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chef2sail 07-16-2008 08:52 PM

NYC from Rock Creek and back
We are back from our trip to NYC.Trip to Cape May was uneventfull. Up the coast of NJ first to Atlantic City (my old stomping ground), Manesquan Inlet ( will never do again as there is absolutely no place to comfortably anchor) to seeing the majestic Statue of Liberty as we rounded the corned of Coney Island coming in from Sandy Hook at 9+ knots (15 knott wind + 2 knot current) Seeing the Lady come into view as the immigrints must have sans the Verrizanno Narrows Bridge was inspiring. Liberty Landing Marina was perfect just next to Ellis Island. At night there was a band with the lit Manhattan Skyline behind it.

We stayed an extra day as the winds were on the bow at 30 knots and took the $7 water taxi ride to the financial district in Manhattan and spent the day. You have to ask Donna how we looked lugging a watermelon through NYC for 5 hours in new luggage we bought on Canal Street. (We ate 4 whole watermelons on our trip)

Our trip back south we had a broad reach fromt he Statue to the Atlantic at 20 knotss then another one down the coast. HIt Manesquan at 11:30 AM after leaving NYC at 7 AM and kept going. Went in Barnegat (very calm for the trecherous inlet it is) and had an amazing anchorage behind the lighthouse with 15 other sailboats. Pictureesque. Short 25 miles to Atlantic City the next day. The day after 20 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean then screaming in at 8+ knotts to Cape May with many many dolfins crisscrossing in front and swimming with us.

Dinner at the Ebbit Room (Virginia Hotel) and the next night at 410 Bank St in Cape May fattened us up for un unforgettable 40 mph+ squall line in the middle of Delaware Bay with square waves of 6-8 ft blown up in 20 minutes. Under iron genny we could only manage 1 knott headway for almost 2 hours.

Made it through the canal and anchored at sunset in outer part the Bohemia River entrance on the south side in front of a beautiful farm and a picture perfect evening and ending night to our trip. 5 Hours to the Maryland Yacht Club on Tuesday. This was a great trip for Donna for her first ocean cruising experience and would recommend the itinerary for anyone with 10-12 days and even kids.

Chef...I have a geat system for rigging the dinghy so it never swings and never makes a noise. Come over and check it out at your leisure. Davits work great.


camaraderie 07-16-2008 11:21 PM

Dave...great report and congrats on the trip. I've never been brave enough to try Barnegat! Glad you all had a good time.

T37Chef 07-17-2008 12:04 AM

Welcome Home, sounds like a great time, post some pictures. I'll have to check out your dingy/davit rig.

chef2sail 07-17-2008 08:29 PM


Having kept my old Islander 28 in Barngat Bay for 10 years I can count the number of time I went in the inlet in the afternoon. Out in the AM is usually never a problem, but the afternoon with the SE onshore breeze and the tide heading out leads to 10-15 ft breakers across the inlet onto those jetties or the old submerged one.

We hit it on a perfect day and were prepared to go on to Atlantic city tilll 9 PM. I was prepared to go back out the inlet as i came in if it looked was gentle as apussycat....go figure. Its reputation however is well deserved.


camaraderie 07-17-2008 11:50 PM

Chf2...thanks for the clarification...Sometimes the sea gods smile on us all!! :D

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