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Eric1968 05-07-2012 06:31 PM

Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
I'm doing a cruise May 18-21 out of Rock Hall, with st. Michael's as one destination. I'm reading "Cruising the Chesapeake: a gunkholer's guide" and getting a profusion of ideas. Is it worthwhile to go through Kent narrows to get there (shorter distance), or too tricky due to shoaling? Maybe I could go one way (it will be fun to sail under the Bay Bridge) and come back the other? Also, I've heard the marinas in St Michael's are expensive, any nearby marinas/anchorages that you advise?

aa3jy 05-07-2012 06:57 PM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
It depends..need more description of your vessel.


s/v 'Tango'

paperbird 05-07-2012 07:07 PM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
Couple thoughts.

Yes - St Michaels marinas are expensive. If you're willing to pay, you might consider mooring at the Maritime Museum. Worth a visit!

There is lots of room to anchor at St Michaels. Some of it inside, lots of it outside. The water taxi runs both inside and outside.

There's also a couple other places close by: Leeds and Hunting Creek. Nice, calm, secluded.

Regarding Kent Narrows - haven't been through there for a couple years. Used to be well marked. Lots of boats go thru there, did it several times, but never really felt comfortable.

wingNwing 05-07-2012 07:21 PM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
If you're really trying to save money visiting St Michaels, anchor around the "back side" on San Domingo Creek - only about a 3-block walk into town and a lot quieter than the St Michaels side.

travlineasy 05-07-2012 10:11 PM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
Kent Narrows has a nasty current to contend with. Unless you have a fair amount of engine power on your boat I would not attempt the narrows passage. It would be real easy to be swept into the draw-bridge during a hard, outgoing tide. And, when the tide is running hard, you have power your way between the draw spans at a fairly high rate of speed in order to maintain steerage. As for navigational problems, the channel is fairly wide and deep, and well marked.

Good Luck,

Gary :cool:

T37Chef 05-07-2012 10:12 PM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
Whats the draft of your vessel?

We have transited the narrows many times with no issues, but we only draw 4'. I think you have the right idea Eastern Bay and under the bay bridge on the way down, and the narrows on the way back. Keep in mind the current in the narrows can be pretty quick, add waiting for the draw bridge to open and the traffic, it can be exhilarating. Be sure to call the bridge tender to get right of way info if you're unsure. The bridge opens on the half hour BTW.

I am not much for staying in marinas if there is room to anchor, and there is near St Michaels. If you want to be out of the harbor, anchor off Parrott Point on the Miles. You could go inside the harbor and drop the hook off the Maritime Museum or The Inn at Perry's Cabin, we have done this many times in the off season. Another option as wingNwing suggest, San Domingo Creek on the "back side" of St Michaels. Another, I have never been, but Leeds Creek is an option if you have a dingy. Should also mention there is a water taxi service, not sure when their season starts though?

Good luck

Eric1968 05-07-2012 10:52 PM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
I forgot to mention, the boat I'm chartering is a Hunter 34, draft is 4' 6". 27 hp diesel, nothing high powered.

aa3jy 05-08-2012 06:47 AM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island

Originally Posted by Eric1968 (Post 868509)
I forgot to mention, the boat I'm chartering is a Hunter 34, draft is 4' 6". 27 hp diesel, nothing high powered.

No problem..Just time your passage with tides and current go'n in you favor..and honor the temp. bouyes that appear outside the main channel due to shoaling..


s/v 'Tango
Cabo Rico '34

deniseO30 05-08-2012 07:40 AM

Re: Kent narrows vs. around Kent Island
2 yrs ago we sailed around... I mean that's why we were on the bay right? to sail? KN I don't know that I'll ever bother going through there.. no point inho. When In St M's we anchored right across from the Museum for 3 day. The hook wouldn't break loose without the 2 of us working up a sweat! hard mud like cement. I was charged $15 for one bag of trash and maybe 20 gals of fresh water.. I'd say yeah.. plan on spending lots of $$$ there.

T37Chef 05-08-2012 08:13 AM

Wow...what did you use? Bottled water to fill your tanks? ;)

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