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jandy 03-20-2009 08:36 PM

CREW/PARTNERS WANTED Bluewater Sailing the World Classic S&S
Here is the text from my listing - where I seem to only get replies from professionals seeking work, kids and prostitutes. PLEASE -READ IT AND "REPLY ONLY IF YOU GET IT". I am looking for serious sailors that would like to travel the world not paid crew, under 30's or (girls for hire) Send a "Private Message" if you would like to make direct contact. Thanks and fair seas to all JANDY For web site google bluewateradventure. findacrew MEMBER #27590 sv jandy This Blue Water Sailing journey is open to individuals with qualifying skills, experiences and desire. This is an opportunity for one of those “blue water sailing experiences of a lifetime” you always hear about, but never experience your self. The sailing plan is to sail the west coast via the Mexican Riviera, Central America and possibly some of South America, Galapagos, etc. Transit the Panama Canal and sail N South America, Caribbean, trans Atlantic to France, Spain, Portugal, the Med, Spanish, French, Italian Riviera, then??? OR ??? This is an opportunity for individuals that are or would like to become world travelers. This blue water sailing adventure is not a job offer. It is available to qualified individuals on a share costs basis. The bottom line on costs is very low in fact, w/a per person contribution of 3 to 400 Euros a month, based on ship stores, fuel, ports o' call expenses, canal transit fees, insurance etc.NOTE: THIS IS NOT a for-profit CHARTER adventure. _/)_ The boat is a World-Class, retractable keel, blue water rigged auxiliary sailing sloop, designed by Olin Stephens, built to Lloyd’s specifications. Her construction is carvel plank, Alaska Yellow Heart over French White Oak with Burma Teak stem, keelson, horn timber and transom with solid Teak house, cockpit and decks, box construction Sitka Spruce mast. Her physical condition is perfect and features ample deck space topside and large cockpit . Below, you find a rather roomy galley to Port featuring a 4 burner gimbaled stove w/large oven/broiler, refrigerator, freezer and ample food lockage under counters, to outboard under deck to Port. To Stbd, a Nav Station with the aft Water Closet just forward. The Galley, Main Salon to fully foreward, enjoy a lofty portion of headroom at near 7’.
Main Salon to Stbd., a double berth is featured w/ bookshelf above, under deck. Down below features a flat, stepless, Teak and Holly deck sole throughout the vessel. To Port, the main salon features a large U shaped settee with a turning table that converts into a large double berth with single berth upper & under seat stowage areas. Brass DK “Cabin” yacht lamps with a large brass WC Oil Yacht Lantern, 6 “ striking clock, barometer & clinometer. The Main Salon also features a large glass hatch in the housetop over the table, 4, 14” rectangular portlights and 4 full cabin height deadlights. A Water Closet w/shower foreward to Port, and large Oil Skin locker to Stbd., Owner’s Stateroom and chain locker fully forward w/large stowage. On-board, we cruise with a full compliment of Broadcast HD & DVCAM TV cameras, high resolution digital still cameras, lenses, underwater housings, surface, on-board and underwater audio recording equipment, a complete editing suite, and on-board nav comuters. Worldwide communication support includes an on-board satellite broadband telephone/internet system, SSB Radiotelephone, VHF stations, handhelds, RADAR, GPS, nav sets. For either beginners or the experienced, the complete sailing experience includes becoming proficient with RADAR, GPS, Plotters, SAT Comm, Equipment, Single Sideband & VHF Radiotelephones, chart reading, weather reporting, log entry, setting the sails and the rig, keeping watch, maintaining the vessel systems, preparing gourmet (and eating) (sushi!) meals, etc. Of course, fishing, exploring, videography, photography, diving, research, reading, writing, discovering cultures and other applicable world travel activities TOO!!! It is a long list after all.

The ultimate goal is to gather intelligent, outgoing mature individuals with experience in a wide variety of talents that also desire the experience of traveling, living abroad and do so while cruising the world. I am producing a show on the ports of call, blue water sailing and the adventure itself. eMail, if you would like to know more.

joekidston 03-20-2009 11:00 PM

Hi there,

I contacted you through Find a Crew on the 8th of Feb (i.d. 40974). You replied to say that you might be keen, but neither of us are premium members. Perhaps you could email me on joekidston at yahoo . co . uk, and we can talk some more?


jandy 03-21-2009 03:47 PM

Well Joe, I tried the yahoo thing and no response or a bounce on the e. I'll try this for you and everyone else that may be interested. info at bluewateradventure dot net Let us see if that helps.

JANDY clear

joekidston 03-21-2009 05:34 PM

Hi Jandy,

I emailed info at bluewateradventure dot net and also looked at Based on the prices that you are charging customers, it does not seem reasonable that crew pay their own way. I would be interested in an unpaid position, but am not willing to pay my own way, given the money that the ship is making from it's charter business.


bljones 03-21-2009 05:43 PM

Wrong site, Joe.

Try here: Home Port

jandy 03-21-2009 05:47 PM

Money ??? Charter???
Well Joe, I have no idea whatsoever who is but i wish you best of luck in getting a paid positions cruising the world and wish them as much fortune as they can make at it. If you like, you can check out my site and see what I am up to, it's probably not what is up to. Never heard of em. Safe sail . . . . . .

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