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ughmo2000 07-09-2006 01:06 PM

Retired firefighter/paramedic seeking crew positions,
49y/o Retired firefighter/paramedic seeking delivery or cruising positions.

Clean, responsible, easy-going. Respectful of others and the boat.
Experience on both E&W coasts of US and Mexico, Gulf, ICW, Bahamas, Virgins, trans-At, trans-Pac. Sail to 50', power to 55'.

Good knowledge of gas/diesel engines, navigation, cruise prep, maintenance, provisioning, can even cook a bit. (well ok, I can eat most of my cooking!)

Have own gear, passport, the time and desire to sail worldwide.

Excellent references available.

Cliff at ughmo2000"at"

gpd955 07-09-2006 01:27 PM

I wish I could help! I have 15 years until retirement (police officer/paramedic) so if you're still looking for a spot, I'll get back to you!!! For now I just have to settle with "vacation time" length cruises!

Happy retirement!!!! Can't wait to join those ranks!

ughmo2000 07-10-2006 07:47 PM

Thanks gpd!

Retirement is a wonderful thing at 49!

We're looking for our own boat now although I've been fortunate as crewing other's boats has led me to some pretty intresting places. When we find ours maybe you can "vacation time length cruise" with us someday.

Best wishes and good luck on the remaining 15.

JohnysRawson30 07-24-2006 06:10 AM

Hello, look at my topic posted to this forum 15-th june. I offer my sailboat to maove it from USA and you can use it longer time, I owe money to marina , and boat need some little work. I have also medical pension (retirement), and that boat is my house till the end of the life. But Im from East Europe and because of little retirement , no possibility to go for boat myself - considered by embassy as potential immigrant from economic reasons - too low pension. So if you can help with boat to get it away from USA ,you can use it up to few months. I owe 2000usd to marina for place, can pay half of it ,not more, boat is on land ,so add 200-300usd for crane. And few months you can have it for free. The topic is called Move the sailboat Rawson30 from USA to Bermuda ,posted 15-th June.

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