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sailnaway 03-08-2006 04:46 PM

Florida to Texas June 2006
A correction has been made to this post
I will be heading to Texas in June sailing from Marathon Florida to Ft Meyers for a couple of days then to Clearwater and crossing to Panama City. Panama City to Pensecola To Mobile Bay. After that the marinas are for the most part destroyed until around Lake Charles Louisiana around 300 miles with no services. The boat is a Catalina 38 fast cruiser in good condition with an inverter to power the TV, DVD so we will have some movies and good lights. I only cary 46 gal of water and 65 gal fuel (Gasoline). Sailing will be the way to make the trip with no problems as far as fuel but we will motor in some places. I will be by myself and my wife will be driving out. I am a real sailor single handed quite a bit but I get tired and need a couple of hands a guy and girl are fine. No cocain on my boat never don't even think about it. No drunks drink if you want but no piss drunk fools. Post to this site and we will talk it over NO PAY just a chance to cruise a little you pay your way home on the Grey Dog or however. I am the captain and thats all I will say on that. I have many years on the ocean and I know what is happing as far as my boat. Weather sets in you still sail your watch while the rest of the crew rests. It will be fun with a little effort it should be a good trip. BYOB and any eating ashore is on your own tab. The trip will end in ether Rockport or Port Lavaca Texas.

shiver me timbers 03-10-2006 04:31 PM

My friend and I are very interested. And would like to talk with you more about the trip. You can reach me at 530-545-2607.

sailnaway 03-10-2006 06:01 PM

I left you guys a message with my phone number call me when you can.
The date is a little more set at June 1-5 until we get to Texas. I have never sailed past New Orleans my home port so that leg will be new to me. The whole trip will be new since hurricane Katrina and Wilma changed it all.:cool:

sailnaway 03-10-2006 06:35 PM

I posted a couple of picture of Krugerrand in the photo section under cruising. Also you can see it at under yacht regestry hull # 33.

sailnaway 03-13-2006 04:45 PM

Hi Crew
Jim here, I thought I would put a list together so you might have some Ideas as to what you should bring. Remember the list is just a suggestion list you can bring yourself and we will do just fine. Or bring what you want I am not picky so go for it.

1. A good knife stainless or rust resistant on a belt.

2. Shoes Sperry Topsider, Sebago, Timberland, or what ever brand you can afford.
The cheep shoes do seem to be allot ďslipperyĒ

3. Rain gear you donít really need the high end stuff but if you can afford it get it jacket and pants.
Wal Mart carries Sterns, which will work OK and is not too expensive. Get the rip stop stuff. Get it large enough to put on sweatshirts and sweaters underneath.

4. Sunglasses a good pair and a cheep backup the sun is a killer and you will be blind with out eye protection.

5. Clothing, shorts four pair, jeans two pair, t-shirts a weeks supply black is a bad color because of the heat. A couple of long sleeve Tís are good for rain days to keep the chill off. Sweat shirt sweater and a light jacket windbreaker. A good pair of slacks and one nice shirt. That way if you go to the Admirals Ball you donít look like a slouch, just kidding we are not going to any ball. Sneakers and your boat shoes are all you need. I donít wear socks or skivvies because they are to hot and the socks when wet are like walking in mud.

6. Sun Block and seas sick pills if you think you might get sick. Seasickness can paralyze you and there is no place to let you off the boat.

7. Bring your favorite junk food pick it up at the store in Ft Meyers or where you live.

8.Books and magazines to read cards or a game if you like.

9.You may want to bring your camera.

10.DVDís any movies you might like to watch. I have some scifi stuff a few war flicks a few comedy and some real life stuff.

11.Your cell phone will work in most coastal areas but be careful if the operator comes on with Gulf Tell or any thing like that they will hit your account for $7.00 per minute.

OK thatís it for now I will post more if I can think of anything.
I have been working on the boat for three weeks straight new alternator battery isolator. New wires on insturment panel and varnish. I have to replace the exhaust pipe from the engine to the muffler and rebuild the head this week oh and run new wires to the stern light thats always a fun job. Never enough daylight never enough hands:rolleyes:

steventheseeker 03-16-2006 09:45 AM

I'm very interested and would like to know more about the trip. I'm not experienced in Sailing but very eager to learn I'm also a ertified EMT if that helps any. E-mail me if you have any interest and we'll exchange numbers. Thanks STeven

sailnaway 03-16-2006 05:38 PM

I finished my list for the week feels good to know most of the hard stuff is done. My grandson will be here in a week or so and I will take his sailing to Indian Key for a shake down. 45 years of sailing and working on boats sure makes it a little less painful. The cost is much higher today than it was in the late seventies when we had a 70' Fife and sailed south five of us for about $2300 if I remember right that was including air fair home when they jumped ship in Barbados and left me with the boat. I got it figured out and when we sold it I took my share and some :)

Adrock 03-16-2006 09:59 PM

June Trip
Hi there I am currently a college student at East Carolina University in North Carolina. I would be very interested in this trip with you in June seeing as I graduate from school in early May. I have been looking for a trip to take before I get at it in the real world. I have vast experience on the water on Power Boats growing up on the NC coast.

If the position is still available e-mail or you can phone me at 910-471-4197

Adam Aberle

sailnaway 03-27-2006 06:18 PM

Crew Update and Check in
Hi all will my crew please check in and let me know you are still going Jim.
Troy and Josh ??? So far the dates are the same and on time.
And if you are not going to make it please reply its cool guys not a problem if you cant make it. I do need to stay in touch as it will be very hard at the last moment to get crew togather.
Thanks Jim

shiver me timbers 03-27-2006 07:17 PM

Hey Jim, Troy and Josh are still in. I'll call you when I leave CA.

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