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chef2sail 08-27-2008 09:47 PM

Labor Day Weekend
Weather looks ok for the weekend

Looks like we are headed south for the weekend with as of yet no particular destinations. Was thinking Caimbridge in one day (quite a haul) or Herrington for Saturday night and then Magothy or Swan on Sunday evening. Anyone headed anywhere better or have ideas?

Our club (8 boats) are all up in Lankford, but weve been there many times and want to travel a little on the Bay.


zz4gta 08-27-2008 09:57 PM

I'll be on the potomac on saturday, and racing in annapolis on monday. :( One day I'll get up there.

jongoose 08-28-2008 06:58 AM

The Swan Creek Sailing Association is holding its labor day cruise. Some of us will leave on Friday morning and anchor in the Rhodes River and others will depart on Saturday morning. Saturday all 11 will sail to Shipwright Harbor Marina, Herrington Harbor North and stay through Sunday. On Monday most will disburse for other destinations some together and some alone. We will decide on Sunday what direction we are headed for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Jon Goose will be monitoring ch 67.


aa3jy 08-28-2008 07:02 AM

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Because it's (Labor Day weekend) a major holiday...we will be sail'n to our favorite 'Undisclosed' kunkhole...:rolleyes:

S/V 'Tango'

chef2sail 09-01-2008 09:36 PM


Dona and I headed out early sat AM for a leisurely cruise for 3 days. Our club was completing a weeklong sail cruise of the bay and was heading for Langford for 2 nights. Since we rarely get a three day weekend we decided to forage for ourselves.

We left at 9 AM headed south and made Annapolis at 11:30 doing 8.5 over the bottom and kept right on going. We strayed to the eastern shore after Thomas Point and flew to the end of Poplar Island in one more hour and decided to try our hand at Knapps Narrows despite the stories we have heard about the approach. One member of our club this year was "gonged" by the bridge keeper who started lowering the bridge early to the tune of a $24,000 replacement mast. The Narrows was tricky, but not too bad and we found ourself on the eastern side at 1:30 PM. We sailed the Choptank for a few hours and decided to hang outr for the night at Dunn Cove. Great choice and nice area.

Sunday we chanced the Narrows again and had one of the best summer sailing days this year as we traversed over to Herrington Bay the sailed up to the West River and into the Rhode River and finally decided to stop for the night so we hung a port tack into the South River, flew up it despite being banged around like inside a dishwasher from all the huge power boat wakes. We nudged into Selby Bay and almost ran aground as the water evaporated to 1 ft, tried Harness Creek but low and behold there was a 20 boat power boat raft up aka Animal House frat party just off "Quiet Waters Park".
We hung a right out of Harness and meandered into the next small creek which was Aberdeen Creek which we found to be one of the nicest spots we have ever been. Today we took a 2 hour dinghy ride over to Glebe Bay and back into Harness Creek. There were actually people laying on top of the deck of the power boats passed out from the night before.

The trip home was a tack up the bay into a 12 knott beautiful breeze with a detour through the race course off of the Severen.

Why cant we have a four day weekend?


6string 09-01-2008 09:41 PM

You can. Just make it that way for yourself. Go and enjoy an extra day! I did on Friday.


T37Chef 09-01-2008 10:55 PM

We headed North, left Saturday late for Worton Creek, then on to the Sassafras near Georgetown where we dropped the hook. I haven't been back the river that far for years. Although it was absolutely gorgeous, I could have done without all the traffic. No nettles up there so we all enjoyed some swimming. (My skin has a strange glow to it, could that be something I should worry about ;) We met up with some friends on their Morgan OI 33 this afternoon for a late lunch. Nice weekend but not a lot of sailing late today. Sounds like the winds were much better down South.

Now the sailing season is upon us!!! Yea buddy (My redneck is coming out)

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