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TJC1010101 10-04-2011 01:45 PM

Crew wanted: Panama-Ecuador-Tahiti-Aus
Head south on a Northern Breeze.. spend some time in Ecuador maybe tour Peru Then catch the Trade winds west in Feb.. This is the dream trip for most sailors. I am looking for a crewmember…ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. To prove yourself.. You must go to the boat yard (Balboa Yacht Club Panama) with me from December 9th to the 15th in order to help me paint the bottom and the topsides.. later that month head out when the winds in Panama prevail steady out of the North.

Boat has a Monitor wind vane self steering system for under sail steering. . Hydraulic autopilot for under power steering. Engine Yanmar 4JHE diesel 700 hrs.. Sails recently triple stitched reinforced.. . I spend a lot of time and money preparing my boat for a voyage like this and expect my crew to act, respect and appreciate it.

Captain a retired professional seaman, retired with well over a million miles at sea.. I’ve been cruising this boat 7 years now. You might consider in the yard BOOT CAMP.. that will make a sailor out of you. Give you experience, knowledge and confidence and get you engaged in the voyage. As a seaman I’ve been in boatyards and shipyards all over the world. Enough said I would expect voyage about 11 months.. Must be energetic, physically fit and disciplined. Please submit picture.

sailingfool 10-04-2011 03:32 PM

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it appears you've been here before;

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cranki 10-05-2011 09:08 PM

Aye aye Cap'n Bligh.

TJC1010101 10-08-2011 08:15 PM

I was BAITED here 4 years ago by the internet fleet.. I didn't no any better.. A lot of silly immature posts..That's why I haven't returned..Learned a lot since then so that's a confession..Actually I'm writing this a half mile offshore in a mild storm which provides enough juice to my batteries and inverter coincidental with a Panamanian free public server.which comes in when wind out of the north.

Simply stated you don't get in the game unless you show up for practice.. and that means the boat yard.....If you are sailing 10,000 with a crew you don't like or they don't like you what's the point of going

I started going to sea after Grad school.."Followed my bliss" as an ordinary seaman retired as 2nd mate unlimited.. the point..I know a little bit about crews.with over a million miles of sea. or more. Not to mention 60 years of sailing.

PS..on edit..I just noticed a Mexican flag..I'm not in Mexico I'm in Panama..haven't been in Mexico in over 3 years..many flags since then

This boat hasn't spent one day at a marina in over 3 years..Always on the hook..Currently taking a list..2 crew members judged with the best attitudes will receive invites. Not to many inns and outs I don't know or have haven't experienced..the picture is stupid..but I neither have time to figure out how to delete it..Not on computer that much

The listing here was abbreviated full details need to e mail me at Yahoo..If you are a good easy going guy who will demonstrate a little hard work.and a little humility you might make it on my boat to australia.

TJC1010101 10-10-2011 04:02 PM

Just curious I was readying commentary on my last solicitation and the hateful commentaries introduced by this guy sailingfoot on this thread..Yes I did get 2 crewmembers out of Isla Mujeres..Sailed to Providencia..spent a month in that tropical paradise then over to San Andres another 2 months..then singlehanded to Bocas del Toro Panama for 3 months..Then on to Cartagena Columbia with one crewmember picked up locally..after 3 great months anchored off club Nautico in Cartagena..Toured the Columbia islands Eastern Caribean and spent 4 fantastic months in the San Blas with the Kuna Indians..3 months in the drop dead anchorage of Portobello..The Flats of Colon crossed the Panama Canal..up to Costa Rica...Perlas Islands..and Here I am at anchor ready for Tahiti.and Australia Res ipsa locquitor..(it speaks for itself).That's again why I don't come here often

TJC1010101 10-10-2011 04:55 PM

One thing that this community needs to understand is that crewmembers here in the tropics are a dime a dozen..Generally kids backpacking looking for cheap transportation..I can teach them rather quickly to pull the right ropes in a weekend and most quite good but they don't care about sailing, your boat, or you the Captain..just a generic process for them so they can open there worm farm or other outrageous scheme somewhere in the Pacific..many are very well educated usually from Europe..not bad people at all..

So I come to a site like this OFFERING an opportunity perhaps to a real sailor who appreciates boats, doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and is met with just hateful spiteful commentary as I recently witnessed..I had two exit Zarpes last April out of Panama to the Marqueses within a period of 3 weeks..both crews fired.. both one day before departure. One for insubordination from this French Gal.. as we like to say the French are difficult..good sailors though...and the other for a weak effort.both spent all day on their computers...or in a bunk..didn't listen and broke the toilet..I now have a new toilet..

