mainsail to replace the cut-down mainsail required for this setup. The jib is also roller-furling rigged, which is OK I suppose, being a Harken.

The boat also has a small woodstove installed, which looks to be in good condition, as is the interior woodwork.

Our Cheoy Lee plaque bears the number 2893. I emailed CL in Hong Kong and they informed me the boat was completed in May of 1975 and was delivered to Lion Yacht in CT (still in operation, I later found out).

I do not mean to bore all of you with these ramblings, but wanted to just share with you the project we have before us.

Finally, we are excited about our CL Luders 36--despite my list of "issues" presented in this post. We look forward to beginning our work on the boat this spring and hope to try her out before summer's end.

Yardbro 11-24-2008 01:13 PM

re: CL 36 "issues"
being boatstruck is euphoric! but seriously, you sound like you have a really nice boat. This is my first attempt to do work for myself, so reality sets in pretty quick. I tossed my calendar as a time line out last year. My only advice is if in doubt, find someone in the business you feel trustworthy and have them give you a second opinion to your own. I am fortunate as I rely on guys I have done bluewater sailing with on many occasions.
I am still working on stripping the engine out and cleaning up the insides while I save $$ for a temp shelter. I need to replace the decks on my 69' CL. Everything else though is mostly cosmetics(not counting the engine) which is why I plug on with it. I really want to get her back in the water and let her run again. On my list, is bright work, new water and fuel tanks, bottom paint, repaint the interior and redo the cushions. As for the rigging, I am going to do a complete replacement on halyards and cables for piece of mind. I know it is going to take a bit, but I think it is worth it.

Kapti 03-09-2009 12:30 AM

CL Luders 36 - Water Tanks
Hi Yardbro,

We are currently trying to decide what to do with our gross main water tank. It sits in the bilge down the center line of the boat. Inside is really quite gross, past the point of bleach and scrubbing.

We trying to decide how to replace it without having to rip the thing out.

What have you tried with yours?

We're considering making a smaller stainless one to slide inside or like I said tearing it out and replacing properly. Sounds like a nightmare though!

I hope you've had some luck with yours, any advice from you 36ers on here would be much appreciated!

All the best
Ryan & Becky
Island Girl

Yardbro 03-09-2009 09:07 PM

Island Girl, If you don't do it now, then it will be later. I am in the middle of getting mine out too. It is very dirty right now too, but I am going to clean the area up as much as possible and replace the tank. Hopefully your screw heads are not all striped out. I use the Fast Orange hand cleanser and coveralls that stay outside till they become trash. Keep me posted on your progress and revelations. Cheers

Houze66 03-10-2009 01:38 PM

We have not looked into our Ludders 36 yet--that will happen when we return to Maine in May. We will of course check out the water tank, among other items on and in Asturias.

Good luck on your tank!

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