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Ulladh 12-18-2012 04:46 PM

Delaware River May 2013
Last years trip to Delaware City for Cinco de Mayo with TakeFive was less than inspiring, arriving after the events of the day, but lets try again in 2013.

I plan on sailing from Essington PA to Cohansey NJ on Friday May 3rd.

Hancock Harbor Cohansey to Ship John Shoal Light than to Delaware City on Saturday May 4th.

Sunday 5th in Delaware City, then a 4:00 AM departure on Monday 6th for Essington PA.

TakeFive 01-22-2013 01:13 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013
Sorry for the delay - I almost never check this sub-forum.

"Less than inspiring?" We can't admit that! ;)

After our experience in BVI, I'm dying to do more cruising. I've penciled this in. Have to see how it works with Lori's end-of-semester schedule. But if she can't make it, I might singlehand down with you, and/or have one of the kids drive Lori down to do the return trip.

Ulladh 01-22-2013 03:02 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013
It will be a good short start for the sailing season.

My proposed 50 nm dash to Cohansey requires getting past Pea Patch Island before noon or I will not get to Hancock Harbor before the tide turns to ebb in the Cohansey at 6:00 PM or fight the current up to sunset at 8:00 PM

The Cohansey has two lights at the entrance but no lights until Hancock Harbor with lots of serpentine turns.

Departing Hancock Harbor about 7:30 AM in the ebb current will allow plenty of time to get back up to Delaware City by mid afternoon.

So if wind and weather work out in our favor you could join me on the dash to Cohansey or I will see you at Delaware City.

jimgo 01-22-2013 04:41 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013
TakeFive, I just figured it was "less than inspiring" because of Ulladh's company.


Ulladh 01-22-2013 05:03 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013
Now I'm feeling misunderestimated.

TakeFive 01-22-2013 05:46 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013

Originally Posted by Ulladh (Post 979567)
...So if wind and weather work out in our favor you could join me on the dash to Cohansey or I will see you at Delaware City.

I'm interested in Cohansey. I checked Hancock's website and it looks like a cute little place, though their opening day probably isn't until Saturday.

I'm curious about the entrance to Cohansey River:

Do the dotted lines indicate a channel (northwest side marked by G5M), or do you need to steer around the island like I show above?

Would you have any interest in shooting through the canal to Chesapeake City on Saturday? Then maybe out to Delaware City on Sunday? I have not checked currents to see what time we'd need to do this, and whether it works with the run down to Ship John Shoal.

Also, do you usually anchor on the Cohansey, or take a slip at Hancock?

I might bring my "living room dink" along.

Ulladh 01-22-2013 06:58 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013
The double dash line is the channel, about 15ft depth off the green and through the gap between island and land then in the river more than 40ft. The entrance is buggy but clears as you get further in.

The route you have marked is through Cohansey Cove, a good place to wait for a favorable tide, but buggy June through August if the air is still. Also a great place to see a dark night sky and the milkyway.

Hancock Harbor is a very quiet place during the week and only a bit less quiet at the weekend when the restaurant is open (BYOB). The town of Greenwich, a long long walk away is even quieter and has some structures including a meeting house from the 1600's. Not much has happened apart from the collapse of the fishing industry in the early 1900's along the Cohansey since the 1600's and it is miles across the wetlands to any major highways.

The Cohansey is a beautiful place, hawks, eagles, turtles, heron and I am told sturgeon.

I will be at Cohansey a few time this year so I am OK with through the canal to Chesapeake City on Saturday.

Ship John Shoal Light is almost 25 nm from Delaware City, 50 nm round trip, a long day at my typical 3 to 4 knots, so maybe another time. Its about 5 nm from the Cohansey.

Hancock Harbor is $1.00/ft, has gas and diesel, and clean but 1950's era bathrooms and showers.

It is possible to anchor in the Cohansey but in more than 40ft with a swift current.

TakeFive 01-22-2013 11:07 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013

Originally Posted by Ulladh (Post 979675)
...Ship John Shoal Light is almost 25 nm from Delaware City, 50 nm round trip, a long day at my typical 3 to 4 knots, so maybe another time. Its about 5 nm from the Cohansey...

I wasn't thinking of doing a round trip to Ship John from Delaware City. I thought you had suggested that on Saturday we go from Cohansey to Ship John Shoal Light, then up to Delaware City. That's very doable, and might still permit time to go to Chesapeake City instead. So here's what I'm suggesting, which I think is just a minor tweak from your original itinerary (but I haven't checked the currents yet)

Friday May 3: Essington to Cohansey River on ebb. Be sure to leave early enough to enter Cohansey with daylight, preferably on flood or slack.

Saturday May 4: Cohansey to Chesapeake City hopefully by dinner time, with side trip down around Ship John Shoal Light if winds, current, weather, and daylight permit. If we are short of time, just go straight from Cohansey to the canal.

Sunday May 5: Quick motor through the canal to Delaware City. Timing depends on current in the canal.

Monday May 4: Super early departure from Delaware City back to Essington on flood.

Ulladh 01-23-2013 09:21 AM

Re: Delaware River May 2013
OK, lets do it;
Friday 3rd Essington to Cohansey
Saturday 4th Cohansey, Ship John, C&D, Chesapeake City
Sunday Chesapeake City, C&D, Delaware City
Monday early Delaware City to Essington.

<a href=" mbedwebsite"><img src="" height="300" width="386" /></a>

chef2sail 01-23-2013 01:14 PM

Re: Delaware River May 2013
May 3- Total distance to Cohanassey is approx 44 miles
Eddystone to South Rock Jetty of C&D is 24.4 miles then 19.7 to Cohanessy Light= 44.3
Currrent runs with you starting at 8:45 AM
Arnold Point Shoal
Current starts turning against you at 1:15 PM with aprrox 15 miles to go.
10 hours at least.

May 4 - Cohannesey is midway between the two.
Current against you Ben Davis Shoal from 7AM till 1:15 PM
Current against you Arnold Point Shoal 8 AM to 1:45 PM
Current max 2.25 knots

You dont get any help from the current till after 1:45 from Arnold Point.
Distance from Cohanessey Light to South Jetty of C&D Canal is 19.7 miles

Averaging 3.5 knots 5-6 hours

These are long motoring days. Will be a good trip. Long day down...easier coming back as you have longer times with the current with you.

Have fun

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