With 5 years cruising out of the States..never touching a dock except fuel dock..and my occupation retired senior level Merchant Marine Officer hundred vessels and more worldwide..I'm thinking maybe just maybe there is some sincere guy here who wants the Pacific puddle jump bad enough. You need that one top hand.. that's good and you can trust..the other hand then falls into line

I was limited by 1000 characters so the full listing regarding expenses was left out with instructions to E mail me directly...This commentary written on my boat offshore,,a stiff breeze powering my batteries through inverter and a free server..So you want to be cleaver and glib or are you looking for a shot at big time cruising..your choice

TJC1010101 10-10-2011 08:05 PM

Someone asked me why I spent so much time sailing in So. America. .and Central America…it’s the women the most beautiful in the world. They all remind me of J. Lo’s….“if you like that type” and they are ALL available…Not pros.. semi pros regular sexy gals… great looking uninhibited women who like Gringos because we have a few bucks…I play Richard Gere to them sometimes, you know in Pretty Woman, it’s a real turn on for this bachelor.. and many more beautiful than .”what’s her name” (LOL)
I really learned to fight with some guy on the streets of Colon putting a gun to my head.. he got a left to the face that put him out cold. .and I ran.. 2 guys 5 ft away trying to hold me up, one guy with a knife. .I bent down picked up a rock and threw it in his eye probably 60 miles an hour.. leaving the other guy playing with himself as I ran.. You don’t want the cops.. you run they handle the scum.. Why so tuff.. It’s you or them.. My dingy stolen.. Cruising friends killed at anchor in Venezuela.. I’ ve been pick pocketed twice.. It’s not anger.. I was anchored at La Plyatta next to ING.. you know the Danish boat the Somali’s hi jacked.. nice peaceful lively family.. You realize they don’t have any right to do that. And deep down you know with all the BS in sailing you are far tougher then they are. You give some people opportunity they will steal you blind.. But it makes you very compassionate too, all my charity is on the streets. nothing compared with putting up with bad weather at sea.. If you are alive no=one hurt.. still have a smile regardless of what broke. .smell awful.. it’s a good sail Sailing has it all if you have a lust for life…and that really is what it‘s all about.. The Cuban Govt tried to kill me.. For fraternazation with the people.. Don’t have to read Ludlum novels to know you are being tailed.. First at Marina Hemingway.. they turned off the water.. then next day the electricity. warn me...All being superfluously solicitous. A young lady thinking I was a doctor for handing out bottles of aspirin to the poor from the Key West dollar store... A year later checking and cleaning my shotgun.. they jammed the limit plug down the barrel. But I had a great week there.. They didn’t like I wasn’t spending hard currency in the Casinos. and the rest of the tourist BS..I was one of few American vessels ever there in “06 or ‘07 or when ever it was….Isla Fuerte Columbia.. I was told if I stay a third day at anchor I‘d probably get a bullet in my head... You got your $2.00 lobsters now move on.. and I could go on and on.. The point is I’m a good guy and looking for a sidekick, a good sailor to watch my back.. knows what I’m talking about and have fun because he too likes to sail and has that lust for life as I do…I don’t smoke, don’t drink no booze on boat.. in town do your thing.. Now killing time sailing to Taboga across the Canal approach generally with a lady friend sometimes two, hiking and exploring the jungle . Anchored in Panama Bay with 50 other boats all waiting to head West when the Dry season sets in and the wind shifts. That’s what my cruising is all about. I have every nautical chart in the world on 2GB’s and the weather big picture Grib Files.. Nothing with me anymore is theoretical.
So if you want to take a wise guy shot at that or fantasize be my guest.. By the way never mentioned I’m a graduate Naval Architect 8 years at Westlawn ..My last design exam took 2 intensive years.. Design office in Florida 6 years. nd a Veteran. My license 2nd mate unlimited 1600 ton Captain and sailing Master. My last Design the Panamanian One Design. This will be my last time on Sail net… you got it all…l can’t stand you no nothing inexperienced young egotists. I tried to be civil.. and like Nicole Kidman said in Dogville ..They are good people but not good enough…I’m going sailing. You have my E mail

Slayer 10-10-2011 08:38 PM

I'd sail with you if I could get away. All that sounds like fun.

billyruffn 10-10-2011 10:43 PM

:confused: Is this guy for real? :confused:

I know there are a few loonie yachties who can't seem to find their way south of Cristobal -- I met a few in the PCYC, but how loonie do you have to be to fire a French gal the day before you sail off with her to the South Pacific. :rolleyes:

You have be dumb as a rock to do that.

TJC1010101 10-11-2011 09:45 AM

To answer your reply about the French Gal to separate your fantasy from reality..I found women are basically nesters..The orderlyness of the house so to speak..She was doing a good job..worked hard..We were cleared to leave the next day..I said we were going to go in get a cab go to the supermarket to buy supplies..She told me she did not want to go to that store..something about chinese noodles..Get ready we are going to the store now..She started to yell she was not going..and that she was in charge down below..That I only was in charge of navigation..She said that If she quit I would not have a crew..I told her she just bought her ticket shoreside...pack your gear and go..10,000 miles..too much with that attitude

I had a gal from Spain she lasted 15 minutes..The oven wasn't big enough..she fantasized baking all this bread....then she said her quarters weren't big enough..the bed too small..she belonged on one of those 57 ft Cats or tri's..that look like condos on the inside..not a boat..

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