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stephenippolito 12-27-2011 08:21 AM

Crew Member Wanted For Caribbean Cruising
I plan to visit the islands of the Lesser Antilles over the next five months from Barbados on my way back to St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. A rough itinerary is Barbados, Bequai, Tobago Cays, St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Gaudeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Anguilla, BVI, USVI, Culebra, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Florida Keys, and Tampa Bay. Weather permitting, I plan to depart from Barbados on January 15th. I have been living aboard my yacht, Aweigh of Thinking (Two-cabin 1999 Beneteau 411), for the past two years, and just returned from summering in the Mediterranean. Crew member would be responsible for their own food and immigration expenses. If you are interested, please drop me an email with your sailing experience.

Stephen Ippolito
is AT stephenippolito DOT com

blomgren 12-31-2011 10:35 AM

Hello Stephen!
Sailing in trough the caribbien sounds really nice. I just crossed the atlantic as well and are now on St lucia, celebrating christmas here with my friends. But I long to get out on the sea again and your trip sound really good! Back home in sweden I am an deck instructor in a sailing school for teenagers and adults where we sail on smacks, old wooden boats. So there I have learned to sail. I have also studied navigation, but that might be a bit rusty since there were not a lot of navigation during the crossing. But I learn quickly and eagarly! When we sailed from Gran Canaria I had night watches on my own so I am comfortable with the duties onboard. I have sailed around in the Granadines a bit as well, and it is really beutiful so I would enjoy to go back.

So, how many do you have/ are you going to have onboard Aweigh of thinking for the trip?

Looking forward to hear from you.
All the best
Ida (female)

wannabee1010 12-31-2011 09:04 PM

Hello Stephen
Canadian sailor here. Looking to ride with you for as long as it works out. Spent last winter northbound on board Cinnamon Girl between Grenada Jan 1 to Tortola mid March.
Hit many of the same islands. Dove every day. We had a ball. CG is en route to NZ now.
Two night sails. One sick crew - not me - fairly big seas that night. Very good crews all in all. I stayed on the longest.
I am 60 retired and live on acreage in the country. I like to think I can ward off aging by going to the gym to stay in shape.
I have the time and means and can sign on when it is convenient. Are you able to skype? Do you want a mug shot? Have valid passport, shots, easy going.
Hope you have a berth at some point. I am flexible.
Happy New Year and Fairwinds.
Wallace Bradley

wannabee1010 12-31-2011 09:33 PM

Hello Stephen,
Sailing experience as follows:
Born Vancouver BC, crewed weekly club races in Georgia Strait, BC coastal tidal cruising, CYA Basic Cruising, Coastal Nav, St. Johns First Aid. Lake Ontario freshwater cruising, night sailing. Caribbean cruising, Antigua Race Week. Currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Can be in Barbados in time for Jan 15 departure. Or St Lucia.
Costs not a factor. Attitude is what matters most. Standing by.

stephenippolito 01-01-2012 09:43 AM

Hello Ida and Wallace,

I usually single hand the yacht, so one additional crew member to help out on the trip would be ideal. I am a scientist on sabbatical, and usually have friends and family visiting about a third of the time. The yacht would be in port/marina rather than anchoring when possible, so touring around is easier (surfing, hiking, biking, dining, ...). For example, I only anchored a couple of times between ports on the French Riviera this summer. Most of the trips between islands should be day sails. Do either of you scuba dive, surf, or hike?

BTW, Ida, did we meet two weeks ago in Bridgetown, Barbados at the Boatyard when hanging out with Niklas and Paula (from Sweden)?

is@stephenippolito DOT com

wannabee1010 01-02-2012 07:24 PM

Hello Stephen
Thanks for getting back. I am a water baby. Love to snorkel and have quality gear. Never leave home without it.
Have only made two chances to dive so it's time to get my ticket.
Love to hike.
Do you have a surf board on the boat? If so, I am game.
If you prefer to tie up at night, even better. Sooo much easier than dropping the dinghy and boating ashore. Sounds good.
Where are you tied up today? What is your itinerary from here?
964lover@gmail DOT com

blomgren 01-03-2012 05:33 PM

Hi again Stephen!
No, sadly it was not me who you meet in Barbados. I have not had the chance to visit Barbados yet.

I am also in love with the water and the wind. I snorkel, but dont really have a quality gear. I have done some bodysurfing, and I am eager to do some surfing on a board. I am actually thinking about going to Costa Rica next for learning. Hiking I do a lot in Sweden, so I really enjoy it! Nice to hear from you again and have a Good New year!

wannabee1010 01-05-2012 08:59 AM

Good morning, Steve,
Trust you are enjoying warmer climes than we have here in Canada where it was minus 16 celsius yesterday.
I don't want to appear to be pushy and I am not exactly sure how this crewing site works or the protocol, so hope you don't mind if I fire off another brief note.
I expect you will want some more crew at some point on your journey. To that end, I would like to press my case just a little by saying I have been looking at airfares and itinerary to the Caribbean.
When are you thinking you will want crew and who would you like like to have aboard for your next leg? I don't know how one goes about making these kinds of decisions but am looking forward to hearing from you in due course. I am so looking forward to sailing once again.
If there is anything more you would like to ask about my interests, please feel free to get in touch. I am never far from the computer and keen to get word from you. If you prefer, skype is also and option.
Thanks in advance,
Wallace Bradley

stephenippolito 01-06-2012 02:28 PM

Hi Ida,

Happy New Year to you, as well. I am glad to hear you are also into snorkeling, bodysurfing, and hiking. It sounds like you would make a great crew member for the trip, and please send your contact information or email me at


Brandon Viavant 02-15-2012 06:49 AM

please check your e-mail ;-)

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