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Loaf1967 03-24-2010 05:19 PM

Un-Stepping and Stepping mast on a C30
I need to install a missing steaming light on a Catalina 30 in Annapolis. Does anyone have any suggestions for a place to go within 20 miles of Annapolis to have the mast taken down and put back up?
Is this going to cost an arm and a leg?


sailingdog 03-24-2010 05:30 PM

Do you have two friends with boats about the same size as yours or a bit bigger??? If so, you could raft the three boats up and then use their masts to de-step and re-step yours.

Why do you have to take the mast down to install the steaming light? You could also do that by going aloft.

Ajax_MD 03-24-2010 07:49 PM

Loaf, I am very close by, and willing to help grind someone aloft to install the light. I even have a bosun's chair to lend.

chef2sail 03-24-2010 07:56 PM

Shouldnt need to go through the step/ unstep process. Bosun chair and tools should work

Loaf1967 03-25-2010 09:46 AM

I should have mentioned that the previous owner dropped the wiring for the steaming light into the mast by accident. It is now in the base of the mast.

Bubblehead, where are you at? I live at Annapolis City Marina.


Ajax_MD 03-25-2010 10:11 AM

Ugh..did he really?

Perhaps we can send you aloft with a metal fish-tape and feed it down inside the mast. I can attach the wires and you can haul it back up.

This is all predicated on being able to access the bottom of the mast in some manner.

I'm in Edgewater.

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