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Peter51 12-24-2012 02:13 PM

Crew available, Virgin Islands southwards, towards Martinique.
Retired teacher. 61 years old. Danish. Moderately experienced as sailor. Non-smoker. Looking for passage southwards from Virgin Islands, back home to Martinique. Just came northward as crew on Danish yacht "Tao". Now exploring British and US Virgin Islands. Waiting for passage back south.

Zanshin 12-25-2012 08:44 AM

Re: Crew available, Virgin Islands southwards, towards Martinique.
Unlike Antigua, the BVI doesn't really have a single locus for cruisers; but if you put up some signs at Nanny Cay (down by the store and, if they allow, up by the office) and hang around Mulligans you might find a spot on a travelling boat. With Gun Creek open there are 2 departure points on Virgin Gorda and most will probably still use Spanish Town and there are also some posting boards there. Leverick also has a notice board.

Even if you don't get a ride all the way down, it might be worth at least getting to St. Martin. As a Dane and member of Schengen you have a much better chance of hitching a ride (since the skipper is dropping you off in a country where you have a right to enter).

Who knows, I'm heading to the boat and then down-island in January and perhaps I might have a space aboard - but I have no fixed itinerary yet.

Peter51 12-26-2012 12:35 PM

Re: Crew available, Virgin Islands southwards, towards Martinique.
Thanks Zanshin. Good to get advice from somebody who knows the isles. Will follow-up on your suggestions. St. Martin would indeed be a good step southwards. We skipped it going north, so that is already reason enough. But also, they have direct flights to Martinique, if I need to succumb to that temptation :-) Of course, if your itinerary takes you down this way during January, I'm also keen to join. That is, unless your good advice has already gotten me southwards by other means. Can also host you on Martinique, if you pass later. If you need a bed on land, or would enjoy a different look on the island, than you get from the boat. Be sure to contact me, if passing. Peter.

Zanshin 12-26-2012 01:30 PM

Re: Crew available, Virgin Islands southwards, towards Martinique.

"no worries"; and it won't be good advice until it works :)

Seriously, though - I think that jumping off from the BVI is going to be tougher than from other places. The BVI, while beautiful, is more of a charter's hangout than one for cruisers.
I've met people on the Marigot docks asking every arriving dinghy if they are heading south and if they had space available and those people were never there more than 2 days running, so I would think that the chances are pretty good from there. I forgot to mention the bulletin board (and bar) at Barnacles - it is a hangout for sailors and liveaboards alike for happy hour, although the crowds thin appreciably after the happy-hour-is-over-bell is rung and drinks are no longer $1 per brew. Also the bulletin boards at lagoonie's, the bar at the Dutch Bridge and at Jimbo's when on St. Martin.

I might take you up on the Martinique offer, it is always so much better to get a non-standard tourist view of places. Despite being a hun (and speaking Quebecois instead of real French), I like the French islands!

If you are around Nanny Cay then do visit Captn Mulligans and get some great burgers and mention at the bar that you are seeking passage east and south and you might be surprised how quickly word gets around! That approach might work at Peg Legs restaurant or at the downstairs bar as well, but that end of the docks usually gets a lot of charterers but one never knows what might come available. I know that I've been asked a couple of times if I was heading out and wanted guests/crew at times where I was pretty certain I hadn't mentioned my travel plans so it shows that word-of-mouth travels pretty fast.

Peter51 12-28-2012 11:19 AM

Re: Crew available, Virgin Islands southwards, towards Martinique.
See you on Martinique! I'm staying until end of March. Assuming I find a way back :-) Will be there next winter too. People on Martinique are actually quite happy about people from Quebec. They have a reputation as less arrogant than the French from Europe. Maybe there is also some feeling of insular solidarity. Both Quebec and Martinique are dreadfully far away from the center of the world (Paris), and tend to feel lost in these distant dark seas of anglophones ... Actually, they are quite friendly and welcoming, as long as you speak some sort of French. Even my Danish version is accepted as a nice try.

Peter51 02-07-2013 04:23 PM

Re: Crew available, Virgin Islands southwards, towards Martinique.
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