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JohnysRawson30 07-25-2006 09:26 AM

Wanted crew to move/cruise bluewater sailboat from USA anywhere,up to fewmonths using
I offer my sailboat to experienced hands, to move it from NJ,Bridgeport 08027, Richard buttonwood marina to Bermuda or anywhere away from USA best to Carribean. You can use it longer time up to few months for free as reward. Its old boat 1960, very strong built, 12500 LBS displacement, 30 feets, Rawson 30,long keel, 3 sails,Mitsubishi vetus 22hp diesel,VHF,alcohol stove,2xsolar panel 35W, pictures at , name "Windsong" ,you can call me +421 910622599 (European union), or email to for another questions. Previous owner of the boat Doug Koriakin 609-204-0835 , Marina owner Jim Richards (mobile) 215-397-7583 , (fixed) 856-467-9173. Stable and seaworthy cruiser.
I cant do it myself, medical pension in East Europe, very low, so considered as potential immigrant from economic reasons by no entry to USA, just paying marina for place and owe there money for place. THanks.Jan.

sailingdog 07-25-2006 06:07 PM

Not this again... this is probably the fifth thread you've started on this...and the eighth or ninth you've posted about it in... UGH.

JohnysRawson30 07-25-2006 08:19 PM

Already asked admin to delete old version. Just want to make that, for me hot thing better visible.THanks.Jan.

hellosailor 07-25-2006 08:24 PM

Jan, if you owe the marina money they will put a lien against the boat and not allow it to be launched, much less to leave the marina, until they are paid in full.

If you own the boat and it is in the water, the US should allow anyone who is "crew in transit to their vessel" to enter the US for the purposes of leaving with the boat. Like many other nations, the US may not allow you to enter unless you have a return air ticket or other financial bond showing you can pay your way back out again, boat or not.

And last time I looked, Bermuda was a prime example of this. You will not be allowed to "live aboard" in Bermuda. You will not be allowed to enter without proof that you can and will exit again, in a timely manner. And your "crew" may be held liable if they abandon the boat in Bermuda. I'm afraid that you need to do some specific research about where you can move the boat--to retire on it, or just to be allowed to fly in and sail away with it. Bermuda is not at all unusual this way.

But recommissioning and fitting a boat for an offshore delivery is NOT something that any capable and responsible party is likely to do for free, even if you are offering to let them use the boat for a while. No life raft? No SSB? Not offshore-ready, and probably will require some substantial investment to make it that way.

Once the yard bill reaches the book value of the boat (asking price $4,800US according to the web pages) the yard will put a yard lien on it and sell off the boat, so if you ignore this problem it will go away.

sailingdog 07-25-2006 09:00 PM

Hellosailor has a very good point... if the fees get to the point they're equal to the price of the boat, or more, the marina will just sell the boat off, and may hold you liable for any fees owed above what they recover in the sale of the boat. If you can't afford to get a tourist visa to come over the US and prep the boat and sail it yourself, with or without a hired crew, you're likely to just lose whatever you've paid for the boat very shortly. The chance of someone being dumb enough to want to sail a questionable boat, with questionable paperwork and possible legal entanglements and not be paid is very unlikely.

Surfesq 07-25-2006 09:07 PM

Hello...this is a scam....I am convinced of it. You know he is going to ask you to either accept funds for the payment of the marina fees into your account..which he will ask for. or something like that.

sailingdog 07-25-2006 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by Surfesq
Hello...this is a scam....I am convinced of it. You know he is going to ask you to either accept funds for the payment of the marina fees into your account..which he will ask for. or something like that.

Don't have to tell me that... I'm just playing devil's advocate... I think that this is definitely fishy, as it was posted on eight or nine threads... and the circumstances just sound too bizarre to be legit. Doesn't help that JohnnyRawson30 has only been on the board long enough to post this series of posts...with no previous history.

JohnysRawson30 08-09-2006 12:18 PM

I already paid, what I owed to marina for place, 1400usd. So the boat is ready for proper person ,who has interrest. Is on land, so just put it to water , repair what you would consider as needed and go. Thanks. Jan.

sailingdog 08-09-2006 12:34 PM

So, you're expecting whoever uses the boat to put money into a boat that they don't own to repair it. Yeah, right... dream're seriously deluded if you think you're going to get any one skilled enough to take on this project.

Any sailors skilled and knowledgeable enough to be capable of repairing the boat and getting it ready for bluewater is going to stay a long way away from this.

To recap:

You expect the person that will be moving the boat for you to do it for free.

You expect the person to pay for the repairs necessary to make the boat ready for bluewater passages.

You expect that they will handle all the paperwork involved in moving a yatch owned by a foreign national, from the United States, to a foreign country.

And you expect that they will do this merely for the pleasure of using a beatup, and very questionable quality boat that they have no equity interest in, for no compensation.

Yeah, right... good luck with that.

hellosailor 08-11-2006 01:27 PM

Once again...Is the boat documented? You can't gain US documentation, so it will need another national documentation/registration. And if you put NJ state registration on it, there's no assurance that any delivery crew would be ALLOWED to enter another country with it.

And without any papers...the USCG may not allow it to exit the US, and state officials may present other concerns.

It sounds like you still don't understand that unless you meet ALL regulations, state, national, and international, that vessel will most likely be impounded and taken from you. And the folks who sail it into some foreign country, will be held liable for storage and disposal fees if someone doesn't show up on time to take it back OUT of that country again.

Sorry, Johny, but if you are legit on this one, your best bet is to come do it yourself. Take the train or hitchhike to Brussels, fly a cheap carrier like Icelandic into Newark NJ, and you'll be able to sail it away. If you can't afford that--then you probably can't afford the launch fee and the other expenses.

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