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dsmylie 03-28-2007 07:49 AM

Richards 32 masthead light
I have a 1979 Richards ketch with the original wood mast. My problem is
that the mast head light wire going through the mast is no good and needs to be replaced. I tried to run new wire but the old is stuck, I'm thinking that it may have a screw through it. My question is, has anybody had this problem? What did you do? Does anybody know how large the space is with in the mast? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you'


DanPlace 08-21-2008 02:30 PM

Cheoy Lee Wood Mast Wiring Problem
I have a 1978 Cheoy Lee 38 ketch with the wood masts and encountered the very same problem. From talking to other owners in the area I believe that Cheoy Lee installed wire routing blocks inside the masts when they were being constructed in Hong Kong, creating a problem for those of us trying to change out wiring, post-production. I, too, was unable to re-wire my mast with new wires, including the installation of radar cable. So, I did the next best thing, which was to install 3/4 inch PVC tubing along the rear quadrant of the main mast and run my wires into the cabin to that way. Suprisingly, the tubes are almost invisible to the casual eye and do not interfere with sail or halyard function. The only other alternative would be to dry dock the boat, unstep the mast and hollow out the wiring cavity (top and bottom). Perhaps next year, but at the moment the PVC is doing the job.
Dan Place
S/V Patty Marie
Ventura Harbor, Ventura, CA

eolon 06-01-2009 04:03 PM

When I wooded my OS 33 masts I decided to rewire the main. To make a long story short, Yikes! They are not coming out of there. I tried to gun-drill the mast with a 1/2 drill bit welded onto a 30' length of steel rod, and it wouldn't go, even with three guys pushing on it.

I gave up and took the core out of a double braid rope and ran the 6 wires and the wind instrument cable through it. I ran it up the mast secured with little bronze loop eyes. It looks like a halyard.

I have heard (over on the Cheoy Lee forum) of others with this same problem, and I have yet to hear of anyone who successfully got the wires out of the mast. I think they put gobs of resorcinol in the wireway when they were building the masts in Hong Kong.

Best Regards,



Kitt 11-14-2010 08:26 AM

mast wiring
we rewired the mast on my CL Richards Offshore 38 (1980) a couple months ago. it started as a mystery: the wiring does not go up through the central cavity, which is blocked anyway just short of the steaming light. wires are run in a separate wood channel, and apparently are bundled. none could be pulled out. HOWEVER, we managed to run a snake up to steamer light outlet, spreader lights outlet, and up to mast head outlet, and left a messenger line each place after sending up new wires. steamer light was a sharp bend, this hard to be enlarged slightly. clam shell opening at spreaders/mast head both revealed tiny outlets through the wood staves. these had to drilled larger -- but this makes later access with the messenger easy. now if i choose to send a new wire up to the head it can be done with messenger while aloft. btw, the fore stave on the foot had 6 inches of rot -- but this was an easy and secure patch, quite as strong as original. rest of mast after stripping and sanding was perfectly sound without any indication of delamination. a fine spar that should last another 30 years...

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