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slrrls2000 05-13-2009 12:14 PM

starting work on a 67 challenger
I'm just starting work on a challenger.
Looking in the bow (V birth) I see a large tank and two drain pipes.
Wonder if someone can answer my questions.
Facing forward to the bow of the boat the tank is in front of the two pipes.
Looks like a 10 to 20 gal I can't tell for sure.
Large pipe is on the left and smaller pipe is on the right.
The hose from the tank feeds back to the right and just past (galley way?). Then there is a large whole (hand size) in the birth with another drain pipe at this point.
My impression is that the tank is for drinking and flushing the toilet.
That a toilet would exit into the large drainpipe on the left while I'm not sure of the use for the drain pipe on the right. Then the hose that feeds through the galley way would feed to a sink that would rest at the large hand sized hole through the birth and that the drain pipe in that location would be for the sink to drain out.

ssneade 05-13-2009 04:54 PM

welcome to sailnet, slrrls2000. what you had in the v birth was an old marine head. small pipe for water inlet, large pipe to jettison or flush , well you know what. the hose leading from the twenty gallon fresh water tank, went to the sink. the drain pipe was for said sink. so you win a smiley face for your correct assumptions. good luck with your project, and post pics of your progress, please.........

slrrls2000 05-13-2009 05:53 PM

Great, Is there supposed to be a toilet small enough to hide in the little compartment containing the pipes? I'll be glad to post pics. Have not found a folder that I should put them in? Just ad links to photos?

ssneade 05-15-2009 05:40 AM

tell you what i did. went to wally world and got a camping toilet . not much more than a five gallon bucket with a lid, seat and liner. it fits perfectly in that small area and with dry chemicals doesn't smell.
with time, the oilcan effect should work its way back out. saw it done on an Erickson 25.
attach a pic of the crack to your reply post. paperclip is on the posting toolbar. although it's hard to see. youll have to reduce the size of the pic or it takes forever to upload.........

slrrls2000 05-18-2009 09:16 PM

Here are photos. The last photos is the crack. About a 3 inch crack, not bad.
Once I pushed the wall back out the the crack disappeared, almost.
My thoughts were maybe lay down a sheet of glass in the interior to cover the entire area that bent, including the crack. Then just paint over the the crack with some resin.
But since you said that about the oil can affect I bet I'm going to have to lay a sheet on the inside and outside.
I can do it my way or ask for some more experienced ideas.

What do you think?

Another item I'm hunting are diagrams on where the sheets string through the hardware. Well, correctly anyway, I guess I could take a stab at it but I may put some tension in areas that are not meant to be. Provided I am correct in calling the control lines sheets.
I'm learning.

Your contender would be similar to the challenger in cabling, sails and lines would it not?

ssneade 05-21-2009 10:36 PM

love the hull lines on these boats.
sure, rough it up inside and put a thick layer of mat in there, then on the outside, sand about three inches around the crack past just past the gray to pure glass. then, sand an oval about four inches beyond your first grind into the gray. paint some resin into the crack and let it cure overnite. thensand smooth and apply apiece of mat over the area you ground past the gray. again, let cure overnite, and once again sand smooth. i suggest a variable speed feathering sander for optimum blending. now apply cloth over the area you cut into the gray. let cure, sand smooth, and you should be setting pretty. fill any imperfections with short hair bondo.

now as far as rigging, there are some differences as yours is a raised deck model. have you checked out the columbia yacht owners association websight? there's a lot of challengers in the owners registry. you may do better trying to contact a challenger owner for more info. most people are more than happy to help......

eightpoint3 09-21-2010 02:42 PM

Where are you located? The challenger is a great daysailor. There is more room in the cockpit and better visibility than alot of larger boats. The head originally pumped in seawater and pumped it right back out. Even though the head is right under the Vee Berth, there is more room there than in the 26 which has a little area on the port side but you have to be pencil thin to fit in there...LOL

I am far from an expert but had one for a number of years. My poor little Challenger sank last winter and I have refloated it but have not restored or disposed of it as of yet. The standing rigging is intact if you need information or if you want to come and get it, that might just solve your problems...LOL

slrrls2000 10-08-2010 03:13 PM

I'm on the east coast. Will you email to me if you still have sweet pea?

eightpoint3 10-09-2010 09:17 AM


Well, I still have "Sweet Pea" but she is a Mariner 28. The ol challenger is also still around but heading for the scrap yard unless someone can take her off my hands soon.

I will drop you a private message. The boat is near Baltimore.

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