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MarioG 10-13-2010 09:06 PM

Cheoy Lee 35'
The 1st mate wants a Choey Lee and thinks theres a mid 60's 35' Robb that she is interested in. Yes with her its about looks and comfort. Me being the head of operations/maintenance wonder after I can look past all the beautiful teak what I'm in for?
Not that I have been into the boat scene very long but I do have the understanding that alot if not most older boats get maintained/upgreaded if their used and cared for. This one seemes to have. and being a Choey Lee I would think most owners would be the type to put more care in to thses boats.

I'm kind of the workaholic types and the 1st mate, ok an I really like the looks of the Cheoy Lee and being a blue water boat makes me think it could be our final boat and any thing we do/redo will make time,money and effort worth while.

Don't worry any advice you want to give won't be held against you unless we sink one:laugher

kjsailingSpring 10-14-2010 08:28 AM

Terrific boat...lot of work? Yes, most definitely but generally they are a good, solid choice for a compromise with a mate that needs aesthetic happiness and comfort and a sailor that wants a blue water boat. You will always have something you will need to fix or maintain on it and it. If you are obsessive about having everything run perfectly and look beautiful, then absolutely do not do it. If you are ok with working on things slowly and gradually maintain the looks, then it will be a great buy and I'm sure you'll be happy.

jater 01-30-2011 07:45 PM

1966 Choey Lee Robb in Oregon
We have a 1966 Robb, presently out of the water, in Oregon, near Portland. She needs some work, but with some loving attention can be a wonderful boat. We've been planning to rebuild her ourselves, but with some new marriages, children and grandchildren, we don't know when we can get to it. We are open to selling her "as is" to someone with the interest and time to bring her back. Please advise if you'd like to talk about this.

kevinw 01-31-2011 06:31 PM

Jater, Can you tell us a little more about your boat?

jater 02-24-2011 11:15 AM

More about the Cheoy Lee
Sorry for the delay in responding to your requestfor information about our Cheoy Lee sailboat. The person with the best data is out of the country, but what follows is about right. We bought this vessel in 2005-6 from a prior owner. It was then moored on the Columbia River near Portland. We sailed it in the Columbia until 2009 - day sailing between the Glen Jackson Bridge and Sauvie Island. In 2009, we hauled her our in order to restore the hull. She has been on dry land, resting on steel stands, since that time. We don't know the history of this vessel. As you know, these boats are made of wonderful teak planks, and the teak work on this baby is in need of a lot of TLC, starting with the hull. We have the original spruce mast, which was removed to transport the boat. You would want to consider whether to replace the mast, depending on the kind of sailing you want to do. This boat appears to have good bones, but it is definitely a fixer upper. You could restore the hull and then refloat her, finishing the decks and interior on the water. Or, you could do all the work on land, perhaps closer to a shop and appropriate tools. Her location today is about 3 miles from the Columbia River, north of Portland. If you - or any reader - has an interest in more information, we can establish a private communications path.

Thanks for your interest.


edgesoftheearth 04-08-2011 12:51 PM

Jater- Any photos? Would love to see her as is to get an idea of the work you are in for.

MarioG- I say go for it. The Robb 35' specifically is a great sailing vessel. Yea, if you keep the teak finished bright it will be a lot of work but it doesn't have to be. If you keep up on it every 6 months it is a lot more manageable. Besides, you can always paint your wood white. :)

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