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AA3NK 03-20-2007 08:32 AM

Pictures of Cheoy Lees?
Is there a particular place to view pictures of Cheoy Lees? The Cheoy Lee Association has a modest compendium featuring photos of various models but I am looking for a collection of photos to create a Power Point presentation on the Cheoy Lee Luders 36.

Sure would like to see your boat!

Bob in Rockport

roryjj 07-22-2010 04:06 PM

luders 36 pictures
Hi I am currently working on a luders 36 1968 and can forward you some pics if you like of the boat in varoius stages of referbishment,she is being completly restored.many of the pictures are of the boat at stripped down stage.the boat is intersting inthat she appears to have been well prepared for distance cruising, she is call calliloupe and was some what neglected in recent years and is now based in SW Ireland.
Its is planned to have her sailing later this summer.
based in SW Ireland.


chaaaaaaaz 07-30-2010 06:55 AM

Luders 36
Hi, Rory, Bob,
Are you working on a Luders 36 sloop (not clipper)? My wife and I are have recently purchased one would love to correspond with others 'in the same boat' so to speak.

Currently we're:
Renovating the icebox/wetlocker to convert it to pantry space:
Getting fiberglass and foam out has been a bear as we live aboard and are trying to minimize the amount of dust in the rest of the cabin. We've found the wet locker and its port side counterpart to be extremely difficult to access comfortably, and are looking for ideas on how to more efficiently and comfortably use the space.
Repairing cable steering:
Reattaching sheave to hull and figuring out how to reeve the missing cable. If you have pictures of the riven cable on the drum at the base of the pedestal or know how the cable is to be rove we'd love to know. We're assuming from the size of the groove that the cable is supposed to be 5/16" 7x19 SS.
Varnishing exterior brightwork:
We're sanding down the coamings, hatches hand/toerails to bare wood and varnishing them with Epifanes.

Chaz & Emily
Cheoy Lee/Luders 36 SL

roryjj 07-31-2010 04:25 AM

luders 36 pictures
hi Chaz and Emily.
the boat is a sloop and luckily has most of the origianl features.
the work being carried out sounds sinmular to yours basicly we have stripped out every thing and are replacing/repairing it from stem to stern.
the boat here has had a new fibglass deck at some point and this was quite flexible.i have reinforced this with glassing foam ribson both sides of the main cabin decks seem to be an issue with the cheoy lees.
on the steering the past owner had removed the wheel steering system though found all the bits in the lockers and had fitted terrible tiller istead i have replaced this with a new Edison system but was able to use the old qaudrent and side pullys.was also lucky to fined the old compass binnical and have been able to make it fit the edison.
we are fitting things back to as origional as possibible,and thought about the frezzer box too but have decided to keep it in for the moment.will be very interested in your explots there!
to boat had a replacement engine in 2004 and but this was badly damaged so have fitted a new base engine and shaft/tube as well.
Will be glad to trade pictures as well and great to hear that were not alone out there.


swellbound 08-21-2010 10:27 AM

Is anyone familiar with the Cheoy Lee Luders 30? I can't seem to find many reviews. I found one for sale that is in impeccable condition, i.e., totally re-fit. Let me know.

Craigster93013 06-03-2011 05:21 PM

Cheoy Lee Luders 36 Refit
Rory and Chaz,

Recently purchased a CL Luders 36 as well. Interior was filled up to the floorboards with oil and water so needless to say I am in a total refit situation as well. Deck is delaminated and parts of dognouse are as well...............

Would love to share stories and pics with you guys. Sounds like you're well ahead of me so please give do share if you have suggestions or pics.

Craig Scheiblauer

jandrade 09-25-2011 10:50 PM

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