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sailnaway 11-11-2003 06:05 AM

Working class crew
I have been in the process of buying another boat. I must be out of my mind as I am looking at boats that need a compleat refit. I plan to do everything on a canned tuna budget. I don''t want any school boys looking for a summer cruise or a captain with a certificate that shows he spent $500 and got a ticket. I would rather have a young couple from a middle class family who want to learn as they go and start heading south as the budget allows. Keeping in mind this will be a project on the way. You will need to work when we are at a port I don''t care at what as long as its not drug dealing.First stop will be FtLauderdale and Miami most likely the Keys and then Belize and around to Costa Rica. I don''t need any whiners so please don''t reply if your girl friend or you need a day in the hotel every two or three days. If you can sweat and break your back and she can clean up and does not sleep all day maybe you are right for this madness. The boat is a 50 ft sailboat three cabin lay out and is not a perfect yacht by any means.My wife and I are middle aged she is a teacher and wants to teach the children in Costa Rica. Me I am an old salt and half used up bad heart but still in the game not to fat to still climb a mast if need be but need help lifting heavy items. Your pay well you will not be paying apartment rent but you will need to buy some groceries so Burger king is hiring and the sooner we get the next part of the boat done we can move on and you can kiss that pain in the backside manager goodby.

danielb184 11-14-2003 06:36 AM

Working class crew
hi,i am a 37 years young british male with 20 years sea service mainly in the british merchant navy but for the past4 years i have been working on charter motor cruisers as bosun hard work little pay but enjoyable.
I am hard working and up for a challenge.Also i dont have much money but can turn my hand to anything.
I am interested in joining you please feel free to drop me a line .
Thanks for your time
Daniel Briggs

espagna 11-15-2003 08:38 AM

Working class crew
Hello dear Sailman,
We have just read your message, and feel that we are a couple that suits very much with your needs. We are Canadians, presently travelling with the purpose to find a Yacht or Sailboat in need of a good couple to work as their crew. We both have experience on the sea; Dominic sailed from Vancouver to Mexico and restored the boat, and I, Véronique, worked on prawn trawlers in Australia,(so you know that i´m not a wimp!)and also on scuba-diving tours. Beside that, we have worked a lot in the tourism industry...bartending, waitressing and i´m a great cook! My man here works also as a roofer and have been training at the gym for many years, so you´ve got the perfect guy here to lift all heavy things!
We are very enthusiastic about leaving for a good journey on the sea, aged of 28 and 30. Please don´t hesitate to contact us, we can always forward our resumes, or even better, talk on the phone!
All right, really hope to hear from you!

Véronique and Dominic

mjh9279 12-24-2003 02:59 PM

Working class crew
Hello Sir,
I am definately a middle class worker. I too am a school teacher in Mo. Although I am not the "school boy" you mention in your letter (I assume in college, HS), I do have my summers available to join you and your wife. I have been to CR (via land) and traveled the country with the locals (ticos). I am a physical education/health/coach teacher, thus in good shape (I will work my share and then some). I will be available in early summer and can travel to meet. Please let me know if I can assist you. Thanks for your time! Mickey Hale

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