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feta 01-03-2006 12:44 PM

hello from sydney
just wondering if there is any one in sailnet that lives in sydney.and if there is im wondering if i could be an inexperieced crew member.i am saving to buy a yacht and would lik to sail before i take off over the horizon

Sasha_V 01-03-2006 01:05 PM

hello from sydney
My advise is to get in touch with the Botany Bay Yacht Club. It is the home base of the Endeavour yachts up there and you WILL get a crew berth on just about any race and any day with some really good people who will also teach you stuff.
Very friendly and welcoming bunch. You could do lots worse to get your feet wet.
Ask for Colin Cole and tell him I sent you his way.


feta 01-07-2006 04:53 PM

hello from sydney
thanks very much for that sasha i will ring on monday or try and send an email today

feta 01-09-2006 11:54 PM

hello from sydney
a guy called rex phoned me today and said turn up this friday and will get a spot.he knows col and sounded very friendly.yeehaa i am looking forward to it big time.thanks sasha

feta 01-13-2006 02:52 AM

hello from sydney
well my first crew pos this afternoon.went out on a 22 footer and came 3rd.i messed up the first tack and we dropped 1 place.the skipper wasnt to hard just swore a bit and bought me a beer when we got back.oh well first time lots of stuff to learn.i sat on the boom upwind that was weird its not real big ,i thought it might fun

Sasha_V 01-13-2006 09:29 AM

hello from sydney
Glad you had fun.
You actually sat on the boom DOWN WIND, simply put, your butt was a preventer. It kept the boom from jibing, I am guessing they had a spinnaker up at the time or had poled out the headsail to the opposite side of the mast as the main sail.
The boom was unlikely to snap as the sail was supporting the whole thing like a hammock.

Enjoy the top 5 placing, they make the lesson in humility of coming stone motherless last all the more poignant. That one will happen too, sometimes.


feta 01-16-2006 05:35 PM

hello from sydney
well i took saturday off work and went to the club.i got in trouble on monday....but hey i had too much fun on friday
.i was asked by the skipper of a 24 endevour if id like to go racing(only 3 boats but it seems the 26 footer is pretty good)so we came a super close second.sailed side by side for the 2 the skipper and his regular crew(both really nice blokes ,we seemed to hit it off)bought me a beer and disappeared.the skipper said will you crew for me next weekend at the endevour regatta.i said hell we have 2 races sat and sun.i am now officially a grinder and i look after the front sail?????.it is great and cant wait for next weekend
gonna be in trouble again tho

feta 01-16-2006 05:45 PM

hello from sydney
i was gonna say for sail but i checked up and i am the jib person....did i mention blisters?

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