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srbigham 01-16-2011 11:58 PM

Remodeling an older Sailboat
I'm new to the site and thankful that I've found it. I seek expertise in remodeling a sailboat both in the cabin and the rigging. Any aquaitances that I can make in achieving my ends would be appreciated.

The boat that I have:

1974 Morgan OI 28 and it leaks from several unknown places above the water line. The boat, to my knowledge, has never seen blue water and has resided on a lake in central Texas since new. The boat has been in my family since 1978 and is due some major rework. As my father likes to say," I have many happy hours of work ahead of me". Finally, I currently live-aboard and do enjoy the space that it offers but would like a better cruising lay-out of the space that is available. The obvious is to buy a different boat that would suit my needs but I'm stubborn in that fact and don't like to get rid of something that has been sturdy and faithful. It has survived my adventures for now, so it must be close to indestructable.

After reading several threads concerning the Out Islander series from Morgan, both Pro and Con, is this a good blue water boat? I've sailed this boat in many differnt conditions on a lake and know that it's a pig in light air and she doesn't point to weather as many sleeker designs do. I'm looking to use this vessel to gain experience in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy the surrounding ports of call. Information concerning how other's have used the OI28 would be appreciated, as well as any tips concerning specific flaws and correction of these flaws will be helpful as I begin those Many happy hours to improve an old faithful hull to a vintage sailing vessel.

This being my first posting, I'll hold on any significant questions until I get what ever feedback can be obtained concerning this model of Morgan. Thank you for your input and knowledge base.


Steve Bigham

Izzy1414 01-17-2011 12:53 AM

Welcome aboard, Steve. Glad to have you here. You'll get good advice here on your project, but you'll have to get pretty specific about what you're doing in order to get the advice you need. And we tend to like pictures, so get post count up so you can post some. And for heaven's sake, salt up your lingo a little, you don't remodel a boat, you refit her. ;) .... AARRR :D :D

srbigham 01-17-2011 11:36 AM

Thanks Izzy. I didn't know how salty one could get. I do know that if it flies, floats or fornicates don’t buy it rent it. Still watching my language some, don’t want to be booted so soon after getting on.
Where to begin, the current layout of the interior hasn’t changed since production. The location of the galley is amid ship on the starboard side with dining area opposite on port. The head is forward on the port side separated by a bulkhead that spans the beam of the boat. Opposite of the head is a hanging locker and the V-berth remains. The remainders are two side berths that are on either side of the companionway. There length is generous but wasted on me, used mostly for stowage of assorted crap and spare sails.
Port lights are none opening oval shape located just above the rub rail which is approximately 3’ above the water line. (4 per side) I believe they are one source of my current water leaks when it rains.
A 40 Gallon freshwater tank is under the V-berth, but is currently empty due to mice eating through the water lines. Hand pumps at the two basins, one in the galley the other in the head, provided water. They have been removed at this time with a water pump and pressure tank to be installed to provide adequate pressure to use hands free. In the Head I’d like to install a shower so that it can be a more useful live aboard. The grey water drain still has to be determined as any water from it currently goes to the bilge.
The electrical is primarily DC with Shore power AC outlets located sporadically around the interior. Currently I have six 950 amp/hr AGM’s for extended power supply setup in two banks at the battery selector switch. My goal is to make it an electric boat with little or no internal combustion engine and recharge from solar and wind turbine. I plan a completely rewire and add new switch panel. Converting all illumination to LED and whatever amenities that will not cause an undue drain on the system while under sail.
The atomic 4 that was in the engine compartment was a very reliable power plant for many years until an irresponsible boat yard didn’t drain the water jacket when the boat was out of the water for a bottom repair during a very cold Texas winter. Repairs were attempted on the engine but were not successful. I’m currently researching alternate propulsion options to utilize the existing prop shaft to generate similar prop rpm that the atomic 4 provided.
Currently, the first major repair will be at the foot of the main bulkhead. This bulkhead is used as the thrust block for the mast step. At the foot of the bulkhead leaking water from above has caused the thrust block in the bilge to rot and deteriorate. The bulk head is slowly sinking and causing the bulkhead to crack from the mast rig. The mast step has also dimpled the deck from the deterioration from below.
There are many more things to discuss and I think that I’ve exhausted my brain for now and fear that I may bore. If there is anyone out that there that has the original specification drawings for this model, I.e. internal dimensions or even external, that would be appreciated. My concern is moving a fixture and reducing the hulls integrity. Pretty much all of the counters and bulkheads are glassed in plywood with laminate cover.
Thanks again for any comments and information.

srbigham 01-17-2011 11:44 AM

How do you post pictures for this site?

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