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yonatan 08-18-2008 02:32 AM

Red Sea - Seychelles
We have a 54 foot monohull sailing yacht planning to leave Hurghada (Egypt) around the 15th November 2008, for a month's sailing to the Seychelles. We would welcome crew with some experience. All on-board expenses will be covered but crew will have to make their own way to Hurghada and home from the Seychelles. We are expecting a total of four, including the skipper. Please contact me for further information: yonatanpreminger [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk
Looking forward to it!

Omatako 08-22-2008 11:06 PM

Mmmmm . . . . .

You're going to be sailing right by these guys.

Pirates hijack two ships off Somalia<O:p</O:p
Reuters | Friday, 22 August 2008

Pirates hijacked two more vessels, an Iranian bulk carrier and a Japanese-operated tanker, yesterday off the coast of S</O:pThat came after a Malaysian tanker carrying 39 crew and a cargo of palm oil was hijacked in the same area on Wednesday. "Both ships were attacked and hijacked this morning," said Noel Chong, head of the International Maritime Bureau piracy reporting centre in Kuala Lumpur.</ST1:p<O:p</O:p
The Japanese tanker had 19 crew on board, but no Japanese nationals, he said. An official at <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com /><st...y-region w:st=omalia</st1:country-region> in some of the world's most dangerous waters, the International Maritime Bureau said.<font color=" /><st1:country-region w:st="on"><ST1:pJapan</st1:country-region>'s Transport Ministry said that vessel was a Panama-registered chemical tanker.<O:p</O:p
<FONT color=blue>He said its operating company was not Japanese, but that it subcontracted some management responsibility to a Japanese firm. The official did not name either company.<O:p</O:p
<FONT color=blue>Piracy is rife off <st1:country-region w:st="on">Somalia</st1:country-region>, which has been mired in anarchy since warlords overthrew a dictator in 1991. Last week, Somali pirates hijacked two other ships a Thai cargo ship, the MV Thor Star, and a Nigerian tug boat, the MT Yenegoa Ocean.<O:p</O:p
<FONT color=blue>Local gunmen are also holding a Japanese-managed bulk vessel, the MV Stella Maris, that was hijacked on July 20.<O:p</O:p
<FONT color=blue>Abdikadir Musa Yusuf, assistant fisheries minister in northern <st1:country-region w:st="on">Somalia</st1:country-region>'s semi-autonomous Puntland region, said local officials had been in touch with the crew of the Malaysian oil tanker when it was seized in the Gulf of Aden on Wednesday.<O:p</O:p
<FONT color=blue>"Our radar crews could hear them screaming for help but we had no power to fight the pirates," he said. "We hear the tanker is now heading towards Eyl, the pirates' base."<O:p</O:p

<FONT color=black>There are some who would say that these pirates don't go for little boats, only commercial shipping but then again, when there's nothing else to do . .. . .

<FONT color=black>Andre

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