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chef2sail 08-14-2008 09:10 PM

Weekend of 8/15- Where's everyone headed
Donna and I are headed to either Whitehall Bay or the Magothy Saturday as we have to be close enough to get back to MYC for our annual Bash the Crab Fest (The only meal you can die of malnutrition while you are eating)

Wheres is everyone else going? Anyone headed in a similar fashion?
Chuckles we have never anchored in there and I think it is your home base. Where is a good spot where there arent a lot of PB. Remember we monohulls draw over 3 feet...**:**)


T37Chef 08-14-2008 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 354256)
Bash the Crab Fest (The only meal you can die of malnutrition while you are eating)

You have never seen me pick crab :D

We'll be on the Corsica River for a Chesapeake Bay Tartan Sailing Club rendezvous.

We were on the Magothy last Friday night, dropped the hook in Eagles Cove, just behind Gibson Island. Avoid Dobbins Island, unless you enjoy being tossed around and surrounded by idiots.

chef2sail 08-14-2008 10:44 PM

Shawn...we do Eagles Cove (We call it Eagles Nest) a the view of the horse farm in the AM. We are really looking to try Whitehall.

We also do the Corsica River a lot too. It was the first Maryland River to actually be designated as a watershed and cleaned up. We love to dinghy to Centerville Landing. The Russian embassy retreat is sometimes the sight of some crazy parties and revelry.

We are looking for info on Whitehall.


eryka 08-15-2008 09:32 AM

Dave - We really like Whitehall! We've anchored just inside Mill Creek and been quite happy (I'm a sucker for having a view of the Bay Bridge from our anchorage at night.) The entrance is tricky but very well marked. Nice breezes inside but calm, we anchored in 8 ft. You can dinghy up to Cantler's just to say you did, and I think Jeff H. lives off Martin's Cove.

If you want shelter, OTOH, friends anchored in Ridout Creek off Whitehall Cr for Isabel and claimed they never saw more than about 35 kts.

E38 08-15-2008 10:59 AM

Dave, I like Whitehall Bay for an easy overnight. The holding is good. It can be a little rolly when the breeze is from the SW (the North Shoal south of Hackett Pt. breaks the incoming waves when there is a SW summer breeze, but you can still get a nice breeze -- a good thing on warm summer nights). From the forecast for the weekend, it doesn't look like heat will be an issue and the breeze should be NW or W (and not very strong). I've never seen a crowd of PBs in Whitehall Bay. I like to anchor near the east shore to be away from boat traffic going in and out of Whitehall Cr. If you want more shelter, the creeks off the bay offer that. If you go into Whitehall Cr., note the shoal that comes into the channel near G “5” at the mouth of the creek. I saw a boat aground there this summer.

T37SOLARE 08-15-2008 05:27 PM

The admiral and I are off on our Southern Eastern shore trip!

We headed out this morning and are currently sitting at anchor in St Lenord creek, watching the thunder storms just south of us.

Tomorrow we have a slip in Solomons, Sunday we're off to Crisfield, then Onancock and then maybe Cape Charles, back up the bay to meet up with some friends in Oxford next weekend.


craigtoo 08-16-2008 11:39 PM

...I'm in SC.... Boat is on the Magothy....


But I'll be back next weekend for sure!

brak 08-17-2008 07:08 PM

We were in Baltimore (without the boat, just visiting inner harbor) when I noticed a familiar mast down at the bulkhead. Headed there, and sure enough - that's my previous boat, which I sold last spring. I know the guy that bought her is in that area, but apparently he had his whole family over and was showing them Baltimore harbor.

They say there are two types of boat owners - those that sail and those that work on the boats. He is certainly the former and I am, unfortunately, the latter. He sure is having a lot of fun but my ex-boat begins looking a bit tired. He asked if (after a year and a half in the water) it is time to replace the zinc.

Oh well. It was fun to see the boat anyway.

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