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coveexplorer 11-11-2002 09:44 PM

Heading South on the ICW
I will be departing the Baltimore area on my 30'' O''Day within the week.....solo''s OK, but a savvy, mature woman to travel with would be great......nippy weather, to be sure....always been boating, power and sail....this is a "plain vanilla", but high quality, operation......a sense of humor and a willingness to share working the boat are key.....let''s talk it over.....

coveexplorer 11-23-2002 11:19 AM

Heading South on the ICW
Thought I might as well let you in on my trip. (I''ve done the ICW a dozen or more times.)
Departed Pasadena MD late morning (never a good idea at this time of year), bounced my way down to Annapolis against foul tide and 17-knot southerly, anchored just at dark...
Got an early start (0700), enjoyed four hours of fair current and light wind (again, south), fueled up at Solomons MD just at dark, anchored nearby in the harbor.
Underway just before 0700 Thursday, wanting to get across the mouth of the Potomac and to Reedville VA, on the Great Wocomico River; nearly flat calm all day long (hallelujah!), anchored in Reedville at 1630....the rains came, as forecast....
Friday morning, thick fog....opened up by 0800, headed for Deltaville VA (no other choice, with the short day and a falling barometer)....light winds for half the day, osme sun, 55 degrees, building westerly after 1030, but fueled and anchored by 1400 (just 22 miles today), as the northwesterly piped up.....forecast to blow 25-30, tonight and tomorrow, so I''ll just hang here until Sunday early...
Sunday''s forecast is for sunny, high fifties, west wind at ten....sounds like a perfect recipe to make it to Hampton VA (40 miles), or even further into Norfolk harbor....
If you plan a trip like this at this time of the year, know that it''s very do-able, with good preparation; a heat source, a good cooking stove, shelter from the daily weather (I have a dodger; sitting just above the Diesel engine at times is decadent); a hot shower after a chilly day is divine; I have electric socks, but haven''t needed them yet; it could get colder in another week or so.....naturally, experience is valuable, but a good attitude (significantly laid back) is a huge asset....the advantages: very little traffic, quiet nights, no armada of small boats buzzing about; the scenery is beautiful and will be more so as I progress more to the south.....the sunrises and sunsets are delightful at this time of year......but....the days are short, the weather can change rapidly, os progress can be a bit slow....
I never tire of the''ll be a long time before I''ve seen it all....more later......

coveexplorer 11-27-2002 06:12 PM

Heading South on the ICW
It was a glorious sail from Deltaville to Hampton VA on Sunday.....temps in the high fifties, sparkling water....anchored in Hampton at 1530....went walking....
Set out for Great Bridge VA at 0715, even warmer today....watched a Navy submarine coming in to the Navy base....Norfolk''s military and commercial sights are awesome...made the 1300 lock opening, tied up with Canadian cruising friends...
Took my car to Savannah....was going to haul in Morehead City to paint the bottom, but more south seems a better idea...
It''s now Thanksgiving''ll be cold and blowy for a few days, so we''ll just stay put until the weather is a bit more benign......patience is a''ll be about four days to Morehead, when we do leave.

michaelbrandenb 11-29-2002 11:45 AM

Heading South on the ICW
I might heading south in a few months. What crusing guide did you buy? Are you having any difficulites being single handed with the locks etc.

coveexplorer 11-29-2002 04:55 PM

Heading South on the ICW
Don''t know the level of your boating experience and especially your awareness in dealing with coastal winter weather, which can sometimes be SEVERE AND CHALLENGING at the time of year you propose. And, will your boat be ready?
The "Waterway Guide", Northern, Mid-Atlantic and Southern editions, are always useful; a tide book is essential; charts, of course; and some publication that shows anchorages and where you can buy the most essential services along the way.....though there is a good chance that you will simply go from marina to marina, plugging in each night to electricity, primarily for heat.
Right now, the weather is challenging, but not impossible. Occasional layovers, sometimes several days at a time, to let winds subside or temps rise a bit, but always ready to go......depending on the people, this can shorten or completely stop a trip from ever happening.....good luck.......

vc137 12-01-2002 06:22 AM

Heading South on the ICW
Hope you have a safe voyage...I pass over the ICW on the Joe P knapp bridge in Currituck County NC quite frequently. Many times I see wonderful sailboats heading north in spring and south in late fall...Godspeed to you.

rwcat 12-01-2002 07:19 AM

Heading South on the ICW
I''m currently in NC and available to help you continue S along ICW if you need some help. I''d be more than able to help with all spects of helping. Non smoker & personable. Have boating/sailing skills.

Let me know if you''d like a hand. Cell 775 772-2229, or email at

Thanks, Ray

coveexplorer 12-10-2002 04:32 PM

Heading South on the ICW
Thanx for your good wishes....much appreciated....and very thoughtful of you.....glad you enjoy the waterway traffic, too......It''s been boisterous sailing a lot of the time, the occasional layover for a bad weather day, but the cool temps and the wind haven''t slowed me very much.....and now it''s getting warmer. Anchored (and laid over for a cold rainy day) in Wrightsville Beach NC....the fireplace keeps me toasty. Anticipating Myrtle Beach in two days, Charleston in four.....warmer temps are forecast.....I love it......thanx again

coveexplorer 12-10-2002 04:36 PM

Heading South on the ICW
Hi Ray.....
Thanx for the offer, but I''ve got it pretty well in hand right now. It does get busy sometimes, especially when it breezes up. But that''s to be expected at this time of year. Even though the days are short, you can cover a lot of miles (to the south and warmer weather) when it''s breezy (lots of NW, N and NE winds at this time of year.
Thanx again for your offer....maybe another time.

coveexplorer 12-12-2002 07:34 PM

Heading South on the ICW
This afternoon I tied up at Barefoot Landing, the long dock behind the shopping center in North Myrtle Beach SC. It was an easy run from Holden Beach NC, where I anchored last, lots of dealing with shoaling areas near inlets, but the weather was fine...and warming up just a bit. However, the forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain for a good part of the day, so I doubt I''ll be going anywhere (it''s OK, some rest, some cooking, and some time in the Waldenbooks store here and a secondhand book store just down the street. And, it''s forecast to blow like hell on Saturday, right up the Waccamaw River, with the current also on the nose.....I suspect it will be Sunday before I head out to Georgetown and Charleston.....we''ll see. Waiting for decent weather is part of the drill, especially at this time of year. And extra care when solo is greetings to all......

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