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goodtogo 02-20-2010 07:39 PM

Washington for July 4th
Making our way to the Chesapeake for the summer and want to go to Washington for July 4th. would like to anchor and be able to view the fireworks. Any suggestions? :)

jaschrumpf 02-20-2010 07:42 PM

Give this a look, and good luck!

Washington DC marinas

T37Chef 02-20-2010 08:51 PM

FWIW, consider Solomons or Annapolis for fireworks instead. I have done the fireworks in DC but only by kayak so I can't really comment but last year we did the fireworks in Solomons and thought they were the best ever.

I don't know if you'll be able to get close enough anyway?

chef2sail 02-20-2010 09:04 PM


DC is the last place to go by sail to see the fireworks. You really cant get close enough and the marinas will all be obscured by the federal buildings. If you want to watch them on the land...say the National Mall Area between the US Capitol and the Washington Monument be prepared to join 300,000 of your closest new found friends in a trapped security enforced zone. This is the best place to see them by the way. They are the best in the area, but you pay the price trying to leave afterwards. I saw them 2 years ago from my officr, which is in the US Capitol and there is no other place like them, but the hassle and throngs make them unenjoyable. Its kind of like see the ball drop at Times may only do it once,

T37Chef is correct, the best place to view them is on the Bay and many of them are almost the equal of DC. Ft McHenry/ Baltimore is a great place to see them from your boat. Rock Hall and Annapolis is also is also and they usually do them all on different nights. One year we went from anchorage each day to anchorage and saw 3 different firewaorks on 3 different nights.

Hey Chef...have you ever seen what the community across from me does on July 4th night. They have quite a show in each of the great to anchor in the cove off of our docks and watch it.


T37Chef 02-20-2010 09:23 PM

Sure I have

Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 572064)
Hey Chef...have you ever seen what the community across from me does on July 4th night. They have quite a show in each of the great to anchor in the cove off of our docks and watch it.


Actually yes, I forgot about them. I think it was three years ago I thought we would take my Mom & Dad and Brother up to Baltimore, at the Key Bridge I decided it wasn't worth it, considering the weather (Mom's not so keen on lighting). So we anchored just off the public pier at Fort Smallwood park.

It was AWESOME!!! They (as you said, all the shoreline homes) started about 9:30 PM, at 10:45 we decided to start back to the marina...all these fireworks were going off all around & above was insane! We took it very slow so to take it all in, we got back to the slip abut 11:15 and they were still going :D I couldn't believe it...crazy neighbors, I guess they're a little competitive :laugher

I have to say last year at Solomon's was pretty incredible, we took a slip at Zahniser's, then scooted over to the public pier and walked over to the boardwalk and watched, the best I've seen in years, but do remember many at Annapolis being awesome as well :)

brokesailor 02-22-2010 02:19 PM

We took the boat up the Potomac and anchored in on the Washington Channel, just below the tidal basin. We had a front row seat view of the fireworks. A continuous display of fireworks for 20 minutes. Best I've seen ever. Would recommend it. We got there a day early so we could get a good spot. Just remember to check in with Harbour Police once you are anchored there.

motovationcycles 02-22-2010 06:19 PM

Fireworks in Solomons last year were great. A private house on the St. Marys side put on as good of a show as the ones from Solomons. We rafted up with a Corsair 31. Great time! Mad rush of boats heading under the bridge when it was over.

RaptorAT 04-06-2010 09:55 AM

I would skip DC for fireworks for 4th of july. Instead come up to Baltimore. You can get dockage and there are 3 different sets of fireworks that go off at the same time . 1 set over Ft McHenry, 1 set near fells point, and 1 set at inner harbor. Almost anywhere in the harbor you can see at least 2 if not all 3 sets.
Besides Ft McHenry( home of battle of baltimore) and the star spangled bouey are all good. (Only red white and blue official US waterways mark it is approximatly where Francis Scott Keys boat was when he was watching the battlle of Baltimore. He was a Georgetown lawyer who had been sent up to negotiate for the hostages who had been taken during the sacking of Georgetown and DC. His boat was put under the control of a group of British Marines so that he did not warn the citizens of Baltimore. The citizens of Baltimore however found out and sunk a bunch of old hulks of crummy ships along what is teh narrow section between Ft MCHenry and the other side of the shore. They then battled for days and Baltimore won. At that point the British sunk away in defeat and headed down to New Orleans where since they had previously captured the brother of the biggest pirate in the area the pirate band headed by lefoot joined with the USA and fought the battle of New Orleans.

mccary 04-07-2010 06:20 PM

I just did a evening cruise of the Washington Waterfront (cost was $22 each from Washington DC Sightseeing Cruises| Potomac River Cruises). The problem with a sailboat in DC for Fireworks is the bridges, the Railroad Bridge (just South of the 14th street Bridge) has a clearance of about 14' and is a fixed bridge (it looks like a Bascule bridge, but decades ago the controls were hit by lightening and the resulting fire damaged beyond repair the ability to open).

From the South of that bridge you will be hard pressed to see the fireworks. Add to that, the number of power boats fighting for position and the alcohol consumed makes this the last place I would want to be in my sailboat. I have never attended the Baltimore Fireworks by boat but this would be my choice, a very good show for sure. Of course, the best place for fireworks from my point of view was the Galesville Fireworks display. But that has been dropped the last few years due to inappropriate behavior by "guests" and by the expense. One thing nice about The Bay and fireworks is that in many places you can see several shows from one spot, so consider that when planning. You should check Spinsheet magazine for dates and times.

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