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ABHL 11-02-2011 11:40 AM

Crew available from March/April, preferably South-east Asia but anywhere warm.
I am a 20 year old Norwegian girl looking to crew for a couple of months this spring. I have no previous experience in sailing, but have a dream of one day sailing around the world, and so want to get a taste of life at sea. I am spending this year travelling to different places in the world aquiring certain skills that I would want to have before being tied down by studies and work. Right now I am a working student in the Eastern Caribbean training horses at liberty (you could call it horse whispering). In spring, I would love to get a couple of months out at sea to aquire as much skill in sailing as I can in that period of time, and hopefully ending up in a place where I could spend some time getting my PADI certificates for a low cost.

As mentioned, I have no previous experience, but a I do have a general skill of aquiring skills, as I typically just do whatever I have to do to learn what I need to learn. I am social, optimistic and love to explore new places and to get to know new people. I do well with kids, and would be glad to help home schooling any kids that would be on the boat (I will probably be substituting at a school for some months after Christmas, so will already have some experience in teaching. I have also been a swim instructor assistant for forth-graders.) I speak English fluently, as well as Norwegian, my mother tongue. I also speak some German and a little bit French.

I would like to crew on a boat with easy-going, fun-loving and social people, either with a family(ies) with kids or with young adults. My goal is not to hitch-hike on a boat, but to actually get some sailing skills and want to be able to pull my weight after a while. I hope that some people out there would find some good use for me and would want to take me on their boat and show me how life at sea can be like.

Fair winds (that's what you sailing people say, right? See, I'm already learning ;) )

AB 11-12-2011 11:50 AM

BVI Crew Sought

Looking for crew mid-January early February in Carribean. Please contact by e mail if interested in pursuing conversation.


killarney_sailor 11-14-2011 08:16 AM

Your timing might be good for hooking with someone going on the Pacific Puddle Jump. This is a very loosely organized group of boats (100 to 150 boats) who are heading towards French Polynesia from anywhere from California to Ecuador. Most boats stop in the Galapagos and then most go into FP through the Marquesas in the northeast corner. A much smaller group go a southern route to Easter Island and then enter FP in the southeast corner.

You can contact people who are doing this through a Yahoo groups group called Pacific Puddle Jumpers or through a sailing magazine called Latitude 38. There would be families doing it - we saw perhaps 3 or 4 this year when we did it. Only saw one group of young people, French, who had come down the east coast of South America and then gone to Antarctica - a very adventurous group.

We are going to be heading from Brisbane to the north and west but have not decided if we are going into SE Asia (if so it would be Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) or towards South Africa in which case we will stay in the Southern Hemisphere. Also it is not a family or young people - I am old enough to be your grandfather.

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