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rockDAWG 10-22-2010 08:52 PM

Hyannis Port to Norfolk/FL
1981 Tartan 37 with captain, Brian and me.
Day 0: I drove up from Philly airport in a rental car on Thursday. Has to pull off for two hrs for work related conference calls. Didn't get Hyannis until 7 pm.
Captain took us to dinner and stopped to get some last minute provision. Retired to bed early.

Day1: up at 6 am and got to the boat at Hyannis yacht club at 8 am. We are off the dock at 8:30 am. And off to block island.
It was a beautiful day but rough sea 4 to 6 ft from west with a lot of pounding. Captain changed his mind and settle for marthas vineyard. With the stiff wind, our headsail tore and ripped a bid square hole on the middle. Shortly after we find out the anchor came off along all the line. It ends up I was the person for the job. I crawled out to the bow to retrieve the anchor with a pounding sea. I lay flat on my stomach and cling to the floor as the boat fly up and down. I retrieve the line every time at the down stroke. I was completely soaking wet. I am so cold. And the only comfort I find was the salty taste of the water :)
The scope us so long it was like forever. After this i think I have done for this trip.
The wind continued pounding. Cart

mccary 10-23-2010 12:02 AM

And that was just day 1... it sounds like you may have more thrills instore... my only concern is you didn't mention a PDF (life jacket) when you went to the bow. A PDF is NEVER a bad idea and certainly a good idea in cold or bad weather. When I sail I do not require crew to wear PDF, but when the conditions pipe up or it is cold or night, I REQUIRE they wear an auto inflatable PDF.

tempest 10-23-2010 02:59 AM

Dawg , not a good a long trip...if things start falling apart in the 1st 15 miles. Glad you're ok !! + 1 for life jackets, jacklines and tethers

So now what? What's the plan for the headsail? Weather's not looking much better for tomorrow to block.

Is this boat and crew ready for a 400 mile ocean trip in November? Discretion is the better part of valor. Rest up.

rockDAWG 10-23-2010 08:40 AM

Day 2:
Got a good nite sleep but hell cold. Captain decided stay one more day to get Jenny fixed. So no sailing today. We will tidy up the stuff in the boat. Captain gas this boar for 20 years. Not as clean as it should be. I guess I have been spoied by my 2006
jeanneau :)
Tartan rides waves nicely.

rockDAWG 10-23-2010 08:52 AM

Yes I did have my vest and tether at all time. As I was lying on my stomach on the bow pull the chain up. It is 10 to 12 ft drop between the peak and crest of the wave. A few times my head was submerged in the water. It was no fun. But I was not scared, it was freezing tho.
Yes I still want to sail alone in the after this. :)
Pls note: I typed this with my iPhone so typos wull ne there and the sentence structure may not be the best. :)

tempest 10-23-2010 09:16 AM

Hey Dawg, Sounds like a well earned rest after being wet and cold and pulling a loose anchor with rode up.

Is this a roller furling? How's he going to get it fixed in one day? It has a hole in it. Did the stitching let go? The whole sail sounds suspect to me.

Does he have a storm jib? A method to deploy it ? How many reefs in the main? What kind of condition is the mainsail in ? How does Standing and running rigging look?

I hate messy boats too, and at sea they are dangerous..everything becomes a projectile.

What kind of safety gear is aboard? Life raft? Radios, ( VHF, SSB? ), First aid, Tethers, Harnesses, Jacklines, Epirb? Flares?

Temps are heading toward freezing at night...the ability to stay dry will be paramount. Good luck.

rockDAWG 10-23-2010 10:13 AM

Thanks. The boat has a furling jib. The stitching ripped apart at the centre. He found someone able to fix his sail for him today near by. It is a small town after all.
The boat has a storm sails and liferaft. No epirb but I have my own SPOT II and a VHF radio with DSC. I feel safe in the boat. It is just messy. Things need to clean and tie down better.
Brian and i just finished rebuilding the manual bilge Pump.
I walked to town to see if I can get warm up. :)

tempest 10-23-2010 10:33 AM

Hey Dawg,

How does the Storm Jib deploy? Removable inner forestay? Gale Sail? or does it require removing the furling sail?
I'm still concerned about the furler, if the stitching went once, it could again, elsewhere, If they only repair the tear.

No intent to challenge your abilities...or judgement .just bouncing thoughts.

Has there been any discussion of doing this trip inside..LIS, etc. or is it still the thought to go straight to Norfolk? Once you're out toward Hudson Canyon (70 miles offshore) you'll be out of VHF range for anything but local shipping. How does the Engine look, sound?

P.S. You're a better man than I am Charlie Brown...;-)

mccary 10-23-2010 10:56 AM

You have a Spot, will you be in tracking mode? If so, what is the link to your shared page? (I have a Spot II also and I like this feature).

rockDAWG 10-23-2010 12:46 PM

Not sure how the storm jib deploying. But I know it does not require taking the furling jib down.
You have a good point that the part of stitching will go next time.
Yes we have discussed taking LIS/He'll gate route.

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