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deniseO30 07-06-2011 07:13 PM

"Market Price"
This has always bothered me, a little..:rolleyes: Not the fact that dining places do that with seafood favorites.. "jimmies" (chessy crabs) are pricey I don't argue that. But how does the average person find out in advance? other then call the place before you walk in the door.

We did some day trips by car this past weekend rather then going on the boat. Stopped at a certain place in Chesapeake City up on the hill. Been there a few times. I'm sure most anyone that's been through there knows the place. It's "famous" according to all the reviews posted all over the walls and windows. (the crabs were overcooked and salty)

7/3 - $28 a dozen for medium , and $54 a dozen for large crabs, "Market Price" Waitperson said. "Oh they are much more at other places"

So, can someone create a "market price" link for those people that may want to check? Just to see if we will be paying big or reasonable bucks? I can't help but wonder how much the actual crabber is getting paid for his work on the water. What is there? 3 mark ups before they hit the table? Yes I know this applies to most all types of food supplies.

Now I'm thinking... lets find a place where you can BYOB and BYOC! (bring your own crabs) :D I know.. a picnic table.

Or lets post market price here? :cool:

ps; yes I'm aware the bay is dead or dying.

How can I support the local person? Go to a dock where they bring in the catch of the Day? Pay them before the handlers and shippers add their share? I think that's possible in Maine.

My 2 reasons for almost never eating crab from the Chesapeake, market price and the waste and time to get so little meat.

chef2sail 07-06-2011 07:55 PM

$54 dozen for male #1 is not an unreasonable price at all.

Some seafood...especially crabs and crabmeat the market price restaurants pay their perveyoursusually fluctiates on a daily baisis. Also with some of the fish prices such as tuna, mahi, wahoo and halibut to name a few.

It is not really feasable to update every day, however the restaurants in the Baltimore area you can call and ask what their prices for crabs are.


jrd22 07-06-2011 11:40 PM

OK, I know things are different on the "other" coast but I'm having a little trouble with this "dozen" thing. My assumption is that one human being can eat a dozen of these "crabs" at one meal (please correct me if a dozen will sustain you for a week or so). If I am correct and the average person can eat a dozen of these monsters they must average what, about 2-3 ounces a piece? So a dozen would be 24 ounces or so, and they are getting $54 bucks for this? Let's see, my math is a little rusty, that's $36 per pound! I am reasonably sure that your local crab fisherman probably isn't seeing much of that. Here in the PNW we pay the fishermen/women (when the recreational season is closed, otherwise we catch our own from July 15 thru Sept.) about $5-6 for a 2 1/2 - 3 lb dungeness crab that feeds two people, but in the restaurants the "market price" may be as high as $20-30. I think you're right that each restaurant sets it's own "market" price.
There must be some commercial docks where the local fishermen tie up, most are extremely friendly and will be overjoyed to sell you how ever many crabs you want, usually for just a little over what they are getting from the buyers.

chef2sail 07-07-2011 01:47 AM


MD Blue Claw Crabs are quite a delicacy as opposed to Dungeness Crabs. When I moved to MD 8 years ago...I had to get "indoctrinated" in the crab feasting old bay culture here. Even the soft shells are a delicacy. Blue Claw crabs is to Dungeness crabs like chateubriand is to rump roast

The social gathering of beer Old bay and crabs is a tradition here. I still contend it is the only meal you can eat for 2 hours and die of malnutrition while you are eating crabs.

I still like buying a lb of Jumbo Lump for $26 per lb and making crabcakes ewhen I dont feel like cutting all my fingers up with hard crab shells

Ulladh 07-07-2011 09:09 AM

There is a crab and seafood retailer just over the Chesapeake City bridge. The prices are not low but less than an eat in establishment.

If you are in Delaware City try Cathy's Crab House on route 9 next to the now fixed bridge over the old canal. There is another crab place on route 9 but I have not found it yet.

On Bidwell Creek Cape May where my boat will be for a few more weeks of lower bay sailing there is a commercial crabber that sells off the dock at mile marker 12.1 on rt 47. Also a lot of recreational crabbing on the creek and lower bay. The trap goes in the creek with bunk as bait and about 60 mins later is pulled up with at least 6 blue crab.

WouldaShoulda 07-07-2011 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 747572)
I still like buying a lb of Jumbo Lump for $26 per lb and making crabcakes ewhen I dont feel like cutting all my fingers up with hard crab shells

I place a big lump on my devilled eggs sprinkled with Old Bay.

THAT's good stuff!!

My family crabbed when I was young. To me, it's bring home and party food. I have never ordered whole steamed crabs in a restaurant.

"Market Price" is a scam. Whether the mark-up is 250 or 300% makes it irrelevent. Or, just change the price on the chalk board. The secrets should be kept to the recipe.

rockDAWG 07-07-2011 12:43 PM

I/we never eat crab or crab dishes in any eating establishments within 50 miles radius of Annapolis. We leave it to the tourists.

We buy crabs directly from the Waterman by the bushel. No, I won't suffer malnutrition eating crabs. More than 22 years of practice, I can pick the meat out and eat it, one crab per every 2 to 3 min. Oh.. yeah, I eat the mustard too :P. the best delicacy.

As for crab dishes, we have perfected that ourselves after years for searching for recipes - from crab bisque, crab imperial, crab cake to garlic crab. We do it all.

In the beginning of the summer, crab price is higher. As the Fall approaches, the crab price will go down and the quality of the meat will improve.

My wife calls me: King of the Crab or Crap. :D :D :D

SailKing1 07-07-2011 01:53 PM

I see ads like this on craigslist daily down here in the southern part of the bay.

Selling Fresh Caught Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs...Fresh off Crab Boat Today ONLY!!! $25 a Bushel...(((NO HOLDS..ALL CRABS ARE SOLD AS OF 12pm TODAY SO CALL EARLY ))).

Although I prefer the chicken neck and string and catching them myself. I get a bushel for about 2 bucks and enjoy the time in the water at the beach. I was just raised that way, it was a weekend event, crabs, spot, croaker and hush puppies. UMMM

Oh, and cold beer...

rockDAWG 07-07-2011 02:12 PM

Wow... $25 a bushel is good price even if it is #3. May be just me., the crabs from South shore of the bay is not as tasty than those caught from Mid Bay like near Chop Tank.

Depending where you get your chicken neck, some places sell chicken neck like novelty item, it is the more expensive than chicken breast :D.

jrd22 07-07-2011 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 747572)

Blue Claw crabs is to Dungeness crabs like chateubriand is to rump roast

Thanks Chef- I'm going to have to try them some time because fresh (boiled within an hour or so after catching) PNW Dungy's are some of the best eating around IMHO, right up there with the spot prawns that we got yesterday:D.

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