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Sue & Larry 10-27-1999 08:00 PM

Guns and Cruising
<HTML><HTML><!-- eWebEditPro --><TABLE width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=left colSpan=2><P>We are preparing for our own cruising life. Something that has been nagging me though is the thought of being out there just the two of us and having to face potential pirates unarmed. Still, I heard you’re not supposed to be carrying arms into these different countries. </P><P>David&nbsp;Egerton </P><P><STRONG>Sue and Larry respond:</STRONG></P><PRE><STRONG></STRONG></PRE><P>The trouble with taking a gun into foreign countries is two folded. First, you'll more than likely be asked to surrender it to the local officials upon arrival. So, there goes your gun. Getting it back can be a hassle too. You have to sail back to where you checked in, and sometimes the gun has been moved to another location, or it has mysteriously disappeared altogether. Secondly, if you try and hide your gun (like some good friends of ours do), and it's discovered, your boat could be impounded, and you and your crew promptly jailed. We're happy to say that we've never felt threatened while cruising. Flare guns, spear guns, and baseball bats, however, are commonly cited as weapons of defense in the cruising community. Probably the best move you could make is to travel in groups of two or more if you're unsure about your safety.&nbsp;&nbsp;</P><P>Best regards, </P><P>Sue and Larry</P></TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></HTML></HTML>

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