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alanr77 08-11-2009 04:05 PM

Free labor/crew in exchange for training- Savannah Ga
Hello, I am looking for experience. I am making a transition from powerboats to sailboats and need to become familiar with the inner workings of a sailboat. Not to mention; learn how to sail one.

I am currently saving up for my first project, (it is not the boat that is expensive, it's the transportation to get it here), and am looking for someone who needs help either;

Restoring, re-fitting, rigging or just wants some company for short excursions. I have no sailing experience.

I need experience in everything from applying bottom paint to replacing standing/running rigging.


I am a very proficient and experienced mechanic.

I am very familiar with electrical work and wiring.

I am self supporting- I.E I have money so I can bring my own lunch.

I am also a fast learner, decent woodworker and have all my own tools if needed.

I am taking a sailing class shortly (small craft).

Now, about me; I am a college educated 32 year old, active duty Staff Sergeant in the Georgia National Guard. I live in the Savannah Ga area and have no problem traveling North of Hilton Head Island and as far South as Jacksonville Fl. And.......

I will help you for FREE!!!!! All I ask is that you teach me what you know about rigging, fiber glassing, painting and of course, sailing. I am studying books on the vocabulary but someone yelling at me to grab the %#$%$# sheet thing by it's proper name ingrains it in better than reading. Having said this, I don't mind being deck fodder on a race boat.

I am available most weeknights- depending on your location- and 3 weekends out of the month.

My reasoning; I do not know anyone in this area that sails. I figure that if I can help someone with general labor or maybe they can utilize my skills in trade for their knowledge I will not only gain practical experience but maybe make a few new friends within the sailing community.

If this interests anyone, PM me or reply to this post and we will see what can be worked out.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from someone. Alan

Capnblu 08-11-2009 07:34 PM

To bad you weren't in BC.

alanr77 08-12-2009 12:05 AM

To cold up there!!! :laugher Moved here from PA and don't miss the winters at all. At least I know someone is reading this. Maybe I'll get lucky and find someone that needs some help.

Many of the boats I am looking at are in the Northern area's....sure would be cheaper to sail it down here through the ICW instead of trucking it......if I knew what I was doing. Thanks for your time. AR

Capnblu 08-12-2009 01:18 AM

Hey you could always go down to the docks early on a saturday,someone is bound to be working on something.

dailywarren 08-23-2009 10:25 PM

Dude, I'm in a similar boat as you (add 8 years of dotardism!) but I just want to say I like your style. Don't quit. Keep posting. Hit the docks. Do whatever it takes. My best experience was aboard the schooner Seaward. I had to pay them, but the transit from San Diego to San Francisco was the highlight of my life (is my wife reading this? I hope not!). At the helm I steered right between two whales so close you could see the pupils of their eyes. It ended with us sailing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge on Memorial Day. If you don't mind coughing up a TINY bit of dough (about $700 for a week on board) I recommend: Call of the Sea - Home
Fair winds, brother.

dailywarren 08-23-2009 11:27 PM

Try this. Current sailing expeditions aboard the 82' schooner Seaward. Good people, good ship, GREAT voyage: Welcome to Seaward Adventures!

alanr77 08-25-2009 10:02 AM

Thanks man, hanging in there....I have noticed that most if not all crew requests require someone with experience. Makes sense. I am working my way up to that though. Training is a progression and experience comes as you make that trip. Watching the boat classifieds, all of them, it seems it won't be long before what I want becomes available in my area and I can start learning hands on with my own boat. Unfortunately, the sailing class season is coming to an end here so it may be next spring till I get on the water. However, my offer is still open. Alan

Volkhard 08-31-2009 08:04 PM

Hi Allan

I think you have the right approach to things and I am happy to see someone is really interested in learning the ropes and not just getting a certificate. Unfortunately I am in Annapolis, MD and it would not make sense for you to travel that far.

I wish there were more people with your attitude. I am single handing on the weekends most the time and I would not have any problems to take some newbie under my wings and teach him what I know, especially if this person is appreciative and offering helping with the work as well.

I offered crew positions on day sails and weekend cruises before in Florida (where I came from) but often found the expectation of the potential crew to want to learn only a couple specific topics (depending on the person) and still expecting to arrive to a fully prepped (and provisioned!) boat and hop off board as soon the boat is back in the slip or if staying for the after-sail-cleanup to expect to be invited by the skipper for dinner as compensation for the work.

I never understood this attitude and think many of these "interested in sailing" persons only look for a cheap way to catch a boat ride. I think if a skipper is willing to share precious time on a fairly expensive boat (and only a boat owner knows how much goes into this hobby every month!) crew should have more your attitude.

I am sure you will become a great sailor over time!

dailywarren 08-31-2009 08:27 PM

You'd like me, I have references
Allan and I share the same attitude. You can contact Capt. Rick Whiting ( to verify that I'm a stop-that-man-from-scrubbing-the-galley type of guy. Being stuck in the Midwest (wife with a great job) and growing up in a construction company instructed me in the discipline of work. I like all the same things everyone else likes - free boat rides, tired pirate movie quotes, etc. - but I realized the fundamental lesson of ocean cruising early on: if you don't stay busy you go clinically insane in about 14 hours.
I'm also very much a Missouri Show-Me up front guy who's not afraid to provide a criminal background or even a waiver or indemnity bonding.
In short, if you need a crewman please consider me (and Allan!)
Spencer Warren

CaptainMorgan21 09-01-2009 08:49 PM

Hi Alan,
You can go to the website:Home or go to a regular meeting which are held the 2nd Monday of each month at Tubby's Tankhouse in Thunderbolt, GA. Cocktails start at 6:30 with the meeting there after. I think there is about 70 members in this sailing club and would think they can help you out. Good luck. There is also a sailing club in Brunswick, GA called, I believe,the name is Golden Isle Sailing. They meet Saturdays at the Brunswick Landing Marina downtown Brunswick. They also have a website. Just put golden isle sailing in the search engine.


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