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Thatboatguy 02-10-2002 11:17 AM

Looking for a partner in adventure
Looking for a Partner in Adventure
Who am I? In a previous life I was an air force master sergeant. I got over it. Now I run my yacht repair service in Pensacola. I''m fitting out my own boat for a cruise of undetermined length or destination. Leaving Florida in early 2002. I''m in great health and very strong. 5''9" Blond / Blue, a young 42 years old. I''m a great cook, and I can fix anything I can get a manual and parts for. Iím not wealthy with money but I am very resourceful. Intelligent, but reluctant to use it, or express it in normal ways. Iím half French on my motherís side and I speak some French. I neither smoke nor drink but I find nothing wrong with someone who has a drink now and then. I just don''t like being around drunks, and I prefer to know that whatever I''m feeling is really what I''m feeling and not some drug''s interpretation of it. Right now Iím feeling like Tom Hanks at the end of ďCastawayĒ. Iím standing at the crossroads.
The Boat? She''s a Wright Allied Princess 36 Ketch. Being fitted out with water maker, large freezer and refrigeration, radar, SSB, GPS, computers. She''s a well-found and comfortable boat. She also has hot and cold water, a shower, a working toilet, and very comfortable beds. She will have email capability for staying in touch with family and friends. There is room for an adventurous child to come with us. And room in my heart for that child as well.
Who am I looking for? She is independent but lonely when she is alone for too long. Prepared to learn new things. Prepared to teach me new things. Must be able to leave it all behind for extended periods of time. Just as happy with a good book and CDs as with the TV and movie theaters. Can pee in the woods or in a bucket if need be. No wimps. Has a great sense of humor. If you know the words to Monty Python''s Lumberjack song, and can recite lines from Mel Brooks movies, it''s a plus. Physically fit, and capable of pulling a night watch. Good swimmer. Non-smoker, non substance abuser. She wants to live her life deliberately. Here is the kicker. Must be capable of love and trust.
Anyone sending a bio and recent photo will be considered. My photos are posted on this site.
All questions about me will be answered honestly. Don''t be shy; I won''t criticize your inquiries.
Donít look on this as a form letter; it is a message in a bottle. If it doesnít apply to you, donít be offended, just cork it back up and toss it back in the surf for me. If you have a friend that you think might like to see it, then share it with her for me. Make sure to let me know where you found it, as it has been in the currents and tides, and there is no telling where I have sent it swimming.
I am currently in Pensacola
Fair Winds ~ ~ ~ ~ _/) ~ ~ ~ ~


